Crypto Agency: Everything You Need to Know When Working With a Crypto Agency in 2023

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If you have a crypto project, you might require the services of a crypto agency. The cryptocurrency agency helps you to promote your project to your target audience. Currently, the market is awash with multiple agencies. However, it’s only a few that can deliver the best services.

If you’re a beginner, you might find it challenging to identify the right Crypto agency for your project. Remember, crypto marketing requires a substantial amount of money. So, you need to pick a cryptocurrency marketing agency that’s real value for your money. Here, we explore the attributes to consider when hiring a Crypto agency.

Why do you need a Crypto agency?

Crypto marketing is a challenging area because rules keep changing. The industry lacks a one-size-fits-all approach and requires top crypto marketing agencies.       Thus, the Crypto agency you want to hire must have vast experience. Also, it should use the latest tools and technologies to deliver high-quality services. Here are the reasons why you require a blockchain marketing company:

  • Understanding of the market:  the best crypto marketing agencies understand the crypto market. They know the best promotion strategies to apply for each project. So, you leverage their experience in marketing your brand.
  • Market research: a crypto advertising agency has skills in market research. So, it can discover the content needs of your target audience and craft messages that meet them.
  • Ability to operate multichannel campaigns: the Crypto agency has an experienced team that can run campaigns on various platforms.
  • Consultancy services: the Crypto agency can advise you on how you can fine-tune your value propositions to attract more customers.
  • Stiff competition: the number of coins in the market keeps going up. So, without a well-thought marketing strategy, your offerings might not catch the attention of investors.

What attributes do you consider when picking a cryptocurrency agency?

If you have a killer digital currency project, the next step is to promote it to your target audience. So, you need to pick the right crypto marketing company to help you. Here are the attributes you should consider when hiring a Crypto agency:

Check the team’s portfolio

The best technique for discovering the experience of a marketing agency is to check its portfolio. The best crypto marketing agencies have a track record of completing multiple projects in the past. Some cunning agencies might display bogus portfolios to woo unsuspecting clients. So, it’s a brilliant idea to request the agency for contacts of the past customers. By contacting the agency’s past clients, you can gain insights into the marketer’s quality of service.

Check the size of the team size and its dynamics.

You require a bigger team with considerable marketing skills if you have a massive project. On the other hand, if you hire a small group for a huge undertaking, you should expect such a company to subcontract some of its services.

So, you need to understand the services the team is willing to outsource and those the chosen Crypto agency will deliver. Learning about the services that the team wants to subcontract is also critical.

You should also ensure that you understand the experience of the team members handling your project. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn can help you know an individual’s professional background. You can evaluate whether a team member is qualified to work on your project via these sites.

Also, you might want to go through the team’s case studies to understand its promotional abilities. While reading the case study, understand the issues that the project had and how the team solved them.

Editorial Team

Pricing and budget

Before picking a cryptocurrency marketing agency, it’s critical to check its rate. The company you choose should fall within your budget. But you should avoid sacrificing quality by picking low-priced services. Remember, a blockchain marketing company that offers its services at low prices may lack experienced personnel to provide excellent solutions. Also, such agencies may apply outdated technologies.

Evaluate the technology the Crypto agency uses

Top crypto marketing agencies employ the latest technologies to deliver their services. So, you need to hire an agency that uses modern tools to boost the success of your campaign.

While the campaign is in progress, specific technologies offer insights into a marketing strategy’s performance. This helps you to understand whether to change the tactic or focus more on it.

Marketing methods

There are multiple promotional methods, such as email marketing, SEO, and content marketing. Because you might not require each technique, choosing a crypto marketing company that offers the one you need is essential. For example, suppose you’re at the stage of awareness. In that case, hiring a social media promotion company or a crypto influencer agency is advisable. Also, you should check the brands that a crypto influencer agency has collaborated with in the past.

Check the company’s reputation.

There are multiple crypto promotion companies out there. However, a few of them can offer reliable services. So, you need to check the company’s reputation by finding out what the previous customers say about the agency. A company with a good name enjoys raving reviews from past customers.

Check the company’s communication.

Communication is a critical aspect of an experienced crypto agency. You need to schedule a meeting with the team to evaluate its communication abilities. The best crypto marketing agencies take the time to listen to your needs. Also, such a team asks the right questions to learn more about your target crowds and build a bespoke promotion tactic.

On the other hand, if the agency lacks active listening skills and doesn’t engage you meaningfully, you should give it a wide berth. That indicates that the crypto advertising agency might not take your concerns seriously once the campaign is in progress.

Types of Crypto Agency

Crypto PR Agency

In the world of business, there are many factors that could create a bad image to an established or growing crypto startup. Whether it may be the current market conditions, news going on not just in the crypto space but across the world or even a human error within the business could make an impact to a blockchain startup. Therefore having a good partnership with the best crypto PR agency can help maintain the reputation of the startup.

There are four aspects that a startup needs to take into consideration in choosing the best crypto PR agency for their business. These four aspects are: The budget allocation for crypto marketing, the capability of the crypto PR firms, having a definite scheduled crowdsourcing, and the concise narrative of its target audience.

With these four aspects, a startup can properly select the appropriate crypto PR firm that could assist them in creating a better crypto marketing strategy and maintain its good reputation.

Web3 Marketing Agency

A web 3 marketing agency supports a business in promoting products and services in the metaverse. Web 3 marketing is different from conventional marketing because it’s focused on delivering high-quality user experiences.

Furthermore, the technique empowers users and allows them to market content that they deem valuable. So, creating a community is a vital component of a web 3 marketing strategy.

A web 3 marketing company provides various services, such as PR, influencer, SEO, and blog management services. Furthermore, an experienced agency provides web 3 consultation services and helps brands to create a metaverse strategy.

Influencer marketing is a vital promotion strategy for a startup. Influencers in Web 3 popularize projects in their audiences.

SEO and blog management services are vital PR strategies that boost the visibility of your project and portray your brand as a thought leader.

Finally, a company offering web 3 consultation services helps projects to understand the strategy to use in marketing their products in the virtual world. In summary, it’s vital to choose a full-service marketing agency that provides comprehensive services.


If you have a crypto project, you must market it to your target audience. Marketing is a challenging undertaking that requires the services of an experienced Crypto agency. Here, we’ve explored the attributes you need to consider when choosing a crypto marketing company.