NFT Marketing Services

NFT Marketing Services

TokenMinds provides you with a one-stop solution with a winning marketing strategy - helping you to quickly become a best-selling NFT brand.

Founded in 2016, TokenMinds specializes in crypto marketing and blockchain development while also provides insights on the go-to strategy for NFTs. If you need help promoting your NFTs to make big profits, develop a results-oriented strategy with us.

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NFT Marketing Packages

Ultimate NFT Marketing Package

Basic NFT Marketing Package

Pro NFT Marketing Package

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Community Management 24/7 - 1 Month

Community Management 24/7 - 2 Months

Community Management 24/7 - 2 Months

Social Media Content and Management

Social Media Content and Management

Social Media Content and Management

Twitter Organic Growth

Twitter Organic Growth

Community Organic Growth

Twitter Organic Growth

Crypto Ads Management

Crypto Ads Management

Basic English PR Marketing

Standard English PR Marketing

Crypto Ads Management

Basic Influencer Promotion

Premium English PR Marketing

NFT Projects Listing Websites Submission

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Standard Influencer Promotion

NFT Projects Listing Websites Submission

1 Online AMA Events Organization

Premium Twitter Influencer Outreach

Airdrop/Bounty Organization

Premium Influencer Promotion

NFT/Token Sale Advisory

3 Online AMA Events Organization

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

NFT/Token Sale Advisory

Airdrop/Bounty Organization

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

* We also provide KR/JP/CN localized marketing, if you want to get more information please contact us directly.

NFT Marketing Services

NFT Crypto Community Building

We help you define your audience, set a vision and goal to develop and grow your NFT Crypto Community through the channels that resonate with your people most.

NFT Social Media Groups Administration

TokenMinds assigns dedicated community managers to engage the crypto community for your NFTs. We will provide 24/7 support on inquiries, removing spam, and more.

NFT Influencers & PR Promotion

Build healthy and responsive social media channels backed by the most popular NFT social media groups. We leverage NFT influencers and PR promotion to effectively build traction for your NFTs.

NFT Content Plan & Creation

Through our marketing tactic, your NFT ambassadors can create cohesive and engaging content that features well-researched search keywords that yield the highest searching volume for your NFTs.

Weekly Reports

We ensure organic and sustainable NFT Community Group growth through weekly milestones. 

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NFT Marketing: How to Promote Your NFTs

The core premise of an NFT allowing ownership, scarcity, and value to digital content are exciting for creators and brands.

TokenMinds has a strong understanding of how NFT marketing works for creators and brands. We offer media PR, social media marketing, community building, and influencer marketing, and other NFTmarketing strategies to help you successfully attract buyers.

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NFT Investing: Can you invest in NFTs?

Top NFT Marketplaces

Here are the most popular NFT marketplaces for selling digital art. If you want to sell your own NFT on these marketplaces but have no idea how to go about it, talk to our NFT marketing team for personalized assistance.

• OpenSea: One of the most established universal NFT marketplaces. You can sell non-fungible tokens for artwork, sports collectibles, virtual worlds, and domain names.

• Rarible: This is an NFT marketplace that puts an emphasis on art, but you can also sell a wide range of other NFT items too.

• Nifty Gateway – Nifty is one of the largest marketplaces for NFTs, especially digital artworks.

• SuperRare: Another marketplace focused on digital art. SuperRare NTF typically works with a select handful of leading concept artists.

• Foundation: Foundation has quickly become one of the most popular NFT marketplaces for creators and DeFi enthusiasts.

PR Marketing for NFTs

Press releases are an impressive way to reach out to different media outlets and spread the news about your NFT launch. Plus, the announcement of your NFT sale might get picked by other websites that syndicate content from media outlets. It will enable a better reach for your NFT, and a vast audience will become aware of your NFT marketplace.

As an NFT PR agency, TokenMinds can get your NFT project featured in prominent crypto media like CoinDesk,, CoinSpeaker, as well as multiple content aggregators. Services of the NFT PR agency also include speaker engagements, guest appearances on podcasts/YouTube, thought leadership content creation, and SEO boost. They will help you obtain maximum exposure.

Yes. You can invest in NFTs. Non-fungible tokens can make great investments, as they appreciate in value over time and their valuations tend to not correlate with other investment markets. Their appreciating value is often derived from two factors: their creator and their scarcity. Before investing in NFT art, however, it’s essential to understand who created the asset and how many were created. Also, it’s important to confirm the authenticity of the item. The blockchain will provide a full ownership history since the item was minted. This definitely speeds up the transaction process for investors.

How to Make and Sell NFT

Social Media Management for NFTs

For social media engagement, the best strategy is to actively initiate and engage in community discussions on BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and other platforms. The aim is to create a buzz around your NFT on various platforms, but also it gets you adequate feedback from the community.

TokenMinds is a trusted NFT marketing agency offering social media marketing services for NFTs. As your partner, we’ll help you create brand awareness and build a strong community around your project for faster sales.

Anyone can make and sell NFT artwork on the NFT marketplace. NFTs offer brands/designers a way to sell their work that can be monetized and traced over time. In the last several months alone, major brands such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Asics, Nike have launched NFTs to engage with their audiences and market their products. Now Entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and more are all trying to find their way into the space.

First, you need to register on the NFT marketplace. Once registered, the next step involves linking your account to an Ethereum wallet that will be used to hold the NFT. The wallet also keeps the cryptocurrency you made from the sale. At this stage, it is important to note that you will need to pump in some cold hard cash to start selling your own NFT.

After setting up the wallet, you upload the file containing the digital art to a decentralized storage service called Interplanetary File System (IPFS). You then have to mint a token mapped to that file to generate a unique cryptographic signature that would live on the blockchain, essentially marking the file you uploaded as the real one.

The last step is listing your new NFT for sale. Don’t forget to set the minimum acceptable price and the duration of the auction. This price should be set on royalties, so you can continue to earn on future sales.

Take the necessary precautions to secure your wallet. Lost NFTs cannot be recovered, and if your wallet is hacked they cannot be retrieved.

Platforms where a Majority of NFTs are sold

• Valuables: This is a site where users can tokenize tweets and sell them as NFTs. Twitter's founder Jack Dorsey sold an NFT of the first-ever tweet, for $2.9m.

• NBA Top Shot: An NFT marketplace built on Flow blockchain for buying and selling digital collectible cards featuring videos of memorable NBA “moments.”

• Decentraland: This platform has its own in-house marketplace where users buy and sell virtual land or in-game items such as wearables.

• Sorare: Here you can buy virtual cards representing football players and use them for Sorare, which is a global fantasy football game.

• Axie Infinity: This platform hosts cartoon characters for the Axie Infinity game, where players breed, battle, and trade digital pets called Axies.

In addition, working with a reputable NFT marketing agency for your NFT project can be the difference between zero sales and record-breaking profits. Their insights and experience can lend invaluable help, saving you time and allowing you to move quickly in the market.

At TokenMinds, we advise NFT issuers on how to structure and list NFTs on various marketplaces and provides an NFT marketing strategy that brings success. As an NFT marketing company, we offer services for creators/brands looking to create and sell NFT digital products:

Contact our NFT marketing team for assistance with:

• Website development for NFTs

• Content marketing and SEO for NFTs

• Community building for NFTs

• Social media management for NFTs

•PR and media outreach for NFTs

• Influencer marketing

Talk to our strategists online, WhatsApp or Telegram today.

NFT Marketing Strategy

NFTs are incredibly new and if you’re not following the developments daily, you’ll miss something. Integrating the following NFT marketing strategies can help you make money selling NFTs.

People won’t buy your NFT unless you market it extensively Plus, the core buyers are very much immersed in communities around NFTs and this in itself drives value for items. So use your own community to spread the word and solicit interest in your NFTs.

Another important NFT marketing strategy to note involves communication. For instance, keeping your community informed about the next drop (an “event” when your NFT sale begins) is crucial in order to encourage more bids. You should list your NFTs on more than one marketplace to increase the chances of selling them.

The Role of an NFT Marketplace Website

An NFT marketplace website provides people with a platform to create (or mint), sell, purchase, bid on, collect, trade, and showcase their NFTs. These marketplaces are to NFTs what Amazon or eBay are to goods.

NFT marketplaces usually charge a blockchain network fee for listing and selling NFTs on their platform.

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Website visits growth by 15X

NFTs sold out and reached 120 ETH

SKILL token holders increased by 25X

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