8 Unfailing Cryptocurrency Marketing Techniques for Pros

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Cryptocurrency marketing services are a critical part of your business strategy. They help popularize your project to the target audience. These days, there are multiple projects in the market competing for the attention of a few investors. Furthermore, investors have become more informed than when the industry started. So, attracting choosy investors can be an upper hill task if you lack a compelling crypto marketing strategy. Suppose you lack time or knowledge about digital currency marketing. In that case, you can hire a cryptocurrency marketing company to help you. An experienced cryptocurrency digital marketing professional uses various strategies to popularize your project. Here, we explore key strategies that a Cryptocurrency marketing agency uses to attract clients to your project.

What is a cryptocurrency marketing strategy?

A cryptocurrency marketing strategy is a plan that you use to promote your project. When marketing for cryptocurrency, a professional marketer uses the approach to spread the word around. Here are the main tactics of a cryptocurrency marketing plan:

Create and maintain a reputation

A brand with a good reputation is likely to attract investors. You can create and nurture a reputation through multiple tactics, such as sharing informative content and participating in crypto forums.

Once you’ve created a reputation for your brand, it’s essential to maintain it among your community. However, in the course of marketing your brand, you may encounter negative views that may injure your reputation. At that point, you need to mitigate the opposing views and project your brand as an authority in the market.


An effective technique of marketing cryptocurrency is the use of podcasts. These days, videos have become a critical ingredient of any cryptocurrency digital marketing tactic. This strategy can deliver informative information about your project to a global audience. Your initial podcast sessions should provide basic information about your project and why it’s crucial. Subsequent sessions should handle more complex topics about your project because the assumption is that you’re speaking to an informed group.

Event announcements

Part of your cryptocurrency multi level marketing is to inform your audiences about the progress of your project. So, you should continually update your community about significant events of your offerings. You can accomplish this through press releases and crypto calendars. If you fail to update your community, they might focus on other coins in the market. Savvy investors use valuable technologies, like calendars, to know the upcoming events.


Although Cryptocurrency marketing is online-based, you can also complement your efforts via face-to-face communication. So, attending crypto summits should feature your cryptocurrency multi level marketing strategy. If you participate in such conferences, you should share your views or moderate a discussion. Alternatively, your brand can sponsor such events.

Community creation and management

One of the attributes that distinguish Cryptocurrency marketing from other forms of promotion is that it’s community-based. So, when launching your project, one of the priorities is to create and manage your community. Your community comprises individuals who believe in your project. A community is critical because it’s the avenue to pass your announcements.

You can attract people to your community via multiple methods, such as crypto airdrops and bounty campaigns. Once your community is ready, it’s essential to maintain it. Here are some tactics you can use to support your community:

  •  Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions
  •  Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions
  • Simple competitions

Creating and maintaining a community is difficult for many crypto project owners. Luckily, you hire a digital currency marketing team to help you. Such a team understands the key tactics to use in developing and retaining a community for your project.

Use social networking sites.

Most crypto investors have accounts with various social media platforms. When articulating your strategy, you need to identify multiple social media channels for marketing. For Cryptocurrency marketing, the popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, LinkedIn, etc.

Many social media platforms have rules that you must observe when posting crypto ads. So, it would help if you abide by such practices to avoid being banned by a specific platform. You can also navigate safely through such regulations by hiring a Cryptocurrency marketing agency.

Remember, different social media platforms have various messaging features. This means that you should create messages that rhyme with such features. For example, Twitter accepts short newsworthy messages. So, when you want to share a long post, Twitter is not the right option. You can post long messages on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Use referral and affiliate programs.

Most people trust products that their friends recommend to them. A referral program helps to incentivize individuals to refer many individuals to your project. You reward the promoter to keep sending referrals to your products. At the same time, you can reward the referrals for choosing your product.

Besides referrals tactics, marketers can also use affiliate marketing cryptocurrency programs. With these programs, you can receive more traffic to your website as affiliates have a solid client base. So, when designing your website, it’s essential to have an affiliate marketing cryptocurrency program.

Use of airdrops

An airdrop is a procedure of distributing coins to the wallets of some users free of charge. Airdrops aim to incentivize participants to market the product to many people. Here are some reasons for using airdrops:

  • Creation of buzz: an airdrop can create hype around your project. With the buzz, the project can catch the attention of many people.
  • Reward dedicated clients: You can use this strategy to reward loyal clients who have stood with you for a long time.
  • To generate leads: An effective airdrop strategy can help to create valuable leads for your project. A project can give participants some tasks to perform before receiving their airdrops. For example, you might ask the participants to comment, like, and retweet your post on Twitter. Once participants accomplish their task, you release their airdrops.


Once you create a crypto project, the next move is to popularize it to the right audience. With so many projects in the crypto market, your project might go unnoticed if you lack a cryptocurrency marketing strategy. There are many strategies you can apply to market your offerings. Here we’ve shared captured the critical aspects of a Cryptocurrency marketing plan.