Cryptocurrency marketing agency: 5 Unfailing Tips and tricks for choosing the right promotion agency in 2022 and beyond

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Once your crypto killer project is ready, the next move is to look for the best Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency. At this point, you might be toying with the thought of putting together an in-house promotion team or choosing a cryptocurrency marketing agency. Although both options are good, hiring a cryptocurrency marketing agency is more time-saving and affordable than creating an in-house team.

The gorilla in the room is that hiring a cryptocurrency marketing agency is formidable. You can only make the right choice if you equip yourself with knowledge. And that’s why you need to follow this piece for the best tips and tricks for picking the right crypto marketing agency.

Why do you need a cryptocurrency marketing agency?

Regulations in the crypto industry and other online spaces keep changing. Marketing in an ever-changing environment is a complex undertaking that requires professionals with experience. Remember, online behemoths like Facebook and Google have tight guidelines when it comes to blockchain marketing. Here are the critical reasons that justify the hiring of an experienced crypto marketing company:

  • The emergence of multiple marketing channels: Many social media platforms like Reddit, telegram promotion service, and Discord engage in crowdsale promotions. It can be hard to attract crowds to your offerings with the cut-throat competition. So, you need to approach the market with the right crypto marketing strategy. For example, you need to create a community and focus on crypto content marketing. A professional offering crypto marketing services can help you articulate a crypto marketing strategy.
  • Numerous coins: The number of coins at exchanges increases and almost exceeds 1000. So, it can be challenging for investors to note your offerings if you don’t engage a Cryptocurrency marketing agency.
  • Crypto marketing requires unique skills: Promoting crypto projects is different from the traditional forms of marketing. An experienced Cryptocurrency marketing agency understands how to create hype around a crypto project. And this generates demand and value for your offerings.
  • Attracting investors: a crypto marketing agency uses various tactics to popularize your project to potential investors. Besides crypto content marketing, the marketer can use press releases, influencers, crypto SEO, and other forms of marketing to promote your project.

Tips for choosing a crypto marketing company

More than 10,000 digital currencies are in the market, competing for clients’ attention. Statistics indicate that the crypto market was $1.49 million in 2020. It’s anticipated that the market will reach $4.94 billion by 2030. So, to put your project right before investors, you’ll require compelling crypto marketing services from a strong team. The team should understand ‘what is crypto marketing’ and how to conduct it. Here are the tips and tricks for finding the best cryptocurrency marketing agency:

Check reviews of previous customers.

Evaluating the reviews of the marketing agency’s present and previous clients helps you understand the company’s quality of services. Furthermore, you’ll know whether the company has the skills and experience to offer the best crypto marketing services through this approach.

“The best company has a track record of completing various marketing campaigns for different customers. Occasionally, some companies can make up facts and figures about past tasks. So, it’s an excellent move to request contacts of previous clients, call them and get their views about the agency.”

Furthermore, besides elaborate speeches and accurately generated reports, promotion results should be pegged on quantifiable information. For instance, if you’re determining the social media expansion of a blockchain project, you might want to understand the number of followers the project gained in a specific period.

Understand the team’s dynamics

The size of a cryptocurrency marketing agency determines the amount of work it can handle. Suppose you pick a lean team for your expansive project. In that case, you might anticipate the agency contracting out some or all the services.

There’s nothing wrong with a cryptocurrency marketing agency subcontracting some promotion tasks to other agencies. However, it’s essential to understand particular services your chosen agency offers and the ones it contracts out.

Also, it’s critical to be aware of the experience of each team member working on your project. Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn can offer you some insights about each expert.

 Check whether its rates align with your budget.

This is pretty simple as the whole marketing program relies on your willingness to commit. It’s essential to check the prices of each cryptocurrency marketing agency you’re evaluating.

You can get a clear image of its prices if you check its website. However, if its rates are pegged on customized services, you can contact the company for a quote.

Solutions provided

It’s essential to check the kinds of services the cryptocurrency marketing agency offers. This enables you to pick different services based on your stage in the marketing funnel. For example, suppose you’re at the stage of brand awareness. In that case, you may want to choose social media or influencer marketing services.

Check the company’s communication.

What is crypto marketing without updates on work progress? Communication should be a compelling element of any marketing agency.

The most straightforward technique for understanding the company’s communication attributes is to schedule a meeting with them. During that meeting, evaluate whether the company’s representatives listen to you or just praise themselves.

A professional crypto marketing company will actively listen to your problems, pose relevant questions, and seek to understand your target audience. This helps the firm to create a customized crypto marketing strategy that meets your needs.

Once you hire the marketing agency, you might want regular updates on the progress of your project. And this is how communication comes in handy.

When the company is offering social media promotion services, such as telegram promotion service, you may want to understand the campaign’s outcomes. The feedback helps you make informed decisions about the campaign.


Crypto marketing is the next step to follow once you create your project. Blockchain promotion is different from traditional marketing and requires specific skills to get around. Thus, it’s advisable to hire a cryptocurrency marketing agency to help you. Here, we’ve explored the best tips and tricks for hiring a Cryptocurrency marketing agency.


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