Result-focused techniques of IDO marketing for startups

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IDO Publicity: This guide offers you practical tips that help you market your ICO project and win massive participants within the shortest time

Initial DEX offering (IDO) has become an important technique of raising funds on blockchain technology. However, while multiple projects are using this strategy to fundraise, many don’t achieve their objectives because of poor marketing approaches.  If you intend to raise funds through IDO, you can use various marketing approaches to attain your objectives faster. So please, stay tuned to find the key IDO advertising methods you can use.

Understanding how ICO works

Before delving into IDO promotion strategies, it’s critical to understand what IDO is and how it works. IDO is a fundraising tactic that enables project owners to issue tokens through a cryptocurrency liquidity exchange. The swapping of tokens for fiat currency is made possible because exchanges have liquidity pools. So, through these liquidity pools, traders can swap tokens.

The main perks of using the IDO fundraising method 

IDO has become a creative method of raising funds for your young business. Some of the advantages of using IDO are explored here:

  • Available for different projects: any project can fundraise through the IDO method. So, whether you’re in the service industry or providing specific products, you can use IDO to raise funds to boost your business.
  • Flexible: Investors can buy tokens earlier before IDO is listed. So, such investors don’t wait for so long before the project is listed on the exchange. 
  • High liquidity: These days, most of the projects lock massive sums of money on the DEX liquidity pools. While on these pools, investments can increase as a result of trading.
  • Instant liquidity: through the IDO approach, project owners can access instant liquidity.
  • Instant trading: once the project is launched, investors can start trading instantly. This enables such traders to buy the tokens at lower prices and later sell them at higher rates.

To succeed in the IDO project, project owners should use various marketing tactics. Below are some of the essential marketing strategy you can use to achieve great outcomes:

Website Development 

Designing a professional website can greatly boost your IDO marketing efforts. The website should be easy to navigate and have informative content. If you’re not a professional web developer, it’s critical to hire an expert to design it for you. Your website is an important aspect of IDO marketing because it creates impressions for your web visitors. If the website is poorly developed, most clients may not buy your offerings. You can get the best website development services for your ICO launch from Tokenminds with professional web developers.

IDO press Releases 

A press release is one of the IDO marketing strategies that you can use to attract many participants to your project. Through this technique, you can inform potential token buyers about your project, what it aims to achieve, how your project can solve specific issues in blockchain technology, the experiences of your team, and how you can use the funds generated. If you don’t have skills and knowledge in creating press releases, you can hire professionals to do it for you. These releases are published in various channels, such as Telegram communities and mainstream media.

Content marketing

The content you create on your website should be visible to potential investors. Therefore, you need to determine the best keywords to use and sprinkle them on your content. An SEO strategy helps to optimize your content for visibility. It’s essential to conduct some research that can help you in determining high-quality terms to use. Creating errorless content optimized for visibility enables search engines to place your content on their first page. So, when users are searching for IDO projects, they easily find you. An experienced IDO marketing company can help you in crafting engaging content.

Email Marketing 

If done properly, email marketing is one of the best techniques for IDO messaging. Email messages are personalized to suit the needs of specific persons. So, it’s essential to address them by their names. After explaining your offerings, it’s critical to have a call to action (CTA) line to prompt the reader to open your site. Suffice to say; it’s critical to use simple language that your readers can understand. 

Influencer marketing 

Influencers have become an important tactic for marketing your IDO. They have a sizable following and can explain your project to potential participants. It’s important to have a list of influencers to determine the ones suitable for the project. Always offer them some incentives to motivate them to advertise your project. 

Because multiple influencers exist in the market, it’s critical to select those relevant to IDO marketing. Also, evaluate the past projects they’ve delivered and get to know how they engaged their audiences.

Affiliate marketing

Publishers can help you to market your IDO project. Affiliates have links to your website, enabling visitors to click on them and visit your platforms. The best thing with the affiliate marketing strategy is that you pay affiliates once they deliver desired outcomes. Visitors to the publisher account have a link that they can click and land on your website. If they sign up to participate in the IDO project, you’ll pay your affiliate partner some commission.

Hiring an advertising company

Mounting an IDO marketing campaign isn’t a walk in the park. The main challenge here is that you need to ensure that each marketing tactic is designed to deliver the best outcomes. So, because you may not have the human resources with the right experience to assist you in IDO publicity, it’s advisable to hire a marketing agency.

There are many companies in the market, and you may get confused about which one to hire. Before choosing an advertising firm, it’s critical to consider various things, like the company’s experience and projects they’ve done in the past. It’s also important to find the qualification and experience of individuals working for the advertising team. 

PPC Marketing 

When you bring in the power of pay per click (PPC) campaigns, you take your IDO marketing to the next level. Through these campaigns, you can attract many people to your website to get more information about your offering. If you launch the PPC campaign on appropriate websites, you’re likely to garner massive support and investment in your IDO. An important thing to note about these campaigns is that you should introduce them to the right website because, at the moment, Twitter, Facebook, and Google aren’t accepting campaigns from the cryptocurrency sector. The good thing is that there are multiple sites you can launch your campaigns. 

If you want the best outcomes from these campaigns, it’s essential to hire an IDO marketing firm to work for you. Ensure that the company has the right professionals and experience required to deliver fantastic outcomes.

Top-Tier Cryptocurrency Forums

There are various crypto forums where you can post your IDO message. Advertising your project on such sites can boost your marketing efforts. An example of the best forum is Bitcointalk. This forum allows people to create content related to blockchain and allow community member discuss your offerings. You can also use the following channels for advertising your IDO project:

  • Conferences and meetups 
  • Social media platforms, such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Chat applications, particularly Telegram and Discord

 Social media and community moderation

Social media have become platforms where you meet large audiences. It would help if you leveraged the power of these platforms to mount a serious IDO campaign. Some of the best social media sites to advertise your message include:

  • Reddit: A comprehensive marketing strategy will have Reddit as one of the best sites to advertise IDO. Because the community comprises individuals with deep knowledge, you benefit a lot from their comments and suggestions.
  • Facebook: Although this platform doesn’t allow crypto promotion, multiple communities discuss topics like IDOs and ICOs. Through Facebook, you can create a group and frequently inform it about your project.
  • Quora: This platform allows members to field questions and get answers from professionals. So, it should feature in your marketing strategy.
  • Professional forums: IDO advertisers can also feature their messages on professional platforms, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram.

Bounty Programs

Bounty programs should be part of your IDO marketing plan. These programs attract people to perform tasks related to your project. Through these programs, participants can note any bugs on your project and give you resourceful feedback.


Marketing is a critical component of your IDO strategy and can bridge the gap between a failing campaign and one that’s poised to succeed.  While there are plenty of marketing strategies you can use, we’ve highlighted here the main ones to consider.