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IEO Setup Packages

Basic Token Sales & IEO Package

Ultimate Token Sales & IEO Package

Pro Token Sales & IEO Package

$ 29,900
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$ 19,900

Basic token development

Basic token development

Basic token development

Token sale offer structure advisory

Token sale offer structure advisory

Token sale offer structure advisory

Access to top exchanges (IEO & Listing) *

Access to top exchanges (IEO & Listing)

Access to top exchanges (IEO & Listing) *

IEO Rating Website Submission

IEO Rating Website Submission

IEO Rating Website Submission

40 Page Whitepaper creation

20 Page Whitepaper creation

40 Page Whitepaper creation

Basic English PR marketing

Community building & management 24/7

Community building & management 24/7

Basic influencer promotion

Standard English PR marketing

Premium English PR marketing

Daily support & weekly reporting

Standard influencer promotion

Premium influencer promotion

Daily support & weekly reporting

3 Crypto Audience Online Events

Daily support & weekly reporting

*Crypto Exchange fees not included as they vary over time and per exchange. Please request the most up to date pricing from us.

Steps to Launching Token Sales & IEO


IEO Evaluation;

As a first step we'll evaluate if your project is credible enough to be listed on the IEO platform. 

IEO Crowdsale:

Once the screening is done, your project will get listed on the IEO platform  and you're ready to start selling tokens

Exchange Listing:

After successful IEO crowdsale, your project  will be automatically listed on the exchange so investors can begin trading. 

IEO - The Most Efficient Method Of Token Sales

What is Token Sales and what is IEO?

What is an IEO? An IEO, Initial Exchange Offering, is a safer method of raising funds for startups in which a crypto exchange acts as counterparty and raises funds on your behalf. The exchange provides a platform where you can conduct your token sale. You can then sell your tokens to individual contributors in exchange for fiat or any other cryptocurrency.

The IEO token sales model was actually pioneered by Binance cryptocurrency exchange when it launched its very own IEO platform called Binance LaunchPad. Among the projects to have successfully conducted a token sale on the Binance platform include BitTorrent and Fetch.AI

BitTorrent managed to raise $7.2 million in just 15 minutes while Fetch.AI raised $6 million in just 6 seconds!

Right now IEO is gaining momentum at a rapid rate both between investors and exchanges. TokenMinds has partnered with the top five exchanges to help our clients with the initial exchange offering token sales process.

From project evaluation to IEO marketing and token sales, we can get you going in as little as a few weeks. Our IEO packages start at 12.9k USD upfront plus a percentage of funds raised.

IEO Benefits for Token Sales

Besides the obvious IEO advantages like  raising funds from an existing and stable user base, you also benefit from:


It is simple and cost-effective to raise funds through IEO. All KYC/AML processes and listing are performed by the exchange—saving you the hassle. 


With IEO, you can build trust with investors off from the start ensuring successful and effective crowdsale. 


The IEO platform manages all smart contract transactions ensuring better security for both the token insurer and investors. 

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IEO Token Advisory

It takes only minutes to raise funds through Initial Exchange Offerings. In 2019 blockchain projects around the world collectively raised a whopping $1.67 billion through IEO cryptocurrency fundraising. IEO crypto fundraising helps you raise funds quickly by tapping into a global community. 

What is an IEO?

Initial exchange offering (IEO) is a popular project financing model that allows blockchain companies to raise funds directly on a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is strikingly similar to the ICO crowdfunding model except that, in IEO, the exchange facilitates the token sale rather than the startup doing it themselves. With IEO, the exchange provides a platform where you can conduct your token sale as well as a guaranteed listing on the exchange after the sale concludes. 

BitTorrent was the first startup to fundraise on Binance Launchpad through the IEO crypto fundraising approach. The P2P file-sharing platform raised 7.2 million in just a few minutes. The second IEO, Fetch.AI established a record of only 22 seconds, hitting a hard cap of $6 million.

IEO Token Fundraising

Here’s a quick rundown of expert IEO services you can expect from your TokenMinds team:

  • IEO Token development 
  • Token sale structure 
  • Whitepaper creation 
  • Influencer and thought leader marketing
  • PR marketing 
  • Social media management 
  • Community building and bounty campaigns
  • Website development and SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (Display and banner advertising)

TokenMinds IEO token sale advisory are fully customizable to your project’s unique needs. They can be purchased together as part of a larger IEO crypto fundraising or contracted separately as needed.

Effective planning and implementation are critical for the success of your IEO token fundraising. Your IEO preparation should commence 4–6 months before the token sale date, though this depends upon the number of team members and the current position of the brand on the market.

Since the main goal of IEO token fundraising is to persuade investors to purchase tokens, it is necessary to plan out every detail, including the token sale strategy, tools for tracking results (e.g. Google Analytics and UTMs), and relevant IEO token promotion channels. The next important step involves carefully monitoring implementation to ensure success. This will also help you understand where your time and money are best spent.

The best social networks for IEO token promotion include Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, BitcoinTalk, Discord, and Instagram.

IEO Promotion for Crypto Projects

If your blockchain company is preparing for an initial exchange offering, trying to sell its technology to other businesses, or introducing a new product to the market, you’ll require specifically targeted, high-impact IEO promotion that’s both innovative and proven.

Therefore, it is essential that you identify your target audience and strategically implement an IEO promotion strategy that will interest them, leading to meaningful interactions, which will ideally result in increased traffic and a successful token sale. 

Community engagement is critical to transforming supporters into actual conversions, developing long-term relationships with potential and existing fans, and creating opportunities for the community to continue learning about the project. When community members are engaged, you can ensure positive user experiences, brand loyalty and recognition, and also receive valuable user feedback and insight.

How IEO Cryptocurrency Fundraising Works

As explained above, IEO crypto fundraising is a modified version of ICO. The cryptocurrency exchange provides a platform for blockchain companies to issue their IEO tokens and raise funds from investors. 

Since the cryptocurrency exchange performs due diligence to protect its customers and its reputation, IEO crypto fundraising is, therefore, more straightforward compared to ICO. The exchange also conducts “know your customer” screening, marketing, and selling tokens to investors on the behalf of token issuers. 

Token issuers, however, have to pay a fee when they are conducting a token sale on a crypto exchange platform. Some exchanges may ask for a percentage of sales from the IEO crypto fundraising in addition to the listing fee. After the IEO token sale, the exchange will list the coins on their platform to facilitate seamless trading.

Investors that want to participate in the IEO crypto fundraising must just go to the exchange website and use the cryptocurrencies they added in their exchange wallets to purchase the IEO tokens.

TokenMinds as an IEO Token Marketing Agency

TokenMinds is a top-notch IEO token marketing agency. Founded on crypto marketing expertise more than 6 years ago, TokenMinds provides IEO marketing services tailored specifically to your project. Our longstanding presence within the crypto community combined with a superior IEO marketing approach is what sets us apart from our competitors. We are connected with a huge network of high net worth investors as well as crypto media outlets and influencers to get your brand to the right people, including IEO promotion in Asian markets. 

“TokenMinds has been a great partner for helping get our IEO project off the ground. They are always reachable when I need them and go the extra mile in ensuring our projects' success. I met them at a conference in Hong Kong, and we have been working closely together ever since.” – Deborah David

IEO Advertising for Crypto Companies

When you use IEO advertising, you only pay when a user completes a desired action on your banner ads, such as clicking on the ad or viewing the ad. 

If you use a token agency like TokenMinds, you pay an upfront management fee, which covers the costs of developing and managing your IEO display adverting strategy. You also set aside a designated ad spend, which is what you pay publishers to deliver or show your ads. 

More importantly, IEO advertising allows you to use advanced targeting methods to reach your target audience. Some of these targeting features include keywords targeting, interest, targeting, demographics, and remarketing. 

IEO Marketing Services

As a token agency, we offer turnkey IEO marketing services consisting of social media marketing, public relations, community management, fundraising, and more. Our token advisory services are organized and run by an in-house team so you can access strategy, analytics and results through a single point of contact. We want you to focus on building your product while we work for you to grow your community and generate the strong support it needs to achieve a successful initial exchange offering.

Launch your IEO crypto fundraising today. Contact us.

TokenMinds IEO Services

TokenMinds has been a leading crypto marketing agency for more than 6 years, and we’ve adapted IEO token sale advisory alongside industry changes and best practices. Our deep IEO marketing experience allows your company to secure listing and fundraise in the top crypto exchanges for initial exchange offerings. This will help you reach the highest possible number of investors for a successful token sale.

Our IEO crypto strategists and consultants craft campaigns to capitalize on your project’s potential, pushing your digital presence forward in front of crypto audiences. 

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