Promote My ICO: 5 Effective Tips to Promote Your ICO 2021

Many founders often ask “how can I promote my ICO? This article seeks to answer that question.  Marketing defines the difference between a good ICO and a great ICO. A robust, comprehensive, and effective marketing plan is what makes your ICO successful.

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Crypto marketing plan

Crypto marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your ICO to achieve crowdfunding success. It is more important is to be able to use crypto marketing effectively to reach your conversion goals. That can be to increase your social media followers, fundraising amount, number of participants in the marketing campaigns, and so on.

Promote my ICO: How to do ICO marketing

To successfully promote your ICO, you need to have the right strategy that will enable you to attract investors and the funding you require.

Tip 1: Have a roadmap

Like any company, a successful launch of an ICO requires you to understand your product, target audience, and growth strategy.

Usually, this starts with an informational document in the form of a white paper. This document is a first-class general description of your project and serves as a technical plan. Your whitepaper should include a roadmap that documents your schedule and provides investors with reasonable expectations for its launch.

Tip 2: Assemble a proven team with the ability to execute

When promoting an ICO, relationships are everything. Working on the project alone will not get your project very far. Keep in mind that you need a team of skilled professionals who can account for every aspect of the launch of an ICO. An experienced team is of great value to the project. Look for people who have a passion for blockchain technologies. Let your team aspire to make an impact in their life and career.

Tip 3: Community building

The most effective part of getting more and more audiences is to support your ICO is to validate the crypto community. Not only does a strong community sets the foundations for a successful ICO, but it can also generate buzz that attracts buy-in—and bring additional traffic to your profile. If your community is large and strong enough, your project will quickly gather interest from investors, fans, and the press.

In addition, leveraging crypto influencers can also bring remarkable success to your ICO. Let the influencer marketing takes off even before the launch of the ICO. That would mean that you are ahead in the game even before the game has started.

Tip 4: Business viability and technology check

Ideas are good, but they won’t satisfy your investors for long if unforeseen problems keep piling up or if your plan turns out to be unfeasible from a technology point of view.

 If you already have a beta version of your technology, don’t sit on it. People often underestimate salability and security You should take the time and invest in having independent smart contract reviews and audits as well as security test runs. Ask yourself how blockchain technology adds value to your business, and keep in mind that small mistakes can have an impact.

Tip 5: A well-defined marketing strategy

Community building and PR strategies are essential tools to help you stand out in the industry. Before you start, set a solid marketing budget (about 5-10% of your ICO fundraising goal). That will ensure that you can effectively promote the project. For ICOs, a marketing campaign includes social media marketing and web advertising. It also involves direct communication and a demonstrated influence in the crypto industry.

Communicate your goals and progress every step of the way in your social media channels such as Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. Many ICO´s are also developing their conversation in Discord and Telegram. All of these platforms are valuable marketing channels for an ICO. These tools help form communities that allow you to connect with your customer base after the ICO launch.

Publishing quality content on tier-1 and tier-2 crypto media websites will help you build your reputation within a targeted audience. That will help you gain the trust of the crypto community and investors, which we know can be critical.

Post ICO marketing

Post ICO will kick in soon after the crowd sale takes your blockchain project to market as your team develops. It includes marketing, security, and product development. Its main goal is to deliver value to token-holders and secure listing on top exchanges. Post ICO marketing also helps keep investors informed about current successes.

Post ICO marketing strategy also includes publishing regular content on your website. That should contain all sorts of information, starting with the latest updates and going further with informative articles about the project.

Additionally, it is vital to do regular AMAs (ask me anything). AMA will help you in knowing your community better by letting them get more involved. Create several AMAs and then promote them in various channels and on social media can help increase awareness.

ICO marketing services and solutions

Even though ICO marketing offers immense opportunity, it’s not easy to launch and maintain a successful strategy. It’s time-consuming too. That’s why blockchain companies partner with agencies that specialize in ICO marketing services and, like TokenMinds. Want help building a community and creating awareness about your project? Then we encourage you to speak with our team.

Hire top ICO marketing agency to promote my ico

TokenMinds is a top ICO marketing agency with vast experience promoting cryptocurrency projects within the blockchain/crypto community. The company works with crypto companies to promote their ICO, grow their brand awareness, and foster user adoption of their projects. We can also help you build buzz and establish credibility within the crypto ecosystem. If you want access to ICO marketing services that bring results, you’ll want to partner with TokenMinds.


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