How to build an NFT community:  6 Juicy tips and tricks to help you create an engaged community

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If you’ve got an NFT project to market, creating an NFT community should be part of your top priority. A community comprises individuals who believe in your idea. Artists can only share their NFT drops via their groups. Furthermore, you can use an NFT community as a venue to share your thoughts and teach people about your digital artworks. We share professional tips for building an NFT community.

How do you build an NFT community?

Remember, digital collectibles are more than owning artworks; they are art pieces found within a community. This means their creation has spawned a culture with a following. For example, the Bored Ape Yacht Club formed a culture where followers wear their products and display them with pride.

Much of the NFT field is driven by the idea of a community. Thus, a powerful NFT project will have a solid community with high levels of engagement.

Building an NFT society is an arduous and even intimidating exercise. Thus, if you lack the skills and resources to perform the task, hiring an NFT community building agency to help you is advisable. An experienced NFT marketing agency has resources to help you build a solid NFT community. Whether you want to develop Discord nft community or nft community Reddit, a professional marketer can help you.

Here are tips to help you build your NFT community:

Be authentic

You can only connect with individuals if you’re authentic. Through social media sites, you should explain the objectives of your project, its key benefits, and the team behind it. Remember, besides investment, most collectors are looking for an authentic community. So, take your time to develop a project you’ll love all the time. Such a project should last for a long time due to its multiple benefits.

Select social media platforms

You can build an NFT group on different social media platforms. However, remember that each site has its features that dictate how to post or share messages. So, choose a platform that resonates well with your community. Here are the key channels to build an NFT community:

  • Discord: NFT community meaning is complete when you’ve Discord. Initially, Discord was meant for the gaming community. However, the platform has become central in building nft discord community because of its features. You can have the best nft communities on Discord because of the platform’s fascinating features, such as channels and servers. A great thing about nft community discord is that you can customize the platform by starting multiple channels. Please watch the video here for an in-depth explanation about Discord channels.
  • Telegram: This is a popular community nft platform for brief messages, news, and prompt interactions.
  • Twitter: Twitter is an excellent community nft for announcements and building buzz around your project in your NFT community. You can build the best nft communities on Twitter with a proper strategy.
  • Reddit: Like nft community discord, nft community Reddit is critical in your marketing strategy. Through this platform, you can create a subreddit for personalized engagements. You can also reach a wider audience and expand your NFT community with the feature.

Generate hype around your project

One of the best techniques of attracting more people to your community is to create excitement about your project. Here are some techniques you can use multiple methods to create hype around your project:

  • Rewarding early members
  • Award badges or NFTs to early followers
  • Giveaways and airdrops to nft community Reddit

Once you create your NFT group it’s critical to engage it actively. In summary, nft community meaning won’t be complete without engagement. There are multiple techniques for engaging your NFT community. Here are the key ones:

Engage the community

  • Ask Me Anything (AMA): AMA sessions offer you a chance to interact with your NFT community. Telegram and YouTube platforms are the best channels for conducting AMA sessions. During these sessions, you should reward members who actively participate in the discussions.
  • Pay attention to laughter: You need to spread humor within your community. Remember, NFTs are full of fun, and strong communities understand how to capitalize on this. So, an experienced community manager can occasionally engage a community with powerful NFT-related tales and caricatures.
  • Airdrops: you can distribute some free NFTs to users who accomplish specific tasks. These tasks are meant to generate awareness and excitement for the business.
  • Competitions: you can hold competitions where you inform nft discord community members to tag/retweet a specific number of people before they receive a prize.
  • Bounties: You can use different bonuses to reward NFT community members. For example, you can reward those who translate your whitepaper to other languages. You can also reward those who produce articles and videos for your project.

Embrace the power of collaboration

Collaboration with artists, musicians, influencers, and other professionals in the industry can expand your reach. Collaboration can take different forms. For instance, you can join hands with another project and drop a special gift to members of the two communities. You can also collaborate with an artist who can develop a clone or derivative of your digital collectible.

Develop a good reputation

Once you’ve launched your NFTs, you should continue nurturing your community. It’s vital to link up with individuals who have supported you. Collectors can appreciate when you’re active in the Discord nft community and Twitter. Also, you should respond promptly and be open to suggestions.

Also, when you join a Discord channel, it’s essential to participate and share your ideas. For example, you can support another artist by retweeting their NFT drop. You can also help individuals in an NFT community.

All the strategies mentioned above help in building brand trust and reputation. Remember, once you create trust, people will start following you.


Communities are central in any NFT project, and you’ve to start building them long before you launch your digital collectibles. Once you’ve created a Reddit or Discord nft community, you must engage it all the time. Here, we’ve shared tips and tricks for creating an engaged NFT society.