Cryptocurrency advertising: 10 unique benefits of using crypto advertising networks

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Cryptocurrency advertising helps your business to grab the attention of potential investors. An excellent Cryptocurrency advertising campaign should feature various techniques to maximize your chances of success.

Luckily, the appearance of online advertising has disrupted the marketing game by introducing new forms of marketing. There are now crypto promotion platforms in the blockchain industry that help take your marketing to the next level.

These platforms accept the placement of crypto ads on various websites, which boosts your income. Here, we explore the benefits of cryptocurrency ads networks.

What are Cryptocurrency advertising networks?

Cryptocurrency advertising networks, or simply crypto ads networks, focus on marketing campaigns related to digital currencies on appropriate websites. Website owners accepting cryptocurrency ads can earn extra money through these ads. Multiple Cryptocurrency advertising platforms exist. While some are easily accessible, others have restrictions, making them difficult to join. Here are some crypto ads networks:

  • Coinzilla: coinzilla ads are popular in the Cryptocurrency advertising world. The platforms provide CPM and CPC ads in various forms like standard banners and pop-under flyers. You can only get coinzilla ads if your website has excellent engagement and interaction levels.
  • Bitmedia: it’s a valuable ad network for content creators. You can safely monetize your traffic using this ad network.
  • EZmob: It’s a popular mobile promoting crypto network. The network has high-quality publishers from all over the world. It can also help you in acquiring the right traffic to your site.

Where else can you place crypto ads?

Besides these Cryptocurrency advertising networks, you can also consider other marketing systems, like Google and Twitter. Google ads crypto can reach many people globally. When placing Google ads crypto, you must adhere to the company’s restrictions.

‘As of August 3rd 2021, Google Ads account managers for cryptocurrency wallets will now be able to run PPC ads on the platform in addition to cryptocurrency exchanges. This policy only applies to cryptocurrency wallets based in the US. However, PPC managers can run Google Ads cryptos campaigns in any location across the world.’

Source: OrbitalAds

Furthermore, different social media platforms accept crypto ads. Twitter is one of the best crypto advertising platforms. Like Google, one should follow the stringent rules of Twitter when placing twitter ads cryptocurrency. The good thing about Twitter is that most crypto fans hang out there. So, your Twitter ads cryptocurrency will grab the attention of many people.

Furthermore, multiple crypto advertising platforms exist where you can place Cryptocurrency ads. For example, one can place their ads on CoinMarketCap and Coinswitch.

Your ads coinmarketcap are likely to grab the attention of many people looking for crypto-related information. Many people visit CoinMarketCap to get updates on the latest news in the blockchain market. So, many people will interact with your ads coinmarketcap.

Also, there are various crypto apps where you can place your Cryptocurrency advertising banners. For instance, one can place their coinswitch ad on Coinswitch Kuber. The target audiences for a coinswitch ad are Indian crypto investors visiting the platform.

Benefits of using cryptocurrency ads network

Ads are designed to meet specific objectives. While some are developed to enhance awareness of your business, others expand platform traffic, leading to massive sales.

While new crypto businesses tend to use popular ad platforms like Google, there are niche Cryptocurrency advertising networks you should consider. The niche ad networks can generate desirable advertising outcomes faster by targeting crypto audiences. Here are the key benefits of using cryptocurrency ads networks.

Particular Ad placement on appropriate websites

The crypto industry has produced multiple platforms that serve this field. These platforms cater to diverse audiences from all over the world. So, using a niche ad network allows your ad to be placed on appropriate sites within the blockchain field. This allows you to reach your target crowd.

Assurance that all your ads will be accepted

Lately, multiple social media platforms have created stringent laws to follow when placing crypto ads on their network. Some have even banned crypto ads. So, Cryptocurrency advertising networks overcome these challenges by approving crypto ads without imposing any conditions.

Free banner designing services   

The cryptocurrency ads networks offer free banner designing services. Once you choose an advertising package, you will benefit from a flyer designed by a professional. This saves you the cost of paying intermediaries for this service.

Quality audience

Your ads will attract qualitative crowds since they will be posted on top-notch websites. This means that you’ll receive valuable traffic who might invest in your digital currencies.

High-quality customer experience

Cryptocurrency advertising offers high-quality customer services and client interface experience. So, users can determine where to post their banners and introduce any edits to the ad.

Customer support

A critical element that marketing websites give minimal attention to is customer support. Crypto advertising platforms have committed live support that helps companies when organizing to launch their advertising campaigns. The niche ad networks have a 24/7 team that handles any issues customers may encounter.

Many advertising choices

Your account administrator will offer you multiple promotion alternatives like press releases and native flyers when working with crypto ad networks. An excellent press release can create good PR and encourage customers to visit your website.

Payment mode

Crypto ads networks approve BTC, Eth, or other cryptocurrencies as compensation for their solutions. By supporting cryptos, clients ensure that their settlements are safe and confidential.

High conversion levels

Crypto ads networks post your commercials on the top and appropriate sites in the field. The approach boosts your conversion rates.

As niched crypto ad networks post your banners on the right platforms, you’re likely to get a higher clickthrough rate (CTR). And this means increased conversion rates.


Most crypto owners would prefer ad platforms that are effective and economical. So, niched crypto ad networks are efficient and cost-effective compared to general ad platforms.

In the long run, working with a Cryptocurrency advertising network for your ad campaigns is cheaper than the solutions of a big advertising website. Your campaigns will encounter positive results quickly.

Final Thoughts

Conducting a successful crypto ads campaign requires one to choose their platforms strategically. While general ad platforms can deliver some traffic to your project, successful brands give niched networks a priority. There are multiple perks that you enjoy if you choose such platforms. Here, we’ve explored some benefits like high conversion rates, being affordable, and providing clients with many choices.