Sell NFT Art: 7 perfect platforms where professional artists sell their digital art

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Are you wondering how to Sell NFT art and start earning from it? If such is the case, you’re in the correct place. Since 2021, NFTs have become trendy, and sales volumes keep increasing. The industry’s future looks bright as artists keep discovering new use cases of NFT art. For example, NFTs can be used in gaming, real estate, and ticketing. However, the elephant in the room is that many artists lack the skills to create and sell art as NFT. For such artists, the best alternative is to hire an experienced professional to help them.

 But still, you can dip your toes into the water and try to do it yourself (DIY). If you want to DIY, you must equip yourself with information on how to sell NFT art after creating it. Here we explore the primary marketplaces to Sell NFT art.

How to create and Sell NFT art

Before you think of how to sell NFT art, you must create it first. So, before we dive deep into where to sell NFT art, we should explore the main steps of creating digital collections. Here are the critical stages of creating your NFT art:

Identify the item to sell art as NFT

The first step is identifying the product you want to turn into NFT art. If you’ve past art pieces, you can mint them in the blockchain environment. For example, you can sell your art nft as memes, videos, and recipes. Many platforms accept different file formats, such as GIF, TXT, and PNG.

Develop a wallet

NFTs exist in the blockchain environment. So, it would help if you had a crypto wallet to facilitate the creation, sharing, and receiving of the tokens. Once you create a wallet, you must purchase some tokens to meet the cost of your transactions. 

Most non-fungible tokens are developed on Ethereum, meaning that your wallet must accept Eth. If you’re a beginner, using the Metamask wallet extension is advisable.

Fund your storage app

Now that you have a wallet, the next step is to fund it with some tokens. If your chosen wallet is Metamask, you should load it with Eth to enable you to create and Sell NFT art. However, you can only Sell NFT art from a specific marketplace.

Identify an appropriate NFT marketplace.

Once your wallet is ready, you should look for the right NFT marketplace where to sell your art as NFT. There are multiple marketplaces available for artists. However, you need to know the features of different platforms and pick one that meets your needs.

Market your NFTs

After identifying the right NFT marketplace, you must commence your marketing campaigns. Marketplaces like OpenSea require you to show social proof before listing your NFTs. So, you must indicate various social media accounts you’ve and operate.

What is the best place to sell nft art?

You may find yourself grappling with this question:  ‘where can I sell my art as NFT?’ When it comes to places to Sell NFT art, you’ve many choices. However, some marketplaces might be complex for beginners. So, you need to explore the various features of different marketplaces before identifying the best site to sell nft art. If you want to sell nfts online, here are the popular platforms to consider:


If you type the keyword ‘where to sell my art as nft,’ OPenSea is likely at the top of your search engine results page (SERP). For a beginner looking for places to sell nfts online, OpenSea must feature in their priority. Here are the categories available on OpenSea:

  • Collectibles: this is a popular category among many investors. Some famous and high-priced NFTs under this class include Fang Gang, Plasma Bears, and Bored Apes Yacht Club.
  • NFT art: the platform has a solid community interested in NFT art. Online artists can allow their artistry to flow and introduce their collection via these marketplaces.
  • Music: creators can develop their music clips and files and launch them in Opensea. The niche attracts big names, such as White Stripes and Calvin Harris.
  • Gaming: OpenSea has emerged as one of the best site to sell nft art with utility. Game creators can sell their in-game items through this platform.


The Rarible platform is available for different NFTs. You can only succeed in the venue when you’ve got a badge. Also, the artists on this marketplace must have various accounts on social media platforms with massive active followers.


Do you have unique digital collections? If yes, SuperRare is the best place to sell nft art with that feature. The platform specializes in marketing unique, single-edition NFTs. You can list your collections under various categories, such as 3D, painting, and surrealism. Artists on this platform get 85% of their total sales per item. They’re also eligible for a 10% royalty commission when sellers resell their products.


The platform is an invite-only marketplace designed for collectors and artists. It was established in 2021 and has become popular among the NFT communities. Famous auctions through Foundation include Edward Snowden’s NFT and Nyan Cat. As an NFT creator, you must receive an invitation code to create NFTs on the platform.


AtomicMarket is a shared NFT digital contract that many platforms use. The marketplace is available for all artists.


The marketplace displays unique digital artworks. You can Sell NFT art here so long as it’s verifiably unique. Unlike other marketplaces like OpenSea, which feature various categories of NFTs, KnownOrigin is only available for digital art. Furthermore, the platform is supported by the Ethereum blockchain, a widespread network.

Enjin Marketplace

The Enjin marketplace allows game-based NFTs. With its wallet, you can easily list your gaming products and other collections. Some influential projects on the platform include Age of Rust and the Six Dragons.


You can sell your art as nft by following various steps. Creators should identify their favorite artworks to turn into NFTs. Once you’ve your art, you should develop a wallet and identify the right marketplace for NFT creation. You should then mint your artwork file into NFT and introduce it into the blockchain environment. Some popular marketplaces to sell your NFT include OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare.