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IEO Advertising: This piece explores the best techniques of promoting your ieo project to get positive outcomes within a short time

There are multiple ways you can raise funds on blockchain by selling tokens. The first method was ICO that was open to all the members of the public. Although the ICO technique registered some success, soon, it encountered multiple scamming hitches. Faced with this dilemma, innovators created a new crowdfunding method, ieo, tied to a specific exchange. The acronym IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), a fundraising strategy where financing happens on a particular exchange. Through this approach, startups seeking crowdfunding allow a specific exchange to administer sales on their behalf. The IEO technique is popular because it’s secure as it enables only token buyers who are verified.

Furthermore, exchanges can conduct ieo advertising on behalf of token sellers. If you wish to launch an IEO, you can use multiple marketing techniques to promote your project. Please keep reading to discover fantastic tips for promoting your ieo project.

Differences between ICO promotion and IEO Advertising 

ICO is a decentralized fundraising methodology that’s vulnerable to abuse. The strategy happens on smart contracts which are open to the masses and lack beacons that might bar specific investors from participating. 

However, IEOs is a token sale model directly attached to an exchange where you place your cryptos for sale. The only users who can buy your token are those within that exchange. The IEO approach has multiple advantages, such as verified users and being compliant.

In IEO messaging, your target audience comprises two personas: users utilizing the exchange where you enlist your tokens and retail investors who own token and willing tokens on IEO. Your knowledge of these personas will assist you in crafting the right messages and targeting them appropriately.

Now that you understand what IEO is and how it differs from ICO let’s focus on promoting your ieo adverts.

Referral Programs

Referral programs are the most premier tactics designed to facilitate awareness and traction of the project. Through these programs, ieo advertisers can recruit fresh community members, advocates for the project and build concrete backlinks connecting your websites and IEO. When carried out correctly, using suitable media, the referral program can generate massive traffic and a significant number of participants.

Cross-marketing with the IEO listing exchange

This is an essential aspect of ieo awareness campaign designed to tap the energy of joint promotion of your tokens. As elaborated above, ieo marketing targets two personas: token owners, willing to invest in token sales and users utilizing the exchange listing your cryptos. Therefore, it’s only sensible to work jointly with the listing exchange to boost chances of success. 

Your ieo messing framework has multiple objectives, including informing users, creating FOMO, and building the right impulse. It’s therefore essential to develop a communication model with the listing exchange, which resonates with your objectives across the broad spectrum of their channels.

Market segmentation 

Segmenting the market helps you to target your audiences with the correct ieo release ads. While ICO marketing focuses on global audiences, IEO marketing efforts must be in tune with the needs of an audience in a specific region. Additionally, knowledge in market subdivision assists you in determining the suitable exchanges to enlist your cryptos.

With the understanding that IEO is a market-centric fundraising technique, you can create IEO broadcast materials that can attract the support of a specific audience. For example, if you target Asian clients, it’s critical to use language that such an audience comprehends. Remember your crypto market determines your press statements, your messaging, the media you use, and the thought leaders you select.

Influencer marketing 

You can get a fantastic boost if you promote your token sale using influencers. Besides getting in-depth information about your project, influencer marketing helps in creating trust among prospective token buyers. There are two kinds of influencer marketers:

  • Tier 1: these are influencers with more than 100k followers and use platforms like Reddit, YouTube, Twitter to inform audiences about specific elements of the blockchain and digital currencies. Although these influencers are expensive, they can generate a lot of traffic to your IEO project. You need to develop a list of ieo professionals that can help you select the most suitable one for your project.
  • Tier 2: the tier 2 category of ieo marketers comprises channel owners of Telegram, Slack, Reddit, etc. These community moderators supervise groups with at least 30K members. You can recruit them as your ambassadors and let them sign up into your referral program to access multiple incentives, like crypto bounties and native tokens.

Press Releases

Press releases are a critical aspect of your ieo broadcasting as they enable your target audiences to know about your project. Like influencers, press releases are classified under two categories: Tier 1 and Tier 2.

  • Tier 1: various platforms feature here, including Coindesk, CNN, Cointelegraph, and others. If you intend to publish your press releases on these platforms, you must be ready to part with massive amounts of money.
  • Tier 2: these are small crypto news channels distributed around the world. It would help if you did your background research to find those located in your region. Publishing your press releases on platforms found in your area can offer your IEO the exposure it requires. Small crypto news platforms are affordable and can generate relevant traffic to your website/listing exchange.

Use IEO Aggregators 

IEO aggregators can help you collect essential data about your project and its performance in the market. Aggregators review and rate your project and enable readers to make informed decisions.

Use Airdrops

You can use airdrops as bait to get more crowds for your projects. Airdrops work on the assumption that most human beings like free things. And you can use this philosophy to attract many token buyers. However, many marketers avoid this technique in their ieo messaging because most people go away. Such people don’t buy the tokens, which was the main reason for giving them the freebies.

Bounty campaigns 

The bounty program is designed to encourage bounty hunters to complete specific actions. Once a person performs such tasks, they get a reward in the form of bonuses or tokens. Bounty programs can come before or when the IEO program is going on. Pre-bounty programs can create a buzz about your program on social media and popularize the project.

A fantastic element of the bounty program is that they help startups access helpful information about the participants and mobilize a broad team of content ambassadors for the project. The common pre-IEO bounties for ieo advertisers include:

  • Social media campaign bounties: these entails tasks that market the IEO project on social media and can be in the form of retweets, shares, comments, etc. The common platforms used for IEO include Twitter, FB, and YouTube.
  • Article writing bounties: you can incentivize bloggers with large audiences to craft featured articles about your project.
  • Bitcoin forums: Bitcoin offers bitcoin bounty rewards, which entails issuing a bonus with a code. The stakes members receive after posting the signature depends on their rank.

Social media marketing

Social media is an essential aspect of your initial exchange marketing plan. Promoting your brand on social media helps you to access multiple audiences who might be interested in your offerings. Furthermore, you can eloquently elaborate on the value of your project through these media. Before you start sharing your information on social media, it’s critical to define the personas you’re communicating to about your crypto sales. Some of the social media platforms t share your messages includes Twitter, bitcontalk, Reddit, etc.

Email Marketing

Email marketing enables you to send the IEO messages directly to your subscriber’s account. You can get email addresses from various sources, such as referral programs and a safelist, within your website. You’ll find tools like and vital for your email marketing campaign.

Hiring an IEO marketing company 

If you lack skills or don’t have time to promote your IEO project, it’s advisable to hire a ieo advertising firm for this task. Multiple firms exist in the market which can help you in creating and launching your IEO. When choosing such a company, you should be guided by various factors, such as experience, skills, and quality of service. And this is how Tokenminds comes in. With a team of experienced crypto marketing professionals and many years of experience, the company delivers IEO marketing solutions that exceeds your expectations.

Final thoughts

While there are multiple perks of launching your token sale on a particular exchange, it’s essential to know that prospective investors can only buy your offerings if they know about your program. Therefore, spreading ieo word is an excellent way of reaching out to desirable audiences. Some of the marketing plans you can use are explored here.


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