NFT Community Building: 5 trustworthy ways to build a non-fungible token community that propels your project to the next level

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NFT Community building is an essential component of your marketing strategy. Your early-stage NFT business might hit a snag if it lacks a solid community backing it. After creating a killer project, you want to succeed by popularizing it and attracting sales. The only technique for attracting many to your project is to build a community around it. However, NFT Community building is a painstaking process that requires the support of an NFT Agency. An NFT Marketing agency has the expertise and tools to help you in NFT Community building. Here, we explore organic techniques that projects can use to build their NFT communities.

Why is NFT Community building crucial?

Blockchain projects and, by extension, NFTs are community-based. So, when starting a project, it’s critical to remember that you’ll need to engage in NFT Community building at some point. Here are the benefits of an NFT community:

  • Build Trust trust is a critical component of your NFT Marketing strategy. An NFT community has different groups of people, such as founders, developers, and marketers. Potential investors can enhance their trust when interacting with the project owners.
  • Provision of value: a vibrant NFT community boosts the value of your project. Once you’re through with the NFT Community building task, you can use multiple tactics to engage members. For example, you can use AMAs, Q&A sessions, and contests. These strategies create buzz around your project, leading to an increase in value.
  • Announcement venue: the community is the place where projects make important announcements. Project owners can inform community members about new developments, like collaborations and partnerships.
  • Educating members: project owners teach members of their community about their NFTs. Community education happens through various approaches, such as AMAs, Q&A sessions, and contests.

NFT Community building techniques

Up to this point, you know the key benefits of NFT Community building. Because a community is a critical element of your NFT Marketing plan, it’s essential to understand how to create one. Here are the best tips and tricks for building a solid community around your NFT project:

Tell a compelling story

A story is an effective technique of explaining what inspired you to create your NFT project. It’s advisable to make a moving story about your NFT concept. It would help if you excitingly delivered this story putting into consideration the values and interests of your target crowd. For example, Samurai Sword is an NFT project that has appealed to more than 80k followers. The project explores the legacy of Samurai and how individuals can release the Samurai in them by possessing a Samurai NFT.

Select the correct platforms

An NFT community resides on a social media platform. And there are multiple platforms, making it hard to determine the right one to choose. If you know how to create an NFT community, you should pick a suitable channel for your NFT community. The niched platforms include Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. The NFT discord community enjoys various features of the platform, such as channels and bots. So, a project on Discord can enjoy more structured conversations through multiple channels.

On the other hand, Telegram is a popular platform for NFT Community building. So, you take advantage of its communities to popularize your project.

Also, there are plenty of other social media options that you can consider, such as Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. However, before picking any of these channels, you should conduct an in-depth study to understand where your target audience hangs out.

Excite your group members

Once you create your NFT discord community, you must engage each member to spark their passion for your project. So, it would help if you organized activities involving each community member. There are multiple ways of engaging an NFT community, including:

Host giveaways

You can incentivize your community members by hosting giveaways. This motivates them to spread the word about your project. For example, Twitter giveaways help your project find traction and attract more eyeballs.

Conduct quizzes

You can engage your community members by organizing simple questions for them. For example, you pose simple questions to your community about your project. Members who give the correct answers get prizes.

Also, before administering the trivia, ensure that you have informed members about it a week before the date.

Schedule AMAs

Ask Me Anything (AMA) is an effective technique to engage your NFT community. During AMAs, you can allow members to ask anything about your project. AMAs are also excellent techniques for creating trust with your potential buyers.

Award members roles

NFT Community building and engagement require a high level of creativity to keep your community active. One of the many ways to keep your members engaged is to assign them roles. For example, projects can assign members OG roles on an NFT discord community. Such responsibilities create a sense of belongingness within the group members.

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Tangible-life utilities

When creating your NFTs, you should think about how people will benefit from holding your collections. You will attract more people to your project if you offer tangible-life utilities. For example, people are still buying Bored Ape Yachts because of the benefits people enjoy by holding them. Holders access valuable connections and enjoy IP ownership privileges.

For example, if you have a celebrity in your community, you can think of various utilities the holders of NFT can access. You can have your NFT holders who are fans of this celebrity get a chance to meet this celebrity member or even have a virtual meet!

Hire an experienced NFT Marketing Agency

NFT Community building is a challenging undertaking that can overwhelm you. You can avoid the stress of the task by hiring an NFT Agency. Such an agency has a pool of professionals who know how to create an NFT community. Also, an experienced company uses advanced technology to deliver the best NFT Community building solutions.


NFT Community building is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. A community must back a successful NFT project. Your project can enjoy various draws of a community, such as trust building and passing important announcements. However, NFT Community building is a tough job requiring professionals’ assistance. Here, we’ve explored some organic methods projects can use to build communities.