How to buy the Best NFT tokens: 7 Top qualities to check before investing your hard-earned money

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Are you looking for the best NFT tokens in the market? If yes, there are several things that you need to check to ensure that you invest in the top nfts. Remember, NFTs have become famous, and the market has attracted many creators. With multiple pieces in the market, you might be in a dilemma regarding the best NFTs to buy. So, it’s imperative to understand how to buy the top nft tokens with high value and demand. Here, we share tips and tricks for buying the best NFT tokens.

Why is it essential to understand how to choose the best NFT Tokens?

You can earn huge profits in the NFT market. The industry is young but has attracted famous individuals, like Snoop Dogg, Hellen DeGeneres, and Jimmy Fallon. The young industry is now booming due to the endorsement it enjoys from these celebrities.

Statistics indicate that in August 2021, the NFT market attracted a massive 280,000 new buyers and sellers. And this is twice the trade activities recorded in the previous year. The industry is still on an upward trend.

Although you can make massive gains from NFT trading, there are multiple blunders that you might make when making buying and selling decisions. For one, scammers are on the rise in the industry. Two, some NFTs are worthless, and informed collectors should avoid them. That said, here are the things to consider before choosing an nft art token.

The Distinctive Characteristics of the NFT

The best NFT tokens exist in the form of collections. Good examples include Bored Ape Yacht and MekaVerse. The collections feature individual avatar digital artworks, each with unique properties. Occasionally, more characteristics are equivalent to a higher value, but not always the case.

When buying the Best NFT tokens, it’s advisable to check the uniqueness of the NFTs you’re evaluating. The Best NFT tokens have a minuscule percentage of sameness among the collection. So, it’s essential to check these percentages before you make a buying decision. Here are the kinds of rates for rarity distribution:

  •  Super Rare: these NFTs are the most valuable, and their distribution is less than 3%.
  • Rare: the uniqueness distribution for rare is above 5%. Here the most reasonable distribution is 5-10%.
  • Ordinary: these are ubiquitous NFTs. Their distribution ranges from 88-to 94%

Furthermore, checking the qualities of a digital collectible helps you verify the legitimacy of the NFT. Remember, many scam accounts share copies of famous digital collectibles. However, the scammers find it challenging to reproduce the properties.

Check the verification tick of sellers.

The approved NFT sellers on marketplaces, like apenft token, have a blue confirmation signal next to the account’s name. The confirmation is proof that the account holder is a genuine seller. So, if you intend to purchase from a well-known dealer, check if the account has a verification tick.

But remember that many genuine NFT sellers on different marketplaces lack a verification tick. In that case, the best approach to use when buying from unverified accounts is to check the digital collectible properties.

Also, go through the seller’s social media accounts to check the number of followers. You should also check whether their social media accounts are verified as a sign of authenticity.

Transaction cost

NFT transactions attract costs. So, in addition to the nft token price, you should also check the costs related to buying the digital collectible. However, transaction fees are different in various marketplaces. For instance, OPenSea has a 2.5% settlement fee for sellers. However, in this marketplace, buyers don’t pay the transaction cost. And this is the situation in most NFT platforms.

But some NFT marketplaces, like Rarible, have a transaction fee for buyers and sellers. So, before you purchase your top nfts, ensure that you understand any existing charges in your selected marketplaces.

The price-performance of the seller’s NFTs

It’s critical to evaluate whether your selected NFT is a suitable investment. You can confirm this by checking the seller’s account. In the account, you can see the previous nft token list and check the prices their collectibles are attracting.

The floor price will tell you the minimum rate the NFT is trading for. This rate enables you to understand how the digital rates are swinging. Also, the floor price gives you an idea of whether the value corresponds with what you would love to see in your selected NFT in the future.

You can also check this information on specific sites, such as apenft token and CoinMarketCap. Such sites display different data on NFT sales, price, growth, etc. So, when looking for in-depth insights about an NFT, be sure to visit such websites.

Promotion strategy

Generating demand for an NFT increases the nft token price. Through multiple promotion strategies, marketers can produce great demand for their Best NFT tokens. So, before investing in your best NFT tokens, check how the company markets its digital collectibles.

Check the Utility of the NFT

Besides scarcity, utility is an important attribute that the best NFT tokens have. Utility connotes the ease of using the NFT and what you can do with it. For example, in-game NFT items have different utilities. So, a gamer can buy an NFT in the form of a sword or any other item of utility.

However, there can be an nft art token whose values end at the art. Thus, when evaluating the NFT, check whether it has utility beyond the artistic value. You can also check an nft token list to discover the value of different digital collectibles.

Overall beauty

While evaluating the value of the Best NFT tokens, you should also check their aesthetics. For example, in Bored Ape Yacht Club, Yuga Labs are trying to create cool and trendy aesthetics.


When choosing top nft tokens, there are various things to consider. To select the Best NFT tokens whose value is likely to go up, you need to consider the rare properties of the NFT, check the legitimacy of sellers, and transaction costs. You should also check the price performance of the seller when evaluating the Best NFT tokens in the market. Furthermore, you should assess the promotion strategies of the top nfts you want to purchase. Here, we’ve dived deep into these factors.