Crypto Airdrop: 4 Interesting Airdrop Campaigns Available for Crypto Projects

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A crypto airdrop campaign entails sending free tokens to community members with the object of marketing your new token. You can introduce a blockchain airdrop campaign to incentivize participants to help you in promoting your tokens. In most cases, you award these coins once participants accomplish specific tasks. Participants can perform simple tasks, including retweeting and commenting on a post, signing up for a project’s newsletter, and following a project on social media. Here, we explore the primary forms of an airdrop marketing campaign.

What are the benefits of a Crypto airdrop?

Crypto Airdrop: TokenMinds

Are you wondering why a project can decide to distribute free tokens to its community members? If so, there are various perks a project can reap from this technique. Here are some benefits of a cryptocurrency airdrop to the new project:

  •  A technique for promoting an ICO: a crypto airdrop is effective for spreading the word about your project. Many projects find it expensive to launch an ICO campaign at the initial stages. For such companies, an air drop crypto is cost-effective as it entails using the tokens they already have to market their project. With the campaign, a project can grab the attention of potential investors on various platforms. For example, crypto airdrops on Reddit can attract investors from the venue.
  • Free cash for participants: users are only required to complete simple tasks before they get a Crypto airdrop as a reward. Projects can achieve their marketing goals by rewarding customers for promoting the coin on their behalf. An airdrop blockchain campaign can attract multiple participants because many people like free things.
  • Creation of brand loyalty: A Crypto airdrop is a fantastic technique to build brand loyalty. Through the approach, you can widen your audience reach.
  • Cost-effective: it’s affordable to market your tokens through a blockchain airdrop technique. You only need to use your tokens to attract participants to your projects.
  • Generation of a lead database: marketing aims to generate valuable leads for your project. A Crypto airdrop strategy can help a project find valid leads for its offerings. Projects that require leads ask participants to fill out forms by providing essential information.
  • Creation of hype: A crypto airdrop is a practical technique of buzz generation for your project. Many people will get interested in projects with airdrops, and the network effect will be significant.

Types of Crypto airdrop campaigns

You now know what a cryptocurrency airdrop is and its critical benefits. So, before you launch an airdrop marketing campaign, it’s essential to understand the forms of airdrop promotions. Here are the main kinds of crypto airdrops:

Standard airdrop

A standard air drop crypto marketing distributes a specific amount of tokens into the existing crypto storage apps. It’s an initial campaign to incentivize more individuals to adopt the token. Some of the tasks participants perform at this stage include signing up for a newsletter, opening an account with the project, and providing your crypto wallet address.

Bounty airdrop

A project distributes a bounty airdrop to various users who help to market the token. The promotion can take place on different social media platforms. An example is crypto airdrops on Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

Participants receive the airdrop after performing various tasks, such as retweeting a project post, following the company’s social media account, and distributing a post. Participants can also choose to refer individuals to the program to earn more airdrop blockchain rewards.

Exclusive airdrop

An exclusive airdrop is available for loyal users of a particular crypto project. Sites and aggregators operate the airdrops to reward their diehard users. One distinguishing quality of this kind of airdrop is that it has no preconditions.

Holder airdrop

The holder airdrop refers to people who keep specific amounts of tokens of another digital currency in their storage apps. Typically, a crypto project surveys virtual currency holdings at particular times. It then allows people to claim the reward based on the number of tokens they hold.

For instance, members of an Ethereum community can receive free tokens from a digital currency project developed on the network.

Steps to follow in executing a Crypto airdrop

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Here are the fundamental steps to follow when launching an airdrop campaign:

1. Select a coin-sharing scheme

Planning how to execute an airdrop campaign is a challenging undertaking that requires the input of professionals. You need to determine the kind of actions to reward and the blockchain network to target. Some projects can target multiple users. However, the best strategy is to plan for intelligent drops. In this strategy, a project distributes its tokens to a small group that can support the project’s marketing campaigns.

2. Determine the number of tokens to distribute

This is a critical step you must reflect upon as it helps shape your token structure. Remember, small distributions might lack any effects. On the other hand, large distribution will be counterproductive as massive numbers spoil the market value.

3. Keep a group presence.

Airdrops are practical techniques for building a crypto community. So, it’s vital to ensure that you have a well-engaged community. You can teach members of your community about your project and its value to them. Some platforms to maintain a presence include Telegram, BitcoinTalk, and Reddit.

4. Pick a marketing agency to help you.

Planning and executing an airdrop campaign is a challenging task. If you lack time or experience, it’s advisable to hire a marketing company to help you. Such companies have tools and resources to help you execute a winning strategy.

Final thoughts

A crypto airdrop is an effective approach when popularizing your project. The tactic has multiple benefits for participants and project owners. Projects will find the strategy cost-effective when marketing their tokens. To benefit from this technique, you should understand the various types of airdrops in the market and determine the right one. The primary forms of airdrop campaigns include standard, bounty, holder, and exclusive. Each class is suitable for a specific campaign. For example, a standard airdrop is convenient in encouraging more individuals to adopt your coin.