NFT Marketing Tools: 9 popular tools to help an NFT promotion campaign

NFT marketing tools

NFT Marketing Tools can give you a leg up in an industry that has attracted stiff competition. To stay ahead of the competition and attract potential investors to your project, you must be creative and approach the market with a strategy. Your NFT Marketing strategy should help you identify and engage your target audiences.

However, marketing NFT is a mind-boggling undertaking for many, especially inexperienced ones. So, the best option is to hire an NFT Marketing agency to help you. An NFT Agency has a team of professionals. It uses advanced NFT Marketing Tools to launch a result-focused promotion campaign. Here, we explore the primary marketing tools and strategies that NFT marketers use:

Which NFT Marketing Tools do marketers use?

Here are the primary NFT Marketing Tools that experienced NFT marketers use:

NFT whitepaper

An NFT whitepaper is a document that provides in-depth information about your NFTs, how they function, and how users can apply them. Furthermore, a whitepaper has details about the team behind the project and critical timelines. Also, a whitepaper has objective information that potential investors can use to make informed decisions. The whitepaper is one of the best NFT Marketing Tools, delivering the following benefits:

  • Teaching your audience: an essential benefit of a whitepaper is that it educates your target audience about the NFT field. NFT is a new technology-based area that many don’t understand. So, through a whitepaper, you can explore the ins and outs of NFTs in simple language.
  • Trust creation: a well-written NFT whitepaper can boost trust with your potential audience. Potential investors will understand the team behind the project and the plans it has for the business.
  • Reputation: providing people with in-depth information about NFTs portrays you as a thought leader in your industry. This enhances your reputation and attracts potential buyers to your project.

Create an NFT roadmap

A roadmap is a fundamental element of your NFT project. The tool offers NFT Marketing teams a chance to explain your plans for the project and the key milestones you want to achieve. A roadmap signifies that you’re transparent and dedicated to achieving your goals.

A well-written roadmap adds value to your project. It helps buyers to see your vision and evaluate why they should be part of your community. Furthermore, your NFT’s roadmap fosters trust with your group.

Also, a roadmap simplifies the marketing task of an NFT Agency. When selling digital art only, it can be challenging to attract audiences. However, a roadmap pulls people to your project because you show your target audiences the plans you have for them.

Search engine optimization

The purpose of SEO is to boost your organic traffic. SEO solutions for marketing NFT help popularize your digital art and high positioning on Google and other search engines. As one of the essential NFT Marketing Tools, SEO can drive valuable leads to your project. So, hiring an NFT Marketing agency can assist you in crafting an SEO strategy for your project.

Host giveaways and airdrops

types of airdrops

You can attract more users to your community if you host giveaways. A giveaway is available for individuals who accomplish simple tasks, like following the creator on Twitter, sharing a post, or retweeting. Using this strategy generates excitement about your project and drives more members to your community.

On the other hand, airdrops entail the distribution of NFTs to users’ wallets. As NFT Marketing Tools, airdrops raise awareness and generate leads. Here are the main types of airdrops:

  • Standard airdrops: these reward individuals who accomplish simple tasks, such as subscribing to a newsletter. Once an individual completes the job, they receive the prize. Standard airdrops are free, and people don’t need to buy them.
  • Exclusive airdrops: These are awards to loyal members who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to your brand.
  • Holder airdrops: Users who hold an existing NFT can receive these rewards.

Identify an appropriate NFT marketplace

Many marketplaces have multiple NFT Marketing Tools that can boost your campaign. Marketplaces focus on particular niches. It’s advisable to conduct some investigation to discover the ones suitable for your NFTs. Also, it would help if you looked at various aspects of the marketplace, such as market volume and transaction charges.

OpenSea is the most popular platform for trading NFTs. The platform supports various NFT niches, such as music, virtual cards, and photography. Besides displaying NFTs, OpenSea is a valuable tool for evaluating digital collectibles and determining the improvement to introduce.

Other popular marketplaces for NFT listing include Top NBA Shot, Rarible, SuperRare, and Nifty Gateway.

Press releases

Press releases are the best NFT Marketing Tools to boost your credibility if you share them regularly on famous publications, crypto platforms, and channels. You can create releases during the various phases of your project development. For example, suppose you’re at the stage of the NFT launch. In that case, you should issue a release and inform the target audience about the milestone.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools that NFT marketers use. You can use the strategy to send personalized messages to your audience members. The procedure helps to teach the targeted audience about your NFTs and why they should invest in them. You should use simple and engaging language when crafting your emails.

Generating hype

Among effective NFT Marketing Tools is generating buzz around your project. Many users will attach premium value to your collections if there’s much excitement around them. And that means you should prioritize community building when crafting an NFT marketing strategy. You can generate buzz by hosting giveaways, airdrops, and bounties. Also, you should conduct regular AMAs and Q&A sessions.

Tell a powerful narrative

Stories are practical tools for communication. You can leverage the power of narratives by creating an exciting story about your NFTs. Through the story, you can explain what inspired you to create your NFTs and the benefits your users can enjoy by holding the collections.

Conclusion on NFT Marketing Tools

There are multiple marketing tools and apps that an NFT Marketing agency can use to popularize your non-fungible tokens. So, before you hire a specific agency, ensure that it uses the right tools to deliver its marketing solutions. Here, we’ve explored some tools to anticipate from an experienced NFT Marketing company.