NFT Influencer Marketing: 6 amazing strategies of finding influencers to market your brand

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NFT influencer marketing has become a popular technique for promoting digital collections. With this technique, you can quickly and efficiently position your offerings in front of the right audience. Thus, you save the time and money required to start from scratch.

The top NFT influencers have a vast following and command high authority in their spaces. So, NFT influencer marketing leverages the power and the influence the opinion leaders have on their audiences. Besides educating the audience about your offerings, an NFT influencer can persuade their followers to buy your product.

The elephant in the room is the numerous influencers in the market. And identifying the best NFT influencer for your project can be tricky at the very least. If you’re looking for the biggest NFT influencers, we explore the best tactics.

What is NFT influencer marketing?

Before exploring the strategies to find the top NFT influencers, it’s critical to understand what NFT influencer marketing is. NFT influencer marketing is a promotion strategy that applies approvals and product marketing via professionals in a specific industry. Influencer marketing on blockchain has become critical as many projects seek individuals to educate their audiences.

Their audiences trust these opinion-shapers. So, audiences take their messages as the gospel truth when endorsing your items. Promoters of digital artwork can use NFT influencer marketing to popularize their brands. Here are the benefits of using the NFT influencer marketing strategy when promoting your collections:

  • Education: influencers teach their followers the value of your brand.
  • Authenticity: through NFT influencer marketing, you concretize the credibility of your collections.
  • Awareness: the audience can be aware of your project at the spur of the moment.
  • Expansion of customer base: it leads to increased website traffic, which may translate to high sales.

How to find influencers for your NFT project

An NFT project that wants to go far should identify and partner with the influencers. If it’s difficult for you to find appropriate influencers, hiring a crypto influencer agency is advisable. A blockchain influencer marketing agency has resources and tools to boost your NFT promotion efforts. Here are the tips and tricks for finding the biggest NFT influencers:

Discover your niche

Before you start looking for influencers, a critical step to take is to identify your niche. You could shoot yourself in the foot by widening your NFT influencer marketing plan. Sadly, you’ll discover this later when you’ve used your money. So, the initial step to take when searching for influencers is to know who you’re looking for.

Let’s assume your collection is 10,000 unique images of exotic cars from all over the globe. If a user buys one of these digital collections, they’ll have a chance to possess one of the exotic vehicles. Suppose your NFTs comprise the Mercedes Benz of the 90s. Although many individuals say they like this kind of car, there is only a smaller group that can be truly passionate about this topic.

At first, you might try to promote your collections to anybody who purports to like Mercedes Benz. However, this technique is dangerous. Rather than marketing to anybody, you better segment your audience further. For example, you can promote your Mercedes Benz NFT to hobbyists and a group of exotic car lovers.

When you discover your niche, you’ll identify the top NFT influencers in that field. Also, you need to ensure that these influencers have followers that fit your target area.

Do your research

Once you discover your niche, the next step is to pinpoint the platforms where your target audience hangs out. The experts you choose for NFT influencer marketing should also be in these platforms and know how to attract audiences to your brand. 

Many social media platforms have tools that can enable you to gain insights about the influencer’s performance. So, it’s imperative to make use of these pieces of software.

After identifying potential NFT influencers Twitter or other platforms, start evaluating them daily. This helps you understand whether their posts are authentic, persuasive, and compatible with your project. Other essential metrics to check include:

  • The growth rate of subscribers
  • Score from peers
  • Content-type and quality

Social listening

Social listening entails tracking social media channels for remarks and discussions connected to your business. After gathering the information, you should evaluate it to discover valuable insights. The insights will be helpful once you commence the blockchain influencer marketing campaign. Through this strategy, you’ll know what your target crowd is looking for.

Check the price

NFT influencer marketing campaigns come at different prices. Influencer rates depend on various factors, such as their experience and the campaign’s duration. So, before you pick a crypto influencer agency, ensure that it falls within your budget. Luckily, an experienced crypto influencer marketing agency can offer different price packages for their services. This enables you to pick the right package that can fall within your budget.

Determine your budget

It’s advisable to determine the budget for your blockchain influencer marketing campaign. The amount you set aside for this campaign depends on various factors, such as your expected ROI. Suppose you’re working on a tight budget. In that case, you should conduct intensive research to find the right influencer.

Check their Personality

Choosing an influencer whose persona and form align with your brand communication and values is essential. Such an influencer will create attractive messages that meet the needs of your target audience.

Where to find the biggest NFT influencers

Most people erroneously think that NFT influencer marketing is a preserve for celebrities only. On the contrary, brands can benefit from NFT influencers twitter or Facebook with a smaller but engaged group. Apart from the platforms mentioned above, here are other places to find crypto influencers:

  • Hire a crypto influencer marketing agency: Multiple agencies offer NFT influencer marketing services. So, a search online can help you find the best influencer marketing blockchain company.
  • Social media: social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram have multiple individuals engaging in blockchain influencer marketing. So, search for those that mention your brand. Strategies like social media listening can help you identify the right influencers.
  • Google search alerts: this technique helps you to set notifications for search terms related to your business. This technique allows you to find individuals whose posts relate to your brand.
  • Use NFT influencer marketing platforms: Influence marketing platforms allow you to find the right influencers for your brand. Via their databases, you can use various techniques to find the professional you require.


Collaborating with the right influencers can boost the success of your NFT business. But to conduct a successful NFT influencer marketing campaign, you must find the right professionals. Here, we’ve shared the methods you can use to identify the influencers for your project.