The Ultimate Guide to Community Management for ICO and Crypto Projects

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Community management for ICO. Why is so important for crypto promotion? Get crypto community management services from industry’s best community managers?

At its core, community management for ICOs is built on community culture and the underlying feeling is a sense of belonging and acceptance. Behind every successful ICO or crypto project, there is a thriving community that provides a strong foundation needed for the project’s success. 

The individuals who are part of a community help raise funds, create content and educate other people about the project. Members of the community also organize meetups, amplify the ICO on social media, contribute open-source code or build apps using the project. Crypto communities also support the project by helping crowdsource ideas that can turn into product updates, and develop long-term relationships that can ensure the project’s growth. 

This is the type of honest engagement and emotion that blockchain startups want to evoke when marketing their projects. A project cannot grow and flourish unless it has built an engaged community that is encouraged to meet and share ideas. This is where ICO community managers enter the conversation. 

Community managers take care of the most important aspect of any crypto community – the community members themselves. They engage with the followers, grow the communities, attend events, and are the people who know what the fans want better than anyone else. But how does community management for ICO work?

What is ICO community management?

Community management for ICO focuses on building an authentic community among leaders, developers, investors, enthusiasts, fans, and users spread across a variety of social platforms. 

It’s how crypto projects use various opportunities (both offline and online) to interact with their audience and create a supportive network that can propel the project forward.

Why community management matters for ICOs and crypto projects

Community management for ICO is essential for the following reasons:

  • It helps you to get feedback and gather ideas from community members through real conversations
  • It allows you to provide support for community members and users when they need it
  • Community management can boost brand and project awareness among the crypto community  
  • It helps you gain insights about your audience, that is what they want and need in terms of content, product updates and support. 
  • Use community management to boost audience interactions, conversions, and ICO crowdfunding goals.

What types of community management should I use for my ICO or crypto project?

From a crypto marketing perspective, there are three main types of community management that you can use to promote your ICO.

1. Customer support for ICO

This community management is focused on customer support and success. You can create a forum on Telegram that provides a community-based approach to answering questions about the project or product. 

On the forum, you might provide your community members with access to your FAQ document so they can self-help and get quick answers to commonly-asked questions. This keeps things straightforward for your community members and also prevents your team from having to take the time to answer the same questions over and over again.

Depending on your product or technology, you can also be a developer for those looking to build on the software. For example, Ethereum Community Forum is a forum that keeps developers connected to the platform, other developers, and resources they can use while working on the Ethereum blockchain.

2. Content management for ICO

Content management for crypto communities involves the creation of content and programming for your members — especially for user-generated content.

In the world of blockchain, value is created by the people who join and use these platforms. It is therefore important to have community teams who work to ensure all community-generated content is appropriate, follows company guidelines, and meets the requirements of the project.

3. Social media engagement for ICO using

Social media engagement is a type of community management for ICO that provides your users and supporters with a sense of belonging that leads to a stronger connection to your brand through social media.

Based on our experience, we recommend creating a highly interactive and engaging social media space that promotes brand awareness all while creating a community of followers interested in your brand. Hiring crypto a social media community manager can ensure that every single person who interacts with your posts is noticed and treated like a human — not just a number. 

Community management strategy for ICO and crypto projects

Here’s how to create an effective community management strategy for ICO on social media:

1. Select social media channel 

The first thing to do is to choose an appropriate social media channel. You might choose to focus your efforts on Twitter if you want to increase organically the number of your followers and level of engagement around the project, Reddit for PR purposes, or Telegram to provide round-the-clock monitoring of comments and timely answer all questions from community members.

2. Tailor content to audience types

Different social media sites have different internet social needs and attract different target audiences. It is important to identify your audience on each that platform in order to create content that resonates with that target audience, in terms of what they like, and what to expect from brands similar to yours. 

3. Ask the community what type of content they want to see

You may also want to ask the community what they want to see to ensure you’re creating and pushing out content that’s relevant to them.

This will ensure you’re going to be able to reach your audience with social media content they want and are interested in. Asking for this feedback and being open to suggestions also shows your community you care about their opinions and what they have to say. This feedback will also help you enhance your brand loyalty and advocacy, and create valuable interaction within your community members. 

4. Figure out how to measure success

Social media community management success for ICO or crypto can be measured on a variety of factors including:

  • Boost in audience members/ increase in followers 
  • Amount of content shared or liked by your followers 
  • Overall engagement (likes, shares, mentions, hashtags, messages, comments) 
  • Increase in brand awareness 
  • Traffic that’s directed to your website
  • Number of conversation participants in Telegram group discussion 

5.  Post regularly 

Success on social media requires consistency in terms of your frequency of posts and engagement. Your community management strategy should include the posting schedule on social media so that community members know you’re reliable and start to expect to see your content — you’ll train them to look for your latest posts.

Using a mixture of paid and organic social posts is a successful tactic, but in order for users to have the best experience, they need to be relevant and not repetitive. Show your users and followers they aren’t just a number and they’re heard by your company and employees. Respond to all questions, comments, or concerns and use GIFs and videos to engage fans.

6. Use automation to enhance community management 

It is necessary to establish a strong framework for your community managers which empowers them to have the answers they need to best serve the community. This may involve setting up simple automation tools which automatically help greet new users, restrict bots from swarming your channels, and help keep toxic links or spam from being spread onto your channels.

What makes a good community manager?

1. Passion 

A good community manager for ICO is curious in general and has a real passion for blockchain and the crypto community they are managing.

2. Personal touch

A community manager should have a direct and personal approach and the way they communicate with your audience. 

3. Knows your audience

Having a dedicated person who is invested within the crypto community will ensure messaging is on point in terms of tone and delivery. This will also ensure your community management channels can quickly and properly be managed without extra training or any learning curves which jeopardize the user experience for guests in your community. 

4. Availability

A good community manager should be ready flexible enough to work at all times of the day. You need to consider off hours for their users from the other side of the world, who may need assistance at 3 AM. locally. Since a majority of community activity can happen outside of normal business hours, having an ICO community manager with wide availability is crucial to success.

5. Conflict resolution skills

With so many choices in the world of cryptocurrency, providing the best-in-class user experience should be a priority for ICOs or crypto community management. A good community manager should be able to deal with conflict that may arise within online communities.

TokenMinds: Community Management for ICO and Crypto Projects 

The crux of crypto communities is transparency, passion, and communication – which, in reality, is the basis for effective community management for ICO. Knowing an audience well allows community managers to converse in a way that is relatable and in a tone that resonates. Leveraging that level of genuine community spirit isn’t easy, but the benefits are endless. At TokenMinds, we provide community management services that include organically building, managing, and growing community channels to their desired sizes. Let’s discuss growing and nurturing your online community.