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Post ICO marketing Strategy can take your project to the next level. Increase brand awareness, grow your community, and boost your token’s value with TokenMinds' Post ICO Services now.

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Post ICO Marketing Packages

Community Building

$ 3,000
  • Community Management 24/7 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Promotion in blockchain platforms Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • 1K Average Monthly Member Growth Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Maintain Activeness in community Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Daily Support & Weekly Reporting
  • Free AMA session

Influencer Package

$ 3,500
  • 3 Crypto Audience Online Events Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • 180k+ Investor Community Promotion Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Custom Blockchain Contents Preparation Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Events Organization from beginning to end Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Daily Support & Weekly Reporting Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit

PR Publications

$ 4,500
  • 5+ Publications on top crypto media Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • 10+ Post on crypto investor forums Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • 50K+ crypto influencer Twitter accounts Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • 10+ IEO/ICO Listing website submissions Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Daily Support & Weekly Reporting
* We also provide KR/JP/CN localized marketing, if you want to get more information please contact us directly.

Post ICO Marketing Services

Influencers & PR Promotion

Leveraging our network, we can obtain continuous exposure for your project through industry influencers and top-tier media outlets such as Coinspeaker, Zycrypto, NewsBTC, Cointelegraph, etc.

Community Management

We help you to maintain a healthy and transparent communication channel. We keep your (potential) investors informed about your project's development with timely and regular updates.

Content Curation

We create educational and engaging content to help your users understand the values of your project to foster mass adoption of your product.

Website development and SEO

To attract more users to your project, you need to grow and engage various online communities. TokenMinds can help you start creating SEO-powered campaigns which boost your website traffic and search engine ranking.

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Post ICO Marketing Services

Drive your Project’s Growth with Post ICO Marketing Services

Post ICO marketing services can take your project to the next level. Get a personalized post-ICO marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, grow your community and boost your token’s value. Request a free consultation today to see how our Post ICO marketing services can bring more success to your project

What is Post ICO?

Post-ICO refers to the period after a company’s initial coin offering. Typically, this period involves delivering the promises the company made to investors in the preceding steps. It also includes marketing and continuous product development. This stage is typically very long because this is the point in time when companies have to deliver value to token-holders and secure listing on top exchanges.

Post ICO Strategy

Once you complete your ICO and begin public trading, there’s a natural tendency to take a breath and only do the minimum communications. But remember, the ICO probably generated the most visibility and media interest your company has ever had. Now is not the time to take your foot off the accelerator.

Your Post-ICO strategy is crucial for managing relations with investors and keeping your project within the crypto community. Keep your company’s communication strategy front and center throughout o increase your visibility. Investors should continue receiving newsletters highlighting current news and updates.

The Post ICO strategy also includes publishing regular content on your website. It should contain all related information, starting with the latest updates and informative articles about the project. Easily accessible information also attracts quality traffic to your website, where you can convert into early-stage investors.

Activate the contacts and relationships you’ve made with the media during the ICO process to keep them informed. Try to get into different publications (both crypto media and general media) to build credibility and increase awareness. There are top-tier publishers, such as Forbes, CoinDesk, etc., where you can push out PR and thought leadership pieces. That can help your ICO establish a strong domain in the blockchain industry.

3. Social media advertising for crypto offers

If you decide to use social media for promoting your crypto offers, try to use video or image ads, as these tend to perform better than text ads. Direct advertising of crypto projects on Facebook requires prior approval that you can get around this ban by hiring an authorized crypto advertising agency like TokenMinds to publish ads on your behalf. As for Twitter, you can use cost-per-follow (CPF) display advertising to attract more followers to your profile. Bitcointalk is a highly respected platform offering auctioned advertising space for projects. On Bitcointalk, advertisers are charged either on the number of impressions or the duration of the campaign as stipulated in the Insertion Order (IO).
Social media management is also crucial. We advise that you maintain a consistent social media presence to ensure the longevity of the ICO project, even post-ICO. Utilize channels like Twitter or Telegram to share project updates and stories that show the breadth of your company. Additionally, it is vital to continue conducting regular AMAs (ask me anything). AMAs will help you understand your community better by letting them get more involved. Very often, it is done by the CEO or the founders of the company. It is beneficial to create as many AMAs as possible and then promote them in various media channels and on social media to increase awareness.

What is Post ICO Marketing?

What is Post ICO marketing? Every ICO marketing strategy needs Post-ICO.

With Post ICO marketing, you can boost your token’s value, increase brand awareness and build a strong community around your project. Post ICO marketing supercharges your efforts by increasing your company’s presence and authority within the cryptocurrency space. With a Post ICO marketing that nails audience targeting, messaging, and community growth, your project can get the massive boost it needs to take off.

With TokenMinds, your company can take advantage of these strategies because our Post ICO marketing services include:

Post ICO bounty strategy
Post ICO bounty campaigns are conducted after the completion of ICO. It involves programs such as bugs fixing campaigns, review campaigns, and community management. As a leading crypto marketing firm, TokenMinds can help you create and implement a comprehensive Post ICO bounty campaign and expand the network of your supporters.

Crypto influencer programs
Today, many crypto companies use influencer marketing because it is an excellent way to get the target audience to listen. We develop Post-ICO influencer marketing programs that generate meaningful engagements and maximize brand awareness. No matter your Post-ICO goals, we will help you reach them by leveraging our network of crypto influencers across Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

Podcasts and interviews
Regularly releasing podcasts keeps your audience engaged, especially if you can come up with interesting content consistently. As for interviews, you get to engage with a large, already established audience. We can help you secure podcasting opportunities on top crypto podcasts either as a sponsor or as a guest. This will give your project the exposure it needs to build momentum after the ICO. It also allows you to showcase thought leadership and subject matter expertise about your project.

Community management

A solid community should be one of your long-term goals since it only lays a stable foundation, reinforced by your project’s steadily growing reputation. Our crypto advisors can help you build a strong community that can propel the project forward. Using proven strategies such as airdrops, bounty campaigns, referral programs, and many others, we will build, grow and nurture a supportive community and advocacy for your project.

Post ICO advertising

Post ICO advertising campaigns are carried out on crypto ad networks, which extend to millions of websites and apps. TokenMinds help companies determine the right platforms for promoting Post-ICO offers to maximize the impact.

PR and Media

Press releases are a tried and tested method of getting your project to reach the right target audience. Even in Post-ICO you still need to run an aggressive PR plan comprising press releases, interviews, and increasing engagements to get your project to attract potential investors. Our PR team helps secure organic, impactful coverage from the biggest crypto media and influencers. This way, you can take advantage of third-party site traffic to expand your reach and visibility.


After the ICO, you need to create SEO-powered campaigns to boost website traffic and search engine ranking. At TokenMinds, we recognize the value of SEO, which is why our Post-ICO services provide a comprehensive package for SEO. Working with our SEO specialists, we help create an effective SEO content strategy to increase website visibility.


“I would highly recommend TokenMinds for post ICO marketing services. Their approach to our post-ICO airdrop was clever and it helped us create a buzz and onboard our first batch of developers to build on our platform”.

– Cyrus Bikita, founder, Crypto DEX Exchange

TokenMinds Post ICO Services

Companies like yours make TokenMinds their Post ICO partner for all their Post ICO marketing needs. Since TokenMinds is a full-service crypto marketing agency, our team of crypto marketing specialists handles every aspect of your Post ICO campaign. From educating your users to developing your social media strategy to building your brand ambassador network, we do it all — and we do it well.

As your partner, you can trust TokenMinds Post ICO services to help your project grow. Whether you’re looking to build your following, encourage people to build on top of your platform, or improve your brand awareness, our experienced team can get the job done

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