How to create an nft: 4 powerful steps to follow to hit the market

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With the popularity of digital collectibles going up, producers might want to understand how to create an nft. The long and the short of it is that the procedure of creating these one-of-a-kind artworks is straightforward, and anyone can access it. Furthermore, these days, various NFT development companies exist that can help you understand how to create an nft. So, for any artist, creating an nft should be one of their priorities. Would you love to start your journey of creating nft art and take a piece of the pie from the industry? If yes, you’ve come to the right platform. Here, we offer a comprehensive guideline on how to create and sell nft.

The guide will cover various areas, including a survey of digital collectibles, existing forms, and how to create an nft.

 A survey of the NFT marketplace

The NFT environment helps artists protect the rarity of their artworks and establish ownership of their digital assets. Furthermore, creating an nft enables a creator to monetize their collectibles. Creators can also benefit from a global market by selling their products reasonably. Here is a survey of NFT sales trends:

  • High growth: Recently, the NFT market has experienced exponential growth. Figures from indicate more than $10 billion in NFT sales on OpenSea, a popular NFT marketplace.
  • Famous sales: In March 2021, 3LAU teamed with Origin Protocol by creating nft art, which was sold at $11.6 million. Beeple, a celebrated visual artist, sold his digital artwork for $69 million via Christie’s auction house. NBA’s Top Shot, a property of Dapper Labs, has fetched more than $715 million.

Types of NFTs

Before you explore how to create an nft, it’s essential to understand the kinds of digital artworks in the NFT marketplace. An NFT can signify anything because it’s an online form of an actual commodity. Here are the most common NFTs in the marketplaces:

  • Digital arts and photos: Art is the most popular NFT. Some of the famous artworks sold include Beeple’s ‘Everydays,’ CryptoPunks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • Music: Kings of Leon released their song When You See Yourself in NFT form.
  • Videos: Multiple NFT videos exist, such as CROSSROAD by Beeple, Earth & Mars by Grimes, Metarift by Pak, etc.
  • Games commodities: Some famous examples in this category include Axie Infinity, Cryptokitties, Gods Unchained, Sandbox 3D, and Alien World.
  • Trading cards: Some intriguing examples of these cards include Tom Brady Card, StockX, NBA NFT, etc.
  • Sports occasions: Famous NFTs include Statue of LeBron, MLB Champions Brett Gardner, Mookie Betts Legendary, and Aaron Judge Legendary.  
  • Memes: Some of the classic NFT memes include Bad Luck Brian, Disaster Girl, Doge, Charlie Bit My Finger, etc.
  • Domain names:  Some famous NFT domain names include ‘Sexy. crypto’ and ‘beer. Eth’.
  • Digital fashion items: ZipMex, RTFKT, and Gucci are famous examples.

In-depth Guide on How to create an nft

Now that you understand the types of digital collectibles in the market, the next step entails how to create and sell an nft. If you’ve got an artistic idea, you may not struggle to find out how to create an nft. Here, we focus on the key steps to follow when creating an NFT.

  1. Select the format and pick content

The initial step in creating an nft is to identify your NFT format. Remember, you can produce an NFT token from any multimedia folder. For example, you can choose a virtual painting, an image-text, a video, digital games, or any other type described above. Regarding form, artists can use their freedom to select one that resonates well with their theme. Once you determine the content and format, you need to transform the data to a proper file, such as PNG, GIF, MP4, and MP3.

  1. Choose a marketplace

Once you’ve your digital artwork, the next step is to choose an appropriate marketplace that enables you to develop your digital collectibles on blockchain. Turning a digital file into an NFT on a blockchain is called minting. At the moment, multiple NFT platforms exist, such as OpenSea, Rarible, Sorare, Superrare, etc. Because each platform has its unique features, it’s critical to conduct some background research and discover one that fits your goals. You should also ask them this question: how much does it cost to create an nft on your platform? Remember, each platform has different prices.

 Besides understanding how much does it cost to create an nft, it’s also critical to understand the gas fee for your preferred marketplace. It’s an essential consideration when handling the subject: How to create an nft.

  1. Install a wallet

A crypto wallet is a vital component of your NFT business. The wallet enables you to access different markets, make transactions, and monitor your balance. Multiple wallets exist that cater to the needs of beginners and experienced individuals. So, choose one that falls within your budget. As you keep learning how to create an nft, you should understand that an artist should choose a wallet compliant with the digital currency of the platform they’ve selected.

The OpenSea marketplace is the most dynamic platform that accepts ordinary wallets, such as metamask, Coinbase wallet, and Formatic.

  1.  NFT Minting

Each marketplace has its procedure for uploading your digital file to its platform. Once you upload the file, it transforms into a non-fungible token that you can sell.

It would help if you took some time to describe your offering to potential buyers. The descriptive information should be attractive to pull the crowds to your artworks.

 Also, now that you know How to create an nft and made your move, the next step of creating an nft is to determine its market price. Here, you can try various methods, including:

  • Fixed price: Here, you specify the cost of your NFT
  • Auction: You can also sell your NFTs through an auction. And there are two kinds of auctions, including timed and English auctions.


Have you ever imagined how to create and sell nft? There are plenty of opportunities that the NFT market provides to creators. If you want to take advantage of the space but lack information on How to create an nft, it’s advisable to hire an NFT development agency to help you. Here, we’ve elaborated on How to create an nft through various steps.


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