How Smart Contracts benefit your business: 5 compelling Use Cases

Smart Contracts

A contract is a binding agreement between two or more parties. As per law, a contract is enforceable. Contracts came into being during the ancient Roman period. They have been in existence from that time. Preparing these documents is a mind boggling affair that requires time and money. Also, you need professionals, like lawyers and consultants, to help you.

Besides wasting time, these thied parties need high fees. And this injures the financial wellbeing of a business, especially startups. Thanks to smart contracts, the industry is set for a great disruption. This will shift the management of standard contracts. Ready to reap the benefits of this concept? If yes, choose an experienced, smart contract developer like TokenMinds. Smart contracts have many benefits that we’ve elaborated on here.

What is a Smart Contract?

A definition suffices before exploring the various benefits of smart contracts. Smart contracts are self executing contracts with the terms of the agreement. The agreement between different parties resides in lines of a code. Smart contracts exist as decentralized blockchain technology. The code regulates the execution, and settlements are irreversible.

‘And this last quality gives smart contracts a host of significant advantages. Smart contracts are trustless, autonomous, and self sufficient.’

Source: Bloomberg

Are you wondering how to use smart contracts? Smart contracts are a quick way of trading property, shares, and money. You can also trade other valuable things through them. In the beginning, these virtual agreements were for helping BTC. But, developers discovered that virtual agreements could be applicable in other fields. For example,Smart Contracts Financial Services, claims, and deeds of ownership. The emergence of these agreements is here to disrupt the entire record keeping system.

Properties of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts have specific characteristics that distinguish them from other forms of agreements. These include:

  • Autonomy: Once setting the smart contract in motion, the deal originator moves out of the process.
  • Decentralized: These virtual accords run in blockchain technologies. That means that they stop being in a centralized server.
  • Auto sufficiency: auto-sufficiency implies that auto contracts can collect cash and enable settlements. Through this principle, they disperse resources and can store massive data.
  • Tamper Proof: It’s impossible to alter the terms and conditions of a smart contract. This feature minimizes the possibility of manipulation.
  • Self Verification: these agreements manage themselves and verify whether the concerned parties are compliant. If there is a flout, the smart contract penalizes the wrong party.

Critical Use Sases

Here are some industries that will enjoy virtual agreements:

  1. Records: Record-keeping is set to benefit a lot from smart contract technology. In the medical field, computers carry massive amounts of patient records. Healthcare facilities have invested vast amounts of money in these computers. But they’re vulnerable. A viable solution is to use more secure Smart Contracts. Besides using encryption technology, these virtual contracts use private keys. This makes them difficult to hack.
  2. Mortgage: The mortgage industry has massive paperwork. The cost of enforcing contracts in the industry is high. Virtual agreements will make the process of owning property cheaper and more prompt.
  3. Insurance: Processing claims is a tedious and cumbersome affair. Also, each year the insurance field spends massive sums of money on paying fictitious claims. The coming of smart contracts will overcome most of the challenges in the claims sectors. A smart contractor developer can create a virtual agreement that can check errors. The auto agreement can also determine the right amount to pay as per the policy.
  4. Supply chain: Smart contracts blockchain supply chain can reduce the series of middlemen. They also quick delivery and cut consumer costs. Furthermore, it cuts down the possibility of theft. This is because all parties can access the system that regulates all the procedures. Through smart contracts blockchain supply chain, parties conduct business faster with zero errors.
  5. Property ownership: Virtual agreement offers a quick solution when recording property ownership. These virtual agreements are also more cost effective than the existing systems.

Benefits of using Smart Contracts

Smart contracts financial services have many benefits over the standard agreements. Here are some key advantages of using these virtual agreements:

1. Accuracy and speed

Smart contracts capture all the details of an agreement without any omission. If you write these details by hand, the chances of omitting some information are high. The omission results in transaction errors. So, automated agreements avoid these errors to execute an accurate accord.

Once parties meet the conditions, the agreement is set in motion straight away. The agreements are digital and lack paperwork tasks that waste time.

2. Transparency and trust

The T&Cs of these agreements are accessible to all the concerned parties. They’re transparent, secure, and autonomous. These attributes make them errorless and unbiased. So, after their execution, the possibility of disputes is zero.

The execution of the digital agreements doesn’t need any third parties. So, nobody can question the original version of the agreement.

3. Security

Automated agreements use data encryption techniques that make them tamper proof. Furthermore, it’s hard to change these contracts without interfering with previous records. Remember, these records are in the blockchain ecosystem. So, it would help if you altered the entire chain to effect a single change. Smart Contracts are secure and suitable for government and financial institutions. These entities hold sensitive records. So, it’s critical to explain your security expectations to a smart contract developer.

4. Savings

In a traditional contract, third parties may gobble up vast sums of money in the form of fees. Smart contracts remove these middlemen that make the cost of doing business skyrocket. Virtual agreements don’t need lawyers, banks, consultants, and other middlemen. You can use the amount saved to expand your business.

5. Accurate communication

Smart contracts make it possible for clear communication of details in an agreement. By using them, everything in a contract becomes explicit. There is no room for misinterpretation. The automated agreements remove inefficiencies in communication.

6. Storage and Backup

Automated agreements are on blockchain technology. So, your documents have duplicates and have enough backup. If you lose your data, you can retrieve it. Also, with these contracts, you have got a permanent record for future reference.

7. Efficiency

Because of the high speed and accuracy, smart contracts are efficient. With high efficiencies, these contracts generate many valuable transactions within a short time.

8. Paper free

Businesses across the globe are sensitive to the impact of their activities. Environmental degradation is a big concern. Automated agreements support the go green movement because they remove any need for paperwork.

9. Guaranteed Results

Parties to auto agreements commit to abide by the T&C of the contract and the underlying code. This removes the possibility of litigation in courts.

The future of Smart Contracts

The traditional contracts are tedious to create and need the presence of the third parties. As the world gets more connected, parties need to conduct business faster. But businesses encounter people they don’t know well, hence the need to create trust. Luckily, smart contracts remove the need for trust because no party can alter the T&Cs of the agreements.

The question of cost is also a big concern in traditional contracts. Traditional agreements need many intermediaries that need fees. At the same time, the agreements take time to execute. But, automated agreements are inexpensive because they don’t involve any middlemen.

These agreements are the key for making prompt business deals without involving intermediaries. The use of blockchain technology makes smart contracts immutable. So, nobody can be naughty enough to alter the terms of these agreements.

Automated agreements have become popular, and many Smart Contracts blockchain companies have emerged. Yet, not all have the capacity and technology to create high quality digital contracts. TokenMinds understands how to write an ethereum smart contract at affordable rates.

Final thoughts

If the question of ‘What is a smart contract?’ has been lingering in your mind, now you know. The smart contract is a revolutionary idea with disruptive potential. The above are a few use cases of smart contracts. If you’re struggling with how to write an ethereum smart contract, you can contact TokenMinds. The company offers bespoke smart contract solutions to meet the needs of each client. TokenMinds guarantees you a cost-effective and secure solution. The solution meets the needs of your enterprise. Finding trustworthy smart contracts blockchain companies in the industry is a big challenge. So, TokenMinds removes the stress from you.heir main benefits.