NFT Airdrop: 6 Powerful benefits of introducing an airdrop campaign to your project

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An NFT airdrop campaign is a popular technique for creating awareness about your project. The method entails distributing free amounts of cryptocurrencies to potential users and investors.

Airdrops can be a reward in the form of coins or non-fungible tokens. In exchange for an NFT token airdrop, a user performs simple tasks like retweeting a post. This helps to popularize the project and create buzz around it. 

Like any marketing strategy, you need to understand how to do an NFT airdrop to benefit from the tactic. Here, we explore the key benefits of launching an NFT token airdrop campaign.

What is an NFT airdrop campaign?

An NFT airdrop is a promotion plan where developers of an NFT project distribute free non-fungible tokens to the wallet of their users. NFT startups use this strategy to market their offering before launching their project.

You can understand the NFT airdrop meaning if you have ever received a gift. The gift can create a great bond between two individuals. So, you can easily do small favors to the one who gifts you. Similarly, project owners request their community members to fulfill simple tasks in exchange for an NFT airdrop.

For example, community members can make lovely comments about a brand post and retweet it. Also, group members can create their posts about the project and tag the project owners. Here are the main types of NFT airdrop campaigns:

  • Standard airdrop campaign: This happens when you accomplish a simple task, such as sharing a post, subscribing to a whitelist, or signing up for an email service. Once you achieve any of the tasks mentioned above, you’ll receive a specific amount of tokens. So, you don’t need to spend anything to receive your tokens besides performing the simple tasks.
  • Exclusive airdrop: You can appreciate devoted members of your NFT community by gifting them with an NFT airdrop. To qualify for this reward, members must be long-standing users of the solution or stand with the brand for a long time.
  • Bounty airdrops: these resemble the standard airdrops. Participants should accomplish various promotion tasks on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to get the airdrop.

Airdrops to anticipate 2022

There is speculation that various platforms might reward their users with airdrops in 2022. Some of the airdrops to watch in 2022 include Bored Ape Yacht Club, Rarible, and OpenSea.

Opensea is a popular decentralized market platform that enables users to mint, purchase, and trade NFTs. There is speculation that in 2022, OpenSea might launch an opensea airdrop. Although many decentralized applications have their coins, Opensea lacks one. This has allowed its society to speculate that there would be a potential token and opensea airdrop launch soon. If inaugurated, the opensea token airdrop will attract multiple participants since many users are on the platform.

Rarible launched its rarible airdrop in 2022. The platform gave all its token holders the rarible airdrop. Eligible participants were to have their own priced NFTs.

What are the benefits of an NFT airdrop campaign?

If you understand how to do an NFT airdrop campaign correctly, you can reap multiple benefits. Here are the main perks of conducting an NFT airdrop campaign:

Lead generation

Lead generation is a core strategy of any business that wants to succeed in the market. Thus, an airdrop marketing strategy is a cost-effective technique for lead generation. It allows marketers to get critical data from potential clients. Once gather this essential information, such as email addresses, you can target your potential clients with the right messages.

Viral promotion

Because many projects market an NFT airdrop as money users get without breaking a sweat, the strategy attracts many people. Different individuals will register for the sale and send referrals to the brand.

Help in spreading awareness messages

A powerful reason for conducting an airdrop campaign is that it helps you reach an expansive crowd. With the growth of the audience, the number of individuals using your NFTs goes up. Furthermore, many people visit your website to check your offerings.

Activates Fear of missing out (FOMO)

Airdrops happen a few days before the launch of your NFTs. During the NFT launch, the project provides exclusive discounts and special deals to incentivize buyers who missed the NFT airdrop.

Reward loyal clients

The airdrop tactic is an effective technique for retaining loyal customers. So, projects that want to keep customers for a long time should adopt the strategy.


An NFT token airdrop is a cost-effective strategy for creating awareness about your offerings. Many people will likely come to your business when they see something free.

Thus, this technique can promptly achieve your objective of popularizing your brand. Once people receive airdrops, they will be excited and keep spreading the word about your project.

How to develop an effective airdrop tactic

Now, you understand the benefits of using an airdrop strategy. The next move is to know how to do an NFT airdrop. Here are the approaches to use in creating an effective airdrop strategy.

  • Define your goals: Before you introduce an airdrop, it’s essential to define your objectives and the activities that you wish to reward.
  • Develop a distribution strategy: first, you need to decide the number of tokens to share in your airdrop promotion. Although this step appears straightforward, it impacts your NFT value in many years to come. So, the best approach is to identify a smaller supportive group that you can incentivize with an airdrop to help you in marketing.
  • Simplify the process: You can only attract many people to your NFT airdrop if the onboarding process is simple. So, ensure that the joining process is straightforward. You can use registration techniques like Google Forms. Also, select relevant questions to help you collect relevant data from participants.


Projects using an NFT airdrop can enjoy multiple benefits. So, any startup should integrate this technology into their marketing strategy. A project should start by understanding an nft airdrop meaning and the types of airdrops available. Many successful airdrops, like opensea token airdrop, understand how to create an effective airdrop strategy. So, you must determine the suitable tokens to assign to your airdrop strategy and the best way of distributing them.