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Airdrop Campaign

Daily Content Promo

Daily Content Promo

Collaboration Outreach Campaign

Airdrop Campaign

Airdrop Campaign

Collaboration Outreach Campaign

Crypto Ads Network Management

Blockchain Content Creation

Blockchain Content Creation

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Collaboration Outreach Campaign

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Internal AMA Organization

Blockchain Content Creation

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

NFT Discord Community Management

Community & Social Media Growth

Combination of paid and organic strategies to effectively grow and strengthen your NFT project.

Community & Social Media Administration

Dedicated managers to actively monitor your NFT community with 24/7 inquiries support and spam removal.

Community & Social Media Engagement

Build healthy and responsive social media channels such as Twitter and Telegram with ongoing support and communication with the TokenMinds team.

Discord Community Management

Experienced crypto community managers with a deep understanding of Discord can help you keep the server running smoothly. By answering promptly and organizing AMAs, your community will be closely connected and engaged.

Content Plan & Creation

TokenMinds produces a detailed monthly plan that can be distributed across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Weekly Reports

Ensuring organic and sustainable Crypto Community Group growth through weekly milestones.

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NFT Discord Community Management

Discord is the most trusted social network platform in the NFT space in the world. Its organization and simplicity allow users to find information and discuss NFT projects, making it likable for many NFT community members. However, building a community in the Discord channel can be difficult for the organization or the individual if you lack a proper understanding of it to enhance conversation and keep your community engaged.

Why you need a Discord Server

Discord has nearly a billion users, indicating that it is a worthy channel to invest in to build a solid NFT community. Even if you have a fancy website with all interactive features, it is nothing like having a community where you can share which type of NFT project the organization is working on. Discord serves the purpose of creating togetherness, or users can track what is going on in the NFT spaces.

Based on the comments or observations made by the discord community members, you can tell which direction you should take on upcoming NFT projects. In other words, community makes it easy for you to identify which areas to capitalize on.

With Discord community building, your company can gain a significant number of members who are interested in finding out about releases of NFT projects and their importance. Some members are serious investors willing to invest or splash money on a particular NFT project.

TokenMinds Discord community services can help maximize the platform and enable you to attract people interested in NFT projects and can support it financially or spread the word about them, thus attaining marketing goals. In essence, the goal is to have a discord community channel with significant members and convert them to investors or indirect marketers.

Discord Community Building for your NFT Project

It is incredible how a user or a member can join up to 100 discord servers meaning you can create different types of communities depending on the NFT project your organization wants to sell or seek popularity. A community member can invite a friend from another server and be part of the NFT project.

A single server can have up to 100,000 members and request the space to be extended. This is an indication that you can have any significant community members. However, new members who join your community must see that you have an active community. To achieve this, it is necessary to keep your servers active by engaging actively by giving them information about projects or asking them to review your NFT project. Moreover, to gain traction on your server, you must always remain active.

With that in mind, our discord community services can help achieve the heights you can never imagine in discord for tour NFT projects to get the traction it deserves. Each team member will ensure your messaging on the platform is on point and deliver the desired tone and other strategic services that would ensure your community members stay active.

Engaging your NFT Community Members with Discord

Discord has a lot of personalization options. You can be able to assign roles to members on your servers. This is very important, especially for NFT projects, where a community member can mint your NFTs. You can assign him or her a “verified” role allowing you to place them into a more “VIP” category.

A Discord community manager can help you assign roles and respond to community queries and ensure they are aware of the journey of your NFT projects. Having the proper discord community manager will help you foster trust and increase engagement, rustling to increased minting. In general, with TokenMinds, you can expect dedicated moderators to ensure you have a healthy and engaging community.

NFT Discord Management by TokenMinds

It is necessary to acknowledge that a community is the backbone of every NFT project. If your NFT project has excellent utility and does not have community management, your community members or users will feel you lack community support. Also, your NFT project will have little success without an engaging community.

Nonetheless, as your NFT projects and discord server grows, the community members would act as volunteers enabling the discord group or server to grow organically. To attain this, for a start, you’ll need a discord community manager to assist you in managing your communities so that they can be utilized to change buyers of your NFT project and also achieve the element of support within the community. TokenMinds will hold your hand to arrive at this success.

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PR outreach to 20MM users

CTR increased by 3.4%

CPL reduced t0 $1

Social Media growth by 3X

Social Media growth by 2X

Telegram growth by 3.4X

Email list growth by 2.3X

Website visits growth by 5X

Telegram growth by 50X


Twitter followers growth by 15X

Twitter followers growth by 10X

Total raise of $200K

More than 65K++ participants

Top 7 projects by ROI

Community members increased by 15K+

Website visits growth by 15X

NFTs sold out and reached 120 ETH

SKILL token holders increased by 25X

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We wanted to thank @token_minds for their great work !

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Shout out to @token_minds for a great campaign!

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