The best Crypto PR techniques for your project in 2021

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Crypto public relations (PR) have become essential components of any blockchain project. Whether you’ve got an ICO, IEO, or IDO project, you’ll need to use different crypto PR methods to market your products. If you’re launching a crypto project, it’s critical to understand the various PR to use for marketing. But, you don’t need to worry if you lack knowledge in this field as a crypto PR company like TokenMind can help you. Crypto pr agency uses many tactics to deliver a robust PR strategy. Here, we cover significant considerations to check before launching a PR campaign. We also assess the crypto PR tactics marketers use.

Considerations before launching a crypto PR campaign

Here are the key points to consider before introducing your Crypto PR campaign are:

  • How crypto projects use PR: Crypto PR tactics have some similarities with digital PR. The former is different due to the expenses involved and the platforms they use for PR. Blockchain technology allows crypto companies to use disruptive PR strategies to beat rivals. Crypto marketing firms use informal methods when communicating with customers. They aim to be straightforward to create authentic and engaging conversations.
  • Banning of ads: Some platforms have banned crypto-related ads. Thus, crypto PR firms use specific crypto media to promote projects. For example, platforms like Telegram and Reddit are suitable for spreading crypto messages.
  • Content Type: Projects need various contents during different phases of the buying journey. PR articles provide a chance for market expansion. With more than 5000 crypto projects, gaining crypto media attention is difficult. The good news is that crypto PR firms like TokenMind can help you to boost your campaign.
  • Consider the competition: The competition in the cryptocurrency industry is stiff. Some crypto projects fail in PR because of creating the wrong marketing content. Some also communicate to the wrong audience. A crypto project may fail to share its ICO content with suitable blockchain communities. And this makes it tricky to deliver a token/project promotion. Suffice to say, cramming all crypto PR can be overwhelming and need a lot of time. So, whether you need an ICO content or ico advisor, it’s essential to consult a marketing firm. Agencies with experience, tools, and professionals can offer more incredible crypto pr services. They can help you create newsworthy content, press releases, and guest posts, etc.

Crypto PR Methods

Crypto companies can use various PR techniques to market their project. Here are some essential methods that you can use to popularize your product;

Community building

Developing a community to support your project is a must-have technique. Having an engaged community makes your project credible. Furthermore, this community helps to create hype around your project. And this leads to the visibility of your project. Crypto community building begins with a few enthusiasts who help you to market the idea. Through this strategy, they attract more members. Community building is a slow process that requires patience and good management skills. If you need community management ico, you can hire an experienced firm. Such a firm helps you to engage the crypto community.

A project should allow a community to express itself to get an idea about how the market feels. A question and answer session helps to clarify issues about the project. And skills on how to create an ico investor deck can help in engaging your prospective investors.

Embrace niche social platforms

Most crypto fans are tech-savvy individuals who prefer specific social media platforms. You’re likely to get these crypto fans on Reddit, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and GitHub. Each of these platforms has specific features that are different from others. For example, Reddit has subreddits that act as topics. So, you need to use the right platform to achieve your goals.

Airdrops and referral codes

An ico advisor may propose that you use airdrops and referral codes as a crypto PR strategy. Giving people free tokens can help in spreading your message fast. The best method of encouraging individuals is to use airdrops or a referral program. While some projects may regard airdrops as an expensive affair, it’s worth your attention. It should feature as an aspect of your marketing strategy. You should assess the success of this technique by measuring its performance. This will help you determine whether to continue with the program or discard it.

 ‘The airdrop is a promotional activity typically performed by blockchain-based startups to help bootstrap a virtual currency project. Its aim is to spread awareness about the cryptocurrency project and to get more people trading in it when it lists on an exchange as an initial coin offering (ICO).’

Source: Investopedia

Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization (SEO) strategy helps your crypto project to be visible. Professional marketers use this tactic to use specific terms in content so that people find your product through search engines. So, before choosing keywords, it’s critical to conduct some research. And this helps you to discover the terms that people are using. When used well, SEO can help in boosting the number of quality visitors to your crypto website.

Use performance metrics

A critical component of a crypto PR strategy is performance measurements. The key performance indicators (KPIs) for your project include platform visitors and SEO. Brand awareness can also be part of your KPIs.

Create a website

These days, creating a site is the beginning of any project. Your crypto website features your products and their significance. The platform should contain token sales content, such as blogs and articles. Such contents deliver educative information about the industry. If you lack the skills to develop and manage your crypto website, you should hire crypto pr services to do it for you.

Develop a powerful brand identity

You should know the content your audience likes and the platforms they access it from. The information helps you to plan on the best tactic of creating and delivering it. Consistent, first-class, and relevant content allows you to gain the audience’s trust. Community members can also regard you as a thought leader in the industry. This strategy helps to attract many visitors to your platform. It’s also essential in lead generation.

Developing a compelling brand identity isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a problematic task needing the support of crypto marketing companies. A crypto pr agency can help you because it has the personnel and experience for an excellent job. Such a firm enables you to create releases, PR pieces, guest posts, and creative pieces for crypto media.

Cultivate linkages with Crypto PR experts

PR is all about developing links with media experts in the industry. Media professionals help in creating stories that mirror your brand message. Positive media coverage positions your brand as an expert in the field. And this leads to attracting many visitors to your platform. You should develop media relationships with experts in platforms like Steemit and PublishOX. Through this technique, you level up your campaigns.

Conclusion on Crypto PR

Crypto PR is a critical aspect of your marketing strategy. You can deliver this promotion technique by employing many tactics as explored here. You stand to benefit a lot if you hire a marketing firm to deliver a PR strategy on your behalf. With skills on community management ico and the creation of ico investor deck, a marketing company like TokenMind can help boost your promotion efforts.


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