Post ICO Marketing: 6 exciting techniques you can apply to engage your audience

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After a successful ICO, what’s next for your fledgling startup? Post ICO is as crucial as any phase of your blockchain startup journey. That is the stage where long term growth is set. It is an essential part of every company. Often, upon realizing a successful token sale, startups stop being active in marketing. The reason is that they think the crowdfunding period is over. That can result in adverse outcomes. Post ICO marketing is just as important as the previous stages. 

An experienced ICO marketing agency like TokenMinds can assist with post ICO marketing. Their services help you achieve better results and strategic success for your company.

What is Post ICO?

What is post ICO? Post ICO usually kicks in after the crowd sale. It takes your blockchain project to the public. It includes marketing, security, and product development. Its main goal is to deliver value to token holders and secure listing on top exchanges. Post ICO services also help keep investors informed about current successes. 

Once the project collects sufficient funds according to the goals set in the white paper, it needs to start:

  • Using the tokens – In this post ICO phase, investors can save, trade, or use the tokens within the project.
  • Developing the product – Actions need to be done to push forward the development. That include continuous product testing and security improvements. Post ICO activities like public relations and marketing are important as well. Furthermore, you need social media management to keep the community informed.

Post ICO Strategy

Post ICO public relations between the team and investors is one of the priorities after crowdfunding. All investors should continue receiving newsletters and highlighting current news and updates.

To communicate with investors and establish favorable public relations, it is highly beneficial to use such channels as Twitter or Telegram. Moreover, a post ICO strategy also includes publishing content regularly on your website. That should contain all sorts of information.  Starting with the latest updates and going further with informative articles about the project. 

Additionally, it is ideal to do regular AMAs (ask me anything). AMA will help you in knowing your community better. They let users get more involved. It is often hosted by the CEO or the founders of the company. Your team should create as many AMAs as possible and then promote them in various media channels to increase awareness.

Post ICO Marketing Tips for Blockchain Startups

Post ICO success depends upon how quickly your tokens can be listed on exchanges. As soon as post ICO coins are listed, they are available to clients for trading. There are certain pitfalls ICO projects may face. Tokens can fall in price when listed, depending on the value the project can deliver. Therefore, projects tend to increase their token value by implementing various post ICO marketing strategies.

1. Constant communication

It is critical for the marketing and community team to maintain a clear and transparent communication channel. It can be in the form of weekly updates, based on what the team is doing. So, communication should continue even after the tokens have been listed. Such timely and regular updates help in engaging the community while you are building your product.

2. Educate your users

Post ICO is probably the first time your users or your potential users will use your platform. If they do not understand the benefits, or cannot comprehend how to drive maximum value from your product, you will not see adoption happening. Educating your users would also mean giving them a testnet to play with. You should also provide complete technical documentation. This stress testing certainly helps to generate public awareness for the project. It also allows the community to report bugs. You can also receive feedback they might have about the technology. 

3. Encourage innovation on top of your platform

Your platform/protocol will be successful if people build products/Dapps on top of it. Thus for all protocol based projects, it is vital to encourage innovation. For instance, you can promote innovation on your platform by conducting hackathons. As a result, you can reward the winners with funds. That will support the innovators to pursue their projects.

4. Encourage participation of stakeholder and community

Your project will have a better chance of succeeding if you involve your community in decision making. Also, take feedback from the community on board during product development and marketing planning.

5. Focus on community growth and engagement 

To attract more users to your project, you need to grow and engage various online communities. Therefore, start creating SEO powered campaigns is vital. They boost your website traffic and search engine ranking. Publish high quality content on the problems your users face. This is a long term investment and will continue to bring users in a long run. You should also try and make inroads into various crypto groups and communities to create awareness.

6. Build a strong brand ambassador network

Involving crypto influencers and brand ambassadors in your growth. They can help you expand your reach and engagement. If you aim for the moon, you must build strong community support for your project.

Airdrops, for example, can be a great way to encourage engagement. So, airdrops can:

  • Encourage participation in your community
  • Fund community meetups and initiatives
  • Reward high quality organic content created by the community
  • Encourage feedback from your community

Marketing Services from TokenMinds

Even though post ICO marketing offers immense opportunity, it’s not easy to launch and maintain a successful strategy. It’s time consuming too. That’s why blockchain companies partner with agencies that specialize in post ICO marketing services, like TokenMinds. If you’re looking for a custom post strategy from a trusted crypto marketing agency, contact us today.


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