How To Make NFT Art: 6 unyielding steps to follow for a successful digital artwork creation

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Do you wish to understand how to make NFT art and start making money from your creations? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. The demand for NFTs has increased due to the niche’s popularity. Thus, many want to join the bandwagon by knowing how to make and sell NFT art. Ideally, NFTs are digital assets that exist in the blockchain ecosystem. A non-fungible token is unique and indicates ownership. Here, we offer exciting steps to follow when you want to make NFT art.

Why should you struggle to know how to make nft art?

Many artists struggle to earn an income from their creations even when the price increases. However, the emergence of NFT in the blockchain environment removes this struggle. For the first moment in history, creators can make NFT art, sell it, and earn profits directly. Here are the primary reasons why you should consider creating nft art to sell:

  • ·Lifetime payment: creators will keep earning royalties even when they make a one-time sale from their art. So, artists need to incorporate a royalty plan when creating their digital artworks. Through this program, you can receive a specific sales profit at any moment when new sellers sell your artwork. The percentage embedded in your digital art ranges from 2.5 to 10%, allowing you to get a lifetime resale royalty.
  • Simple to create: an interesting aspect of NFTs is that they’re simple to create. Many individuals erroneously think that knowing how to make NFT art to sell is a challenging affair. With the advancement in technology, you can promptly AI generate NFT and start selling. Furthermore, NFT marketplaces display your art to a global audience. So, you don’t need to spend massive sums of cash on auction outlets and galleries.
  • Verifiable: your NFT artwork resides in the blockchain ecosystem. So, you can quickly know its owner and track its history. This implies that the generative art NFT market is transparent, a quality that traditional art markets lack.

How to make nft art

Here are the steps to help you know how to make and sell nft art:

Choose an NFT marketplace

Before creating your NFT, you need to determine the platform to use. There are two classes of these marketplaces: curated and self-service platforms.

The curated NFT marketplaces allow only certified creators to develop NFTs on their platforms. Their objective is to enable high-quality digital artworks. An example of a curated marketplace is SuperRare.

On the other hand, self-service marketplaces allow all artists to make NFT art on their platforms. So, you’re free to develop an NFT of whatever format, like audio, video, or photo. Furthermore, with self-service platforms, artists can set any rate of royalty from subsequent resells. Platforms like OpenSea and Rarible feature under this category.

Once you identify your best NFT marketplace, you should create an account with it. For beginners, it’s advisable to choose OpenSea.

Select an NFT wallet

After creating an account with your chosen marketplace, the next move in your journey on how to make nft art entails setting up a wallet. The wallet stores your non-fungible tokens and cryptos. Since Ethereum supports most NFT projects, you must have some ether in your wallet. The amount covers gas fees that you incur before listing your collectibles.

For OpenSea, the most straightforward technique is to use the MetaMask wallet. You can easily purchase Eth and start minting your collectibles quickly. If you already have a different storage application, you can create MetaMask and transfer your tokens to it.

Mint your NFT

Once you’ve loaded your wallet with tokens, the next step involves creating NFT art to sell. On OpenSea’s interface, go to My Collections and click there. The area acts as a storage or display gallery for your digital artworks.

At this point, you need to customize your NFTs by providing various details, including your name, a short description of your NFT, and uploading a display picture. This sets the ground where you can show your generative art NFT.

Developing your NFTs

Once you’ve set the groundwork for your collections, the next phase on how to make NFT art to sell entails creating your digital artworks. Start by clicking New Item. You’ll see an option to upload metatext. Some formats to upload include JPG, GIF, and PING. Also, ensure that you provide a name for your token. Furthermore, at this stage, you need to determine the number of editions of the NFT you want to create: either stand-alone tokens or edition tokens.

The stand-alone token means you can only develop a specific virtual art token. This means that the token is scarcer and has a higher value. Suppose you want to reap many benefits from your collections. In that case, you must know how to make NFT art with unique properties. While ai generate NFT, the best pieces come when there is much human involvement.

On the other hand, the edition tokens denote that you create multiple copies of the same NFT. However, you need to provide an edition number to distinguish various documents.

The next step in your creation is to provide the creation date, statistics, and levels. This allows potential collectors of your NFT to filter and find your artwork quickly.

When you’ve provided all the essential information, you can proceed and click the Create button to add your artworks to the decentralized ledger.

NFT Listing

The steps above help you in your quest to understand how to make nft art. If you follow them keenly, your NFT will be in the blockchain environment within a short time. However, once you create your NFTs, you must register them for sale. Here, you’ve two options: fixed-price or auction listing.

Marketing your NFTs

The knowledge of How to make nft art is critical. However, another vital step is understanding how to popularize your collections to the target audience. Here, you use various tactics, like creating a community on social media platforms and using press releases.


Were you struggling to learn How to make nft art? The steps above have you covered. Here, we’ve explored the salient steps, including choosing an NFT marketplace, selecting a storage app, and creating your collections. However, if you lack time to apply your knowledge on How to make nft art, you can hire a professional to help you.