Discord Channel:  11 popular NFT Discord channels to take your server to the next level

Discord Channel: TokenMinds

Multiple Discord channel ideas exist to inspire you to take your community to the next level. Discord is a chatting platform that has become popular because of its fantastic features. The venue is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) with multiple abilities.

Some features of Discord include communication with video calls, text messaging, and voice calls. If you have a Discord community, you can ensure that it’s more organized via a Discord channel. Here, we explore the main types of Discord channels that you can use to take your business to the next level.

What is a Discord channel?

You can use a Discord channel for voice conversation, live streaming, texting, and distributing files. The accessibility of media can be restricted to limit those who join the group. For example, discord NSFW channels allow individuals who meet the selection standard, like 18 years and above. Here are the primary types of Discord channels:

Welcome Discord channel

You can set up a Discord channel to offer newcomers a warm welcome. However, it can be overwhelming for a large community to welcome each new member every time. So, the best way forward is to assign a bot to your welcome Discord channel. Furthermore, you can set up the bot to DM each newcomer with a warm message. The bot can also explain the server’s rules to your new member.

Are you wondering how to set up the welcome channel Discord? If so, here are the steps to follow:

Open your Discord

Once you open Discord, choose your community/server and right-click. Choose ‘Create Channel.’

Channel naming

Provide a name to your channel. You can use any name that’s appropriate to you. After you’ve typed the name, proceed and choose ‘Create Channel.’


At this point, the channel is complete. So, you should proceed to MEE6, a dashboard with more innovative features. So, you can assign your users roles, develop commands, and add texts.

Create your welcome message

Now, you know how to set up welcome channel discord. The final step is to create your automated welcome message. You can choose your channel and create a message for all users to see. Alternatively, create a confidential message for a single specific user.

Introduction channel

Just like a welcome channel discord, an introduction channel allows community members to offer a quick introduction. When introducing themselves, the members can explain their interests and reasons for joining the community.

A welcome channel discord helps community members to know each other and even form cordial relationships within the group. The introductory channel helps to boost the interaction level within the community. Members get to know each other and what their interests are.

Bot channel

Bots are valuable AI tools that perform multiple jobs on your Discord community. They can welcome newcomers, ban rabble-rousers, and moderate conversations. Here are some popular Discord channel bots:

  • Dank Member: It shows memes and contains multiple meme features. Dank member is a vital bot that boosts the engagement levels of your community.
  • Pancake: it’s an elementary bot with multiple moderation features. The bot is simple to apply, fun, and can add or remove music.
  • Nadeko: it is valuable for playing matches, provides gambling, and comes with many management tools.
  • MedalBot: it allows your community members to document clips.
  •  Rhythm: it’s a steady and complete music bot.

Develop channels devoted to specific interest

It’s vital to develop channels devoted to specific interests or sub-topics. Community members captivated by that area can have a chat with others. A single channel focused on a particular topic can enhance engagement levels. For instance, if you operate an NFT server, you can develop channels about particular NFTs.

Announcement channel

A discord announcement channel ensures that your members are continuously updated about the latest news and developments within your field.

Different forms of announcements can go through discord announcement channel, such as posting news and sharing update links.

When creating this channel, it’s advisable to capture its objective by applying an emoji. For instance, you can use a microphone emoji beside the channel’s name. This helps server users quickly find the channel when browsing your channel list.

Meme channel

A great way of engaging your users is to have a fun-filled meme channel. The server encourages members to share links to funny content they’ve found online. Members can share hilarious posts, from jokes and memes to videos.

A channel dedicated to this type of content helps users know where to share their memes instead of interrupting discussions with memes elsewhere.

Roles channel

Assigning your members roles can improve the engagement of your server. So, you need to set up a devoted responsibilities channel discord. The channel has a responding bot-message that members can respond to and get their roles.

Stage channel discord

A stage channel on Discord is a form of communication that addresses the users of your server. In a stage channel, one user speaks while others listen. The stage channel discord enables users to share ideas with thousands of audiences.

Question/support channel

Members can have queries and other inquiries related to your community. Thus, having a question channel helps users to direct their quizzes to the correct section.

The question Discord channel helps members to ask relevant questions about your community. It can help you to figure out the type of support to extend to users. For example, users can inquire about the date of a particular event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) channel

A FAQ channel helps users to check the common questions that server members ask and the corresponding answers to these queries. The channel can allow new members to know more about the server. Also, it’ll simplify the work of moderators.

Giveaway channel

A giveaway Discord channel helps to expand your community by distributing various NFT giveaways. When setting up a giveaway channel, it’s vital to incorporate bots to help you spread your random prizes.


Now you know why a Discord channel is vital for your server. The ideas shared here can help you identify the right Discord channel you can create for your community. Multiple options exist, from discord NSFW channels, Roles channels, and meme channels to FAQ channels.


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