Token Launch Successes with Initial DEX Offering Models

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Every day, intriguing decentralized projects are created. Many of them fall at the wayside, achieving little or nothing, not minding how innovative their functionalities were. One second, these initial DEX offerings are up and running, and the next minute, they are gone with the wind. Why do some initial DEX offerings succeed, and why do others barely scratch the surface? This article will dive into some classic examples of decentralized ecosystems that utilized IDOs and skyrocketed to the moon with success.

1. Unizen and Launchpool

Having the best of both decentralized and centralized exchanges is not a bad idea, and Unizen is incorporating these features in its ecosystem. It is an exchange that combines the best of both worlds like security, deep liquidity, trustlessness and instant transactions. Unizen thought it wise to partner with an IDO platform- Launchpool- that leverages the community resources. Jumping into water with both feet is a thoughtless process that could leave even the strongest of swimmers gasping for breath. Unizen’s decision to leverage the strengths of Launchpool is something that every innovative project should consider emulating.

2. PancakeSwap and Yellow Road

There is hardly a soul in the crypto world that doesn’t know of the decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap. It allows users to easily swap their crypto assets by utilizing the user-generated liquidity pools. PancakeSwap’s success was not a coincidence or a stroke of good luck, as it can be linked to the innovative IDO platform, Yellow Road. The latter is in the business of empowering innovative decentralized projects, while leveraging the power of the community. The partnership between Yellow Road and PancakeSwap during its initial DEX offering shot the latter to success.

3. TokoCrypto and Binance Launchpad

Binance is one of the leaders in the crypto world and is highly respected by many. Its Launchpad is dedicated to supporting transformative blockchain platforms. It partnered with an Indonesian project,  Tokocrypto, that utilizes a state-of-the-art hybrid token model which brings the perks of decentralized finance to the benefits of centralized finance. Binance Launchpad was involved in its Initial DEX Offering.

Why Were These Initial DEX Offering Successful?

Every Initial DEX Offering listed above is successful because they have something in common. They decided to opt for blockchain advisory services from experienced platforms and individuals, instead of merely jumping in headfirst without any help from others.

Marketing Support

A great idea that is not backed up by intriguing marketing support is dead on arrival. A platform has to put itself out there before a multitude of prospective users can start using its features. These platforms from PancakeSwap to Unizen decided to leverage marketing support from the DEX platforms and the community. An action plan like this was wise, and it turned them into a success.

Launched on DEX/CEX platforms with IDO launchpads

User awareness is crucial to any DeFi or CeFi project that is planning to be around for a long time. Instead of starting from the bottom, trying to scratch its way to the top of the ferocious ladder, utilizing the IDO launchpad with more user awareness does the trick.

Audited and projects vetted by DEX/CEX

When a notable name is aiding the launching process of a decentralized project, it evokes confidence in potential users. If a notable blockchain advisory platform backs a new project, it stirs intense confidence in users and prompts them to give the new ecosystem a chance.

How can TokenMinds assist you with your token launch using the IDO model?

Feasibility studies and strategic plans are key tools that every new entrant to a business should undertake if they want to ever cross the threshold of success. TokenMinds is one of the best when it comes to blockchain advisory services, and its expertise speaks for itself. It boasts of over seventy million in revenue for blockchain projects that used its services. This blockchain advisory platform offers seamless token sales and Initial DEX Offering process through the features outlined below.

• TokenMinds has access to experts in the field with networks across the top platforms. PancakeSwap crept up from the cracks of oblivion to a household DEX with the help of blockchain advisory maestros. The experts that you crave can easily be accessed once you partner with TokenMinds.

• TokenMinds has the needed experience, knowledge, networks and success strategies that every budding DEX needs. It has a wide array of previous partnerships under its belt, making it easy for the blockchain advisory mogul to handle your Initial DEX Offering process from the beginning to the end.

• TokenMinds has a myriad of marketing advisory techniques up its sleeves. A successful project knows how to mix its groundbreaking crypto idea with a marketing master plan. TokenMinds can do this, as it will successfully manage and strategize your token launch. Why not partner with TokenMinds today?


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