NFT Promotion: 9 outstanding tactics NFT creators use to market their non-fungible tokens in 2022 and beyond

NFT Promotion: TokenMinds

NFT promotion is one of the challenging tasks that artists handle. Remember, you can create fantastic artworks but fail to sell them due to poor marketing strategies. So, NFT marketing and promotion are critical aspects you need to consider when developing your collections. However, if you lack time or knowledge to promote your NFT, hiring an NFT Marketing agency is advisable. Professionals use multiple NFT promotion strategies to create awareness about their collections. Here, we explore some famous strategies that successful NFT projects use to market their offerings.

What are the benefits of NFT promotion?

In 2021, there were a few NFTs in the market, and the competition was minimal. Furthermore, during that time, many people lacked knowledge about how to choose the best NFTs.

The situation, however, is different now as many projects have hit the market. The available projects are crying for the attention of well-informed collectors. You can only grab the attention of these finicky buyers if you deliver an organized NFT promotion strategy.

Here are the primary benefits projects enjoy when they promote NFT art:

  • Creation of awareness: NFT marketing and promotion are vital in expanding your project’s potential customers. So, if you have a rare NFT, you can sensitize people about it and make individuals purchase your offerings.
  • Expansion of audience reach: projects promote NFT to attract multiple investors to their products.
  • Increase of your income: you require top-notch skills to promote NFT projects. Most successful projects hire an NFT promotion service to handle the marketing role. An NFT marketing agency knows the best way to promote NFT and increase your revenues.
  • Know what customers want: NFT promotion helps projects understand the needs of their clients. The knowledge assists you in creating products that meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

Popular NFT promotion techniques

Up to this point, you’ve known why marketing is an essential requirement for your NFT project. The next move is to explore strategies you can use to promote your NFT.

Create a rare art

The NFT you develop can promote itself via the impression it creates. It isn’t easy to win your marketing campaign if your art is ordinary. Remember, collectors and buyers, scroll through multiple NFTs before picking impressive ones. So, your art must be exceptionally cool, unique, and high-quality. Your art pieces must fascinate your users to capture their hearts and wallets.

Collaborate with influencers and niche authorities

A professional way to promote NFT art is to incorporate influencers in your marketing campaigns. Influencers help to explain to their audiences what your project is about and its benefits. Through their messaging, your project can gain the trust of many potential users.

Opinion leaders perform various tasks, such as the timely release of project updates. Also, these experts develop bespoke pages to expand your sales. Followers trust influencers and make their purchasing decisions based on the opinion leaders’ suggestions.

Besides influencers, successful projects team up with niche authorities to promote nft. So, you need to include these authorities as advisors for your project. Doing so creates trust with your target crowd.

Use popular NFT Launchpads

NFT launchpads are venues where artists, creators, and companies congregate to mint and launch projects. So, you can use them to attract your target audience. Some famous launchpads include NFTlaunch, NFTPad, and GuardianLink.

Launch a public relations campaign

PR campaigns are designed to boost your project’s reputation. A reputable project can quickly gain the trust of the target audience. One of the best PR campaigns entails the use of press releases. Using press releases is the best way to promote NFT. Through the releases, you share educational information that portrays you as a thought leader in the industry.

Once your releases are available in popular publications, you should add the milestone on your website by displaying it under the ‘Featured On’ area. Some of the best publications to put out your press releases include Coindesk, Forbes, and NFT News Today.

Content marketing

Blogging is one of the best techniques for marketing your collectibles. Through content marketing, you can display relevant information about your brand to your target crowd. Depending on the level of their buying journey, you can target your audiences with different content. There’s much to write about, from teaching the audience about your product to guiding them to buy it.

The content you create must be actionable, in-depth, and engaging. Including CTAs within your blog is advisable to allow users to take specific actions.

Provide an NFT roadmap

An NFT roadmap highlights the vital milestones you want to reach at specific times. For example, you can state when you want to list your NFT in marketplaces. An experienced NFT promotion service can help you to create a solid roadmap for your project. Once your roadmap is ready, it’s critical to share it with your target audience.

Entice your audience with giveaways/bounties/airdrops

The NFT market is facing stiff competition. So, it can be challenging to launch a campaign bereft of freebies. Airdrops, bounties, and giveaways are critical aspects of your NFT promotion. You can offer this freebie once someone accomplishes simple tasks like retweeting, commenting, and liking your tweet. The strategy encourages people to promote nft on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

List your offerings in the correct marketplaces.

A simple way to promote nft is to list it on various marketplaces. Multiple marketplaces exist where to list your NFTs, such as Taco Bell, Rarible, and SuperRare. Each marketplace has multiple features that distinguish it from the rest. So, you must choose the one that meets your project’s needs.

Promote NFT on Instagram

Instagram is a social media for sharing images and virtual artwork. So, it’s the best platform for NFT promotion. Famous NFT projects use Instagram to create buzz around their brands. You only require appropriate hashtags to start sharing your images on Instagram.


Once you develop your non-fungible tokens, NFT promotion kicks in. But promoting your art pieces is a challenging task that requires the help of professionals. Here, we’ve dived deep into marketing tactics professionals use to promote your NFT project.