MMAON blockchain Case Study: 5 powerful strategies that Tokenminds used to market the project

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TokenMinds Client MMAON

The TokenMinds client MMAON is the top performer on Probit Launchpad, where it raised a seven-figure total amount throughout its token sale.

What is MMAON

MMAON is a digital, as well as a fan-centric blockchain platform that rewards the passion a lot of people share in regard to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Since MMA is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, with over 500 million fans out there that enjoy watching on the regular, MMAON is essentially the biggest as well as most intriguing MMA fans network in the world. In fact, the future of sports is in the digitalization process it, and MMAON is becoming a global hub in regard to MMA.

The vision behind the project is to provide power to the fans, as MMAON aims to digitize the stadium and make combat sports a lot more interactive as well as engaging throughout all of the fans.

MMAON connects fans, fighters, sponsors and organizations, while also empowering stakeholders to make their voice count. MMAON can even expand as a solution across the best MMA organizations, where it can build MMA communities and give them a reason to stay.

The Problem

  • No Community – due to the fact that not a lot of fans actively engage within the sport, they can get lost or even lose interest. The ones that stay, typically only have the chance of expecting the most basic type of entertainment, and this includes the process of buying a ticket and watching the fight either in an arena or through a broadcasting network.
  • No Exposure – throughout the current state and structure of the MMA, fighters need to be “star” level in order for MMA organizations to sell them. Fighters do not really have any opportunity aside from that to build a community surrounding them, outside of the ring. The primary problem for non-U.S.-based MMA organizations isn’t really finding good talent, but exposing their fighters to more fans and sponsors so they get noticed.
  • No Public Sale Solution – there currently isn’t really a way to publicly sell, and this leads to a lot of unnecessary roadblocks and complexities.

The Strategy

  • Content Creation – The MMAON wallet allows users to receive and send MMAON tokens on the MMARKET. You can use them for the creation of content, and for the support of the fighters. Through the creation of content, MMA fighters can produce exclusive content for their fans, as well as voting rights, private charts, training, exclusive membership perks, and other bonuses. This will give the fans a higher incentive to support their favorite MMA fighters.
  • PR – The release and spread of information will be fully managed and as such, the perception will improve, this will lead to a high level of respect and growth for the MMA fighters in question, as there will be public posts surrounding their fights, in their support.
  • Social Media Growth – All of the social media, news as well as scores will be available on a single site, and as such, the fighters in question will have a much higher level of exposure, no matter their level in the ring. This means that they no longer need to be “star” level in order to gain sponsorships and support.
  • Community building – There will be an entire community surrounding this MMA world, which will in turn lead to organic growth.
  • Influencer Promotions & AMA’s  – Throughout the increased activity of the fans, they can achieve influencer scores and gain a lot more power on the platform, which will open them to a higher level of possibilities in regard to engaging with the MMA community. AMA’s will also be conducted with some of their favorite fighters on the platform.

The Results

The end results of these efforts led to a Telegram community of over 10.000 members to begin with, which organically grows as the fan base has already been established. Over 1500% growth in organic traffic in terms of the Instagram profiles. Over 300% growth in organic followers on Twitter, and an increase in website visitors of over 1000%. Engagement grew x15 times, where 1.4 million funds were raised. MMAON has truly become a place where MMA fans can genuinely get the most out of their passion for the industry and sport.


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