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Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

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We help you identify your goal and prepare the most relevant Crypto Influencers List. Such a list can help you counter-check the influencer's attributes and find the right ones for your project.

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Grow your community channels to the desired size with Crypto Influencers. We help your team nurture members and harness this existing user base to optimize your Crypto Marketing Campaigns

SEO Content Creation

Through our SEO-oriented tactic, your Crypto ambassadors create cohesive and engaging content that features high search volume keywords.

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As the most effective way to promote your blockchain project. We will help you run the bounty campaign to create exposure, interest, and trust in your project.

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Crypto Influencers Marketing: How to choose the best opinion shapers

Influencers Marketing is a promotion tactic that can benefit many niche business owners. Blockchain technology particularly enjoys massive benefits from Top Crypto Influencers. When crafting a crypto marketing plan, it's crucial to include crypto influencer marketing. The market has many crypto influencers. So, if you're new in the market, you may be in a dilemma on which one to choose. Here, we've explored useful tips to consider when picking the best crypto influencers.

What are Crypto Influencers?

A crypto influencer is an influential individual with many followers in the crypto space. This individual has a more profound knowledge of a specific theme of crypto.

Crypto influencers also use tactics, such as video making and blogging to convey their messages. They wield enormous influences on their audiences and can swing the followers' Crypto Investment decisions. 

Wondering how to choose one? Before identifying an expert for your project, get ready a crypto influencers list. Such a list can help you to counter check specific attributes of an influencer. And this allows you to determine whether the influencer is the right one.

2. Assess authenticity and relevance of the blockchain influencer

A clarion call for crypto influencer marketing is to create partnerships. Such collaborations bring more individuals to your project. When choosing crypto influencers, ensure that they share your business’ values. Such influencers should also be relevant to your project. Many consumers value crypto influencers who are authentic. As per Stackla, 86% of consumers value authenticity as an important attribute of a brand. For example, many consumers may doubt your brand if you hire a fashion blogger for blockchain. But, such a blogger can be a good fit if they’re known to be blockchain enthusiasts.

A good practice is to select crypto influencers familiar with your project. From the crypto influencers list, check the ones talking about your blockchain business.

Finding the right crypto influencer is challenging. The best option is to hire crypto pr services. Many crypto pr agencies exist in the market, but a few offer the best services.

3. Check influencer statistics

Many people rush to pick influencers based on the number of followers they've. While the massive following is an excellent thing, you need to go deeper to check other points. It's senseless to choose an influencer with 50k members who lack crypto knowledge. The wise thing is to select a relevant influencer even if their following is small.

Choosing crypto influencers is a delicate thing. But, marketers should avoid ignoring celebrities with a meager following.

Do you recall the story of Sorry Girls with Google? Google collaborated with Sorry Girls, although the latter has a small following. What Google considered was the engagement level of the influencer. A single post by Sorry Girls on their Instagram generated many likes and comments. Micro-influencers have a small community but boast a high engagement rate.

There are other essential things to consider when choosing influencers. These include past follower counts, engagement rate, and audience demographics. If you find the task huge, you should hire crypto pr services from an experienced marketer.

‘The engagement rate shows the level of interaction between an influencer and their followers. Followers invested in an influencer's content are more likely to give it a like or a comment, and that means branded content is more likely to make an impression.’

Source: Forbes

How to choose Top Crypto Influencers

Now that you've understood the idea of crypto influencers. Let's focus on how you can choose one for your project.

1. Determine the platform to run your crypto campaign

Influencers stay in one or two social media channels. So, choosing one may be a daunting task. If you decide to hire a YouTube influencer, you may reap benefits from the video-sharing platform. But a YouTube opinion leader may lack any influence on Facebook because they don't share content. So, it would help if you decided on the right crypto influencers for your project.

Your decision on which influencer to choose depends on various factors. For example, your budget may determine the kind of crypto influencers to select. Here are some of the crypto influencer marketing platforms to consider.

· Twitter: If your project is at the initial stage, hire top crypto Twitter influencers. Such influencers can help to sensitize people about your project.

· YouTube: the platform that helps crypto influencers create and share content is via videos. Each moment, YouTube crypto influencers share 300 video hours in many languages. That is the reason why YouTube is famous for projects that need massive followings. Remember, audio-visual content is engaging and educative to crypto groups.

· Instagram, BitcoinTalk, and Medium: These are niche platforms used by top crypto influencers. Through these platforms, crypto influencers post entertaining and educative content.

TokenMinds Crypto Influencers Marketing Services

Looking for crypto pr agencies to assist you in finding relevant crypto influencers? Search no more! Please get in touch with TokenMinds now. The company offers different crypto pr services at a competitive rate.

Their Crypto Influencers Services include:

· Crypto influencer consultation: Once the company discovers your goal, it can help in creating a relevant crypto influencers list. Such a list helps to counter-check the attributes of an influencer to identify the right one for your project.

· Social media management: you can grow your community members to the desired size via the right influencers. The company can help your team to create and foster a community for a successful crypto marketing campaign.

SEO content creation: through an SEO-focused strategy, TokenMinds can help you create cohesive and engaging content that features high search volume keywords.

· Custom Reporting: understanding how influencers are performing on various deliverables can help you in knowing the performance of your campaign. TokeMinds can offer you a bespoke reporting solution, which includes engagement rate and follower count.

Whether you need top crypto Twitter influencers or YouTube crypto influencers, TokenMinds can help you. Please pick the package that meets your budget.

4. Determine the type of crypto influencers you want

There are two types of influencers: micro and macro-influencers. While micro-influencers may commit most of their time to market your crypto project, they have fewer followers. But, macro-influencers have a large following and support many brands. They might lack time to give your brand the attention it deserves.


You came here to look for the best crypto influencers for your crypto project. TokenMinds appreciate your time and would like to hear from you concerning blockchain influencer marketing. Please, feel free to contact us straightaway.

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Use Crypto Influencers Marketing to Expand your Reach

TokenMinds brings you the TOP Crypto Influencers to engage audiences for your crypto projects.

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