TokenMinds – Rob Eijgenraam Interview for Block.Clip

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My name is Rob and I am from AICO (Now TokenMinds) agency we offer marketing services for blockchain companies so that means community management, bounty campaigns, content , anything that helps them grow their following and get traction in the market, and besides that we have our own investor community where we share content with investors at different projects and kind of share different investment opportunities with them. So right now an STO requires a little bit more of legal work, so it’s a little bit more complicated to set it up and to have the right framework for it so that’s why there are a little bit more costing improve there. Amsterdam and in Shanghai. We’re completely global, our clients are from anywhere from Europe, Asia, US, UK, even Africa Because we have a partnership out there that provides the services, and right now we feel like it’s one of the most frictionless set up structure that we can offer. Yeah so we’re business now for almost two years we’ve helped more than two thousand different projects help raise over 17 million dollars so far. So I would say it’s slightly different for ICOs usually would target more of the crypto investor audience so people that already have Ethreum already are you know know about ICOs, for STOs we’re breaking up a whole new market of traditional investors but they don’t really know so much about this new vehicle for the STO vehicles, so we have to explain it to them, we have to market it a little bit differently to them, but it’s going to be very exciting for upcoming months going forward. No, we have set up a little group of industry experts where we actually vet every project coming in, so we have a pretty rigorous process of different requirements they have to meet of course different information they have to show us and if the majority of our advisor agrees that this is a good project to you know to show to our investors and to work with and they’re eligible to be supported by us I think the main difference is that we partly are community-driven as well, so obviously we have investors connected to us that trust us to make the right decisions. It also means that projects that work with us already have an existing base to get traction from, in terms of community. And obviously we have our expertise all over the world with different people from community to content to events or whatever is needed ur plan is mainly to just listen to our clients to see what they want to work with the best people obviously, work with the most talented teams, find the best investing opportunities for investor relationships and mainly just go to flow and see where we end up.

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