NFT Podcast: 5 Stunning Characteristics of a Good Podcast

NFT Podcast: TokenMinds

What is an NFT podcast? 

An NFT podcast is a new concept because of the optimized usage of the internet especially during the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, content creators for NFTs have diverted into creating their own podcasts from their own room or studio. Podcasts may be presented in audio or video format where the podcaster would talk alone or with someone about any certain topics like NFTs and crypto. Wikipedia coined podcasts as the “radio on demand”. There are several podcasts about NFT available online and we can based what characteristics they commonly have that makes a good NFT podcast.

What are the best NFT podcasts available?

There are several podcasts for NFTs available online. Of course, it depends on the preference of the listener for which is the best NFT podcasts out there but we will look up to those that are on the top searches. 

Here are the best NFT podcast availavle

1. The Nifty Show

The Nifty Show is considered the most OG or veteran of all NFT podcasts. The podcast is hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright and they launched the podcast in mid-2020. Their show has featured known NFT projects like Crypto Kitties, Garbage Pail Kids, Blockchain Heroes and NBA Top Shot.

2. Two Bored Apes

For a dynamic view on what is going on in the NFT world, Two Bored Apes can be an option. Two Bored Apes is hosted by Jaime and Roy, who are also known in the metaverse as Jaime Musings and Zeneca. The hosts can be found chatting about the best NFT projects available. They also host questions and answers so that those who are new into the technology can ask their questions about blockchain technology.

3. NFT Now

NFT Now a known platform for the latest NFT news. It  is also a good source of information on NFTs. Every Wednesday, the podcast features notable pioneers of the NFT community. Their guests are usually NFT artists, collectors and technologists discussing the capability of NFTs and how people can become a part of it, too.

4. OnChain Studios

OnChain Studios hosts, Will Weinraub and Steph Sutto, lead this educational NFT podcast. OnChain Studios creates news, updates, interviews and discussions about the latest trends in the blockchain industry. It also features leaders in the NFT community and talks of their personal takes on the future of the technology.

5. Bankless

Bankless is one of those good guides for NFTs, crypto and DeFi. Bankless Hosts Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman cover all the bases for both newcomers and more advanced audiences. Providing their audience cryptocurrency and NFT market analysis and investment strategies. The hosts also dig into NFTs and other aspects of blockchain technology. Bankless features top blockchain leaders and experts like Vitalik Vuterin, founder of Ethereum.

6. Tokenminds

Tokenminds is conducting podcasts for different NFT and crypto projects. These podcasts are posted on the Youtube channel of Tokenminds. These informative podcasts are hosted by employees of Tokenminds to feature founders, CEOs and key leaders of different companies and startups.

5 Characteristics of a good NFT Podcast

Here are characteristics of a good NFT podcast

The list of the best podcast NFT can provide a glimpse into the best characteristics of an NFt podcast. Here are the five stunning characteristics that can assist in choosing the best NFT podcast:

  • The credibility of the hosts: The hosts’ background and experience determines the quality of the whole podcast. Knowing them based on how they portray themselves and their guests can be a factor in choosing to be featured on the podcast.
  • The quality of the content: NFT projects can look into the content of the show if they are well researched and well presented by the hosts. 
  • The number of followers: This can assist in determining which target market and demographic cluster that the NFT project is looking for. 
  • The platform they are using: With the usage of Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other media platforms available online can help the NFT project to narrow down their target market based on the medium used. Some podcasts are using multiple platforms to reach greater audiences. Some also minted their own podcast NFT which are available in the marketplace.
  • Knowledge about blockchain technology: Anyone on the internet can create their own podcast but the depth of their knowledge about the technology is important to classify the best podcast about NFT for the project to be featured on.

What is the role of an NFT podcast to NFT Marketing?

NFT Marketing can be done through the NFT marketing agency that can boost the visibility of an NFT project. With the innovations created on the world wide web, having these NFT podcasts as a medium can be a key to introducing the NFT project through frequent guestings and interviews. These podcasts have a wide and diverse audience that could also look into the NFT project. With well established podcasts about NFTs, the target audience can easily be determined and can understand what the NFT project is all about. What an NFT marketing agency can do is connect them with the best podcast about NFTs and create promotional advertisements to help the project.

In summary

NFT podcasts are just one way of featuring NFT projects to the mass audience of blockchain enthusiasts. Project owners need to evaluate the credibility of the podcast hosts, the quality of its content, the number of audience it has, the platforms it uses and the in-depth knowledge that they have for the blockchain technology. With the characteristics listed above, any project owner can determine what podcast that could help introduce their project and eventually become visible to their audience when invited again into the show. 

Best of luck to NFT projects that is trying to find or create a good NFT podcast

Plus when an NFT project partners with the NFT marketing agency, it will open more opportunities for them not just to be featured on NFT podcasts but to other means. There are many ways to market the NFT project to boost its presence in the market and also build its own reputation in the diverse and vast NFT community.


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