Discord Community Manager: 11 rare services to expect from a professional manager

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For effective engagement of your group, you require a Discord community manager. Crypto community formation and management are essential aspects of your marketing strategy. It should be enough to say that crypto projects are community-based. So, you enhance your chances of success with an engaged community.

One of the platforms where you can create the best crypto community is Discord. The platform has multiple features that are valuable to a Discord community manager. Discord is free and safe and carries desk and mobile gadgets applications. Furthermore, you can develop public and private servers to meet your brand needs. The good news is that you can develop as many servers as possible. Here, we explore the services to expect from a Discord community manager.

Why do you require a Discord community manager?

Having an engaged discord NFT community is a crucial step when you want to succeed in your marketing campaigns. However, managing a crypto community on Discord isn’t a walk in the park. The task can easily overwhelm you if you lack time and experience. So, the best alternative is to hire a Discord community manager. Here are the critical functions of a community manager on Discord:

  • Respond to queries: community members may pose various questions regarding the project. Thus, a Discord community manager can respond to these queries on your behalf.
  • Refer community members to the right team members: some discord NFT community members may have technical questions that require the technical team’s input. So, the role of a community manager is to connect the community member to the right team member for a response.
  • Keep the FAQ updated: In an NFT discord group, there are questions that community members keep asking. So, one of the responsibilities of the Discord community manager is to note these questions and update the FAQ.
  • Moderate the community: The community manager should moderate the discussion sessions.

Services to expect from a Discord community manager

Marketing on Discord can be tricky if you lack the skills and knowledge required. You can have the best crypto community and leave it to disintegrate if you don’t manage it well. That’s why you need a community manager on Discord to help you. Here are the discord management services to anticipate from a community manager:

Engage the NFT discord community

Community engagement is a critical aspect of marketing on Discord. A community moderator should use various techniques to engage a group.

The expert can create and share engaging content that explains the benefits of an NFT project. Other tactics to use in community engagement include AMAs, question and answer sessions, contests, and giveaways.

Provision of human connection to your brand

A Discord community manager must understand how to engage individuals in the community at a personal level. This helps to create a solid relationship with followers.

Management of community feedback and questions

A primary role of a Discord community manager is to handle customer queries and opinions. The suggestions and questions of community members are critical. So, a moderator should ensure that customer remarks are considered. This can help you improve the relationship you’ve with your community.

Content balance

Before allowing any content, it’s critical to ensure it’s safe for users. An essential responsibility of discord management is ensuring the community is sound and free from harmful content. The community manager is always watching what takes place in the community. This helps to have a professional and smooth running community.

Administrators can delete or moderate content. Also, they can suspend or ban individuals who flout the community’s guidelines.

User acquisition and content creation

Any project aims at expanding its community. So, part of the discord management services is to help projects get new community members to broaden servers. The moderators achieve this role by creating engaging and educative content. These forms of content arouse users’ interest who will keep hanging around.

Customer care services

Discord has potent tools that moderators can use to provide high-quality customer care services. For example, Discord managers can create a dedicated channel for customers.

Crisis management

A crisis can either break or strengthen a community. And this largely depends on the way you manage the situation. During a problem, communication on time is vital. You need to pick the right messaging approach that helps control the crisis. So, an experienced community manager should help you with messaging during an emergency.

Shape the future of community building and trust formation

Brands should determine how to shape their future by identifying and communicating with future audiences, such as students. So, a Discord community manager should create a targeted content plan and offer expert opinions on how to expand the community.

Advocacy services

Developing meaningful connections with users is vital for any business. User advocacy is critical in achieving this objective. Thus, a Discord manager should identify the right brand evangelists to market your brand.

Create goals and figure out how to measure them

It would help if you had goals for your crypto community on Discord. It’s critical to understand your progress towards meeting these goals. So, creating performance metrics is vital as it helps you to know whether you’re on the right track in achieving your goals. Thus, one of the roles of a community manager is to help you establish goals and identify the right tools to measure them.

Report on the progress of the community

Project owners need to understand how their communities on Discord are progressing. A community manager should share with you timely progress reports. Furthermore, the manager should offer recommendations on areas that require improvement.

Final words

As NFT projects are community-based, you require an experienced community administrator to help you create and handle your group. A community manager role brings multiple benefits to your brand. Here, we went through the services you should anticipate from a Discord community manager. Some services to expect from the manager include content moderation, creation of community goals, and crisis management.