Pre sale Crypto: 8 powerful tips and tricks for conducting a successful ICO presale

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A Pre sale crypto is an ICO round that follows a private sale token round. The pre sale ICO targets friends and close relatives of founders, investment companies, and more prominent investors. Also, the token sales at the presale stage target participants who missed buying during the private sale token round. Here, we share tips and tricks for conducting a successful presale token.

What is a Pre sale crypto?

A Pre sale crypto takes place when a project offers tokens to specific investors when the business is still under development. A presale token event happens before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Here are the main benefits of a Pre sale crypto for developers and investors:

  • Provision of development funds: Pre sale ico offers funds to help complete the project’s development.
  • Help in marketing: presales help developers popularize their tokens for sale to target audiences.
  • Creation of buzz: developers conduct a Pre sale crypto to create hype around their project ahead of the ICO. Usually, the developers hope to see their token prices increase before the token goes public.

A presale token has the following benefits for investors:

  • Getting the assets at affordable rates
  • Enjoy various perks, such as free membership and free access.
  • Enjoy profits by selling the tokens at higher prices once the business is launched.

Understanding a private sale round

The private sale token is the initial round of an ICO, which happens when founders have put together the necessary documentation and information, such as whitepaper.

Project owners start this stage by looking for potential investors whose tastes may fit their project. The crypto private sales are open to large investors, such as investment funds and venture capital (VC) investors.

Marketing of crypto private sales is in person; the project owners and top managers meet the investors and share the information needed.

Tactics for token sales

Founders can use multiple tactics to pre sale ICO and conduct their public ICO sale. If you have tokens for sale, here are the primary strategies to use:

Create a professional website

A great website is fundamental to your ICO sale plan as it creates an impression on your target crowds. So, the website you make should be attractive, easy to navigate, and well-optimized for visibility. An experienced web designer can help you plan the layout. Remember, a poorly designed website, which is challenging to navigate, can drive away your potential investors. When the website is ready, ensure that you post informative content about your Pre sale crypto and ICO.

Participate in relevant events

One way of popularizing your Pre sale crypto is participating in key events, such as conferences and trade shows. You need to find the available events and register to attend. These events offer you an opportunity to create awareness about your presale token. Furthermore, the events are critical for your PR strategies.

Create your community

Everything in crypto revolves around a community. A committed, steadfast, and engaged community will help promote your Pre sale crypto. To build a community, you can use various tactics, such as airdrops and giveaways.

Once you have a community, it’s essential to educate it about the importance of your tokens. To engage your group, you can use various strategies, like AMAs, Q&A sessions, and a simple contest.

Public Relations (PR)

Public relations tactics help you establish yourself as a credible and thought leader in your industry. So, you need to ensure that you get featured in premier publications. Also, it would help if you understood how to pitch local journalists to cover you in their stories. Furthermore, it would help if you had project owners featured on podcasts and participating in conversations on YouTube.

Select appropriate technologies

Investors look for projects that use appropriate technologies. So, before participating in token sales, investors will assess your underlying technologies. Some primary technologies that users evaluate include distributed ledger, digital agreements, and the technology for your tokens.

  • Blockchain: While some businesses create their own distributed ledger and use it to operate their ico sale, others use an existing platform, like Ethereum. Unless you’re making a unique token, it’s advisable to use established networks.
  • Digital agreements: a digital contract is the bedrock of your Pre sale crypto. Its function is to manage incoming coin purchases and allows coin holders to trade their tokens. So, at the Pre sale crypto, you should audit your agreement to ensure it is secure and functional.
  • Tokens: these are code-based assets with various features. It would help determine whether you require utility, investment, or participation-backed tokens.

Create a roadmap

Investors will evaluate your project’s roadmap to determine whether the token has value in the long run. Through the roadmap, investors will understand why you’re raising funds and the vision of your project.

Understand the legal implications

Different regulators from many parts of the world are interested in controlling the crypto ecosystem. So, before developing your ICO, you need to ensure that you’re legally safe. So, you need to understand laws that are likely to affect your project and how to navigate them. Many investors might want to understand whether your project is compliant with specific pieces of legislation.

The laws applicable to your Initial Coin Offering differ from one country to another. For instance, tokens traded in the US will be subject to SEC laws. The Howey Test can be applied to establish how the SEC will classify your tokens in that country.

Create a team

Before participating in your Pre sale crypto, investors will want to understand the team behind the project. So, it would help if you had a solid team to succeed in your token sales. Remember, the group behind your project is a reliable indicator determining whether your crowdfunding will succeed.


A Pre sale crypto targets specific individuals and institutions that can fund your project’s development. Projects that raise funds through this technique use various strategies to attract investors. Here, we’ve explored some tactics to use. From website creation and whitepaper development to the formation of a team, multiple strategies contribute to your project’s success.