How to develop an NFT Marketing Strategy:10 ready to use tips that deliver results

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Applying the right NFT Marketing Strategy is essential if you want to succeed. The NFT market has become competitive as many projects have joined the bandwagon. Furthermore, crowds are becoming more informed and choosy at the same time. Thus, your digital offerings can only catch the attention of investors if you use the top-notch NFT marketing strategy. Here, we delve into the best NFT marketing strategy you should use to boost your sales.

 Why should you have an NFT marketing strategy?

These days, digital collectibles have become a profitable venture. The industry is attracting many participants who want to try their luck. That said, it can be challenging to attract investors to your project if you lack an NFT marketing strategy. Some of the compelling reasons you should have an articulate an NFT marketing strategy include:

  • Gives massive ROI
  •  It helps you to pick a top nft market
  • Allows you to focus even when the crypto nft market is challenging
  •  Enables you to understand the number of resources you require

Components of the best nft market strategy

Now that you know the main reasons for an NFT marketing strategy let’s switch to the top marketing tactics that will make your digital collectibles stand out.

  1. Social Media

Smart Insights‘ statistics indicate that 57.6% of the global population uses social media. Furthermore, people spend 2 hours and 30 minutes on these platforms. These figures show that social media platforms are critical when articulating your NFT marketing strategy. Here are the leading social media platforms to promote your NFTs:

  • Twitter: Twitter is the best platform to deliver timely NFT updates and news about your offerings. Here, you can share different things about your projects, such as airdrops, collaborations, and offers. You can enhance engagement levels through various strategies, such as relevant hashtags. Also, it would help if you shared, commented, or liked Tweets that are relevant to your project.
  •  Discord & Telegram: A serious NFT marketing strategy must feature Discord and Telegram. These are community-building platforms for your project. They provide room for lengthy conversations rather than posting regular news updates.
  1. Interviews

A simple way of promoting your project is by doing an interview with NFT influencers. The discussion can take different forms, such as question & answer or ask me anting (AMA). The best platforms to conduct the interviews include:

  • Reddit
  • Google Meet
  •  Zoom
  • YouTube
  1.  Collaborating with celebrities

Working closely with celebrities can boost the exposure of your project as these individuals have a wide following. Collectors may comprise various celebrities, such as actors, singers, and collectors. Each star has followers from different economic classes. The best approach to working with celebrities is to give them unique products. Or, you can share with them part of the revenue they generate.

  1. Utility

A quick way of attracting more people to your collectibles is to add utility to them. NFTs with utility have long-lasting value, benefits, and opportunities for your community. Some of the utilities you should consider include access to P2E games, the choice to stake a digital collectible in an exchange, etc. In summary, NFTs with concrete utility will attract many buyers and stay long.

  1. Host giveaways

Part of a pre-sale strategy should comprise giving giveaways for the soon-to-come NFTs. You can give some simple conditions, like retweeting, comments on your post, and likes. Once participants fulfill these conditions, you release the giveaways to them.

List your NFT in marketplaces.

  1. NFT Marketplaces

A key nft marketing strategy is to list your digital collectibles in a suitable crypto nft market. There are multiple top nft market platforms where you can list your offerings. Before choosing a marketplace, ensure that you understand its features. Some of the top listing platforms to market nft include:

  • OpenSea: this is a top nft market that supports all types of digital collectibles. It accepts more than 150 various payment tokens.
  • SuperRare: It’s similar to OpenSea in various aspects. It supports multiple NFTs, including videos, music, art, and collectibles. So, it is the best place to market nft.
  • Axie Infinity:  It’s a top marketplace for Axie Infinity, a video game.
  • Larva Labs: It’s a marketplace known for the famous CryptoPunks NFTs. The platform has other projects, like Meebits and Autoglphs that give collectors great value.
  • Nifty Gateway: The marketplace has coordinated the sale of NFTs for famous artists, including Beeple and Grimes.
  • Mintable: It’s supported by the tycoon Mark Cuban and intends to be an open marketplace, like OpenSea.
  1. Press Releases

Press releases can help your project catch investors’ attention, generate buzz, and create public relations. The releases can speak to the media, bloggers, and influencers. Press releases offer you a chance to bring leads to your business. Find here how TokenMinds used this NFT marketing strategy for CryptoBlades.

  1. Hire an NFT marketing agency

Marketing isn’t a cup of tea for each NFT creator. If you lack the skills or time to market your collectibles, hire nft marketing services from experienced agencies. A marketing agency has the resources and experience to promote your NFTs perfectly. Such an agency can articulate the right NFT marketing strategy suitable for your digital artworks. Furthermore, marketing your collectibles via an agency is more affordable than employing an in-house marketing team.

  1. NFT calendar

The NFTCalendar covers various things, including exciting drops, compelling events, and high-quality releases. It covers the launches by both famous and upcoming artists. The NFTCalendar aims to help artists grow in the NFT field. So, it’s essential to submit your drop here.

  1. Marketing through forums

Crypto online forums feature various conversations in the crypto field. It’s essential to find these forums and participate in the talks. Initially, you aim to contribute to multiple discussions before introducing your NFT launch. Platforms like CryptoTalk, BitccoinTalk, and CryptoInTalk target blockchain audiences.


Once you create your NFTs, the next phase entails marketing them to the right crowds. Because NFT marketing is a challenging task, hiring a blockchain marketing agency to help you is crucial. Such an agency provides various nft marketing services, including crafting an NFT Marketing Strategy.


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