Dapps Adoption: Foolproof ways Ebakus overcomes the challenges facing uptake levels


Dapps are one of the highest potential Blockchain features, we believe here at TokenMinds, but the ecosystem is not quite up to steam yet.

Dapps: What are they?

First a quick explanation of what Dapps, decentralized applications are. They are apps, such as Facebook, Gmail, Airbnb, but instead of centralized servers, they use the distributed blockchain to process their scripts and store data. The difference of this is that instead of a single company owning the app, everyone with a node on the network is an administrator. This allows for the development of more transparent peer to peer decentralized networks. It is also hugely applicable in gaming due to the possibility of building gaming platforms on the decentralized network. This could help to provide infinite longevity as well as providing a transparent mechanism to spot and handle a player’s conduct.

However, there are certain challenges to make this all work. For one, the current Dapp enabling blockchains, such as Ethereum, are too slow for most games to operate. Also, the from the usability side, for example, plugins are needed for a user to engage with an Ethereum Dapp. Users must also pay a fee in order to interact with the platform. This also means that the user first has to top up their wallet in order to use a Dapp. Thus, a new user will find it too frustratinng to use the application.

Improving Dapps Usability

That’s all about to change with the Ebakus project. Not only will they have superior transaction speeds, but they also tackle the usability issue. To use a Dapp hosted on the Ebakus blockchain, a user won’t need to install any browser plugin. Users also do not need to have any token balance in the Ebakus wallet. This means that users can start playing the game or using the app right away, without any thresholds. This is KEY to the success of the Dapp space.

Judging from the team’s background and their go to market strategy it seems like Ebakus is the project to take Dapps to the next level, and ultimately spearhead mass adoption.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on them so more info soon to follow. Don’t miss out and subscribe here http://bit.ly/mailinglst.


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