NFT Launchpads: 7 Tantalizing Platforms Features to Introduce NFT

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According to Google Trends, the keyword search volume for NFT and its related terms like NFT launchpads has hit record levels. Google trends in Asia, the US, and Europe show renewed interest in the NFT niche.

With the heightened interest in NFTs, you should also take advantage of the booming market and take a piece of the pie. Indeed, you can’t afford to standby as other people gobble up all the benefits of this partially exploited field. If you’re a budding entrepreneur in NFT, you may be at a loss on what to do to participate in the market. Some of the difficulties you may encounter include where to sell nft art and how to sell nft art. And this is how NFT launchpads come in. Here we explore the critical features of NFT launchpads and how beginners in NFT can benefit from this platform.

The Trend of NFT

The world of buying and selling digital assets worth millions can be intriguing. Have you ever thought about it? NFTs make it possible to own these valuable assets uniquely.

On the blockchain, NFTs are verified digital assets that cannot be replicated or exchanged for something else. The uniqueness of each individual NFT sets them apart from other tokens since they can’t be replaced by something else of equal value.

NFTs alter our understanding of ownership and value within the digital sphere, impacting everything from art to music. The changes NFTs have brought about regarding virtual possession, and worth are truly exhilarating!

NFT Marketing Statistics

Before exploring the key features and benefits of NFT launchpads, let’s crunch the NFT marketing numbers (see also here for more numbers on NFT sales and launchpads). According to Larva Labs, NFT trading volume exceeded $3 billion in December 2021. This was an improvement from the preceding month, which had a total trading volume of $2.8 billion.  

Google keyword search information indicates that interest in Non Fungible tokens has spiked to unprecedented records. The Google search data indicate that keyword search for NFT has surpassed that of other crypto products, like DeFi. Asia tops the charts, with search percentage in August 2021 hitting 100%. Other continents with high search trends include the US and Europe.

From September to December 2021, the weekly sales volume of NFTs ranged from $2.5 to $3.5 billion. This was in contrast to June and July 2021, when weekly sales volumes were insignificant.

These stats buttress the fact that NFTs have become an important business within the blockchain ecosystem. As a savvy entrepreneur, you should pay attention to these trends because they indicate that the nft market is steadily growing. Fortunately, budding entrepreneurs can enjoy the multiple perks that come with NFT launchpads.

What are NFT Launchpads?

‘Crypto launchpads have been gaining tremendous amounts of attention. They allow you to identify early-stage crypto projects and participate in their presale rounds. They also have a vetting process in place to avoid scams and rug-pulls, so you can invest with peace of mind without worrying about losing your hard-earned money.’

Source: Hackernoon

When you’re new in the blockchain environment, you may lack information on where to sell nft art or how to sell nft art. But if you’ve got a tool to help you in the business, you can move faster and start reaping the benefits of the nft field within no time.

NFT launchpads are platforms that accelerate the expansion of top-notch NFT startups. Creating these projects on blockchain technology makes them secure, independent, and decentralized. They display finer details of your project, including mission, vision, and the project’s roadmap. The comprehensive information helps investors to conduct an in-depth evaluation of a project to discover whether it’s the right one to invest in. So, any artist who wants to start their journey on digital artworks and collectibles should find the right NFT launchpads.

Aims of NFT Launchpads

NFT launchpads assist new projects in taking off. NFT Launchpad’s aim is to create a fair and accessible marketplace that benefits everyone involved. 

Governing models permitting users’ opinions on future plans alongside social media integration are among many ways these platforms prioritize community involvement. 

Key Elements of NFT Launchpads

NFT launchpads are gaining more and more traction among fans of this emerging technology. When creating your own launchpad, make sure to consider these important factors:

Community Focus

The main focus of NFTs is to connect creators and collectors; therefore, the launchpad must prioritize creating a community among its users. If implemented correctly by the launchpad, features like forums, chat rooms, or social media integration could help connect creators and collectors through their shared interests in NFTs.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of a successful launchpad ought to be user-friendly, ensuring that users can navigate and comprehend it easily. Simplicity in terms of design elements, such as straightforward menus or concise directives, can help ensure that any given LaunchPad is more accessible.

Governance Models

A launchpad’s governance models should prioritize user involvement in shaping its future. This can be achieved through features like voting mechanisms, decentralized decision-making, and transparent communication channels. 


Investors should trust the legitimacy and actual potential of the supported projects. When disclosing details about supported endeavors, partnering creators, or investing options, transparency is key for a successful launchpad.

Critical features of NFT launchpads

1. Deflationary NFT launchpads

The platform can be created in various blockchain networks, such as Solana and Polygon. This strategy ensures that your NFTs are evenly distributed. It also lowers the gas fees that clients may encounter when minting your digital collectibles.

2. Staking

People with tokens on the NFT launchpads can stake them and earn rewards. This excites the community members who will yearn for more from you.

3. NFT Vaults

These features offer unmatched safety to NFT users. Users can have peace of mind knowing that their creations are secure with the quality.

4. NFT Swaps

The feature allows users to place their NFTs on the platform and get B2P20 or ERC tokens. They can exchange their tokens straightaway on different decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

5. Cross-chain

An annoying issue in the blockchain ecosystem is that not all things token or virtual artwork can benefit from cross-chaining. Luckily, a cross-chain Launchpad enables users to get their NFTs at reduced rates because they can rotate the collectibles across various blockchains. This feature can evade exorbitant gas fees on specific platforms.

6. Early community building

Keeping an outstanding creator portfolio develops a crowd of collectors who can buy from you. If your NFTs prove exceptional, this would be excellent nft news as collectors will come back to you again for more purchases. Airdrops and other remarkable drops give the collectors an excellent reason to go for more.

How Does NFT Launchpad Work?

NFT launchpads serve as helpful platforms for new projects in the NFT world to successfully take off. To ensure quality and legitimacy standards are met, all projects undergo scrutiny before being listed on an NFT Launchpad.

Once a project is listed, investors can purchase tokens or associated NFTs. Early investors on NFT launchpads may receive greater rewards than later investors. For anyone passionate about discovering new talent within the sphere of NFTs, NFT Launchpads offer unparalleled opportunities.

Key benefits of NFT Launchpads:

With NFT launchpads, you can create an outstanding portfolio that you can quickly release to the market. The platforms help early-stage projects reap high profits and reduce the cost of doing their business. Here is a comprehensive exploration of the benefits of NFT launchpads:

  • Global Reach: NFT launchpads enable artists to access various audiences worldwide. Your nft marketing efforts receive a big boost with exposure to the global market. You’ll also the latest nft news, that informs you on the trends in the industry.
  • Instant liquidity for minted digital art: With a unique project and a loyal audience, your launchpad’s traffic spikes. And this leads to enhanced nft businesses and immediate liquidity of the virtual artworks.
  •  Royalty: Committed NFT launchpads enable creators to provide loyalty bonuses and legacy development.
  • Native token: Some NFT launchpads offer creators a choice to develop their native token. This option assists in raising finances and provides token staking bonuses to the audience.

Guidelines on Choosing the Right NFT Launchpads

Despite its complexity, investing in NFT launchpads is worth exploring, as it can lead to potential returns. 

  • Prioritize launchpads that have supported successful NFT projects in the past.
  • Find a launchpad that emphasizes community and has an open governance structure.
  • Perform diligent research.
  • Consider some of the best NFT launchpads in 2023.

Best NFT Launchpads in 2023

  1. SuperRare – This is a highly selective platform that only invites certain artists. A unique bidding system is available on SuperRare for collectors to bid on artwork. 
  2. Nifty Gateway – User-friendly Nifty Gateway offers high-profile partnerships with celebrities and artists. You can pay using multiple options on the Nifty gateway site, including cryptocurrency
  3. OpenSea – OpenSea stands out as the largest NFT marketplace offering unique features like fractional ownership and buying/selling whole collections.
  4. KnownOrigin – With its groundbreaking artist royalty program in place at Know Origin, creators are able to earn money long after buyers have purchased their work
  5. Foundation – The Foundation platform provides a carefully selected group of artists. To create exclusivity and urgency for collectors, Foundation offers ‘drops,’ which release new artwork at specific times.
  6. Async Art – With its exceptional concept, collectors have the opportunity to interact with artwork like never before by changing specific elements resulting in a constantly evolving interactive masterpiece.
  7. Rarible – On Rarible, artists can create their unique NFT marketplace using its adaptable platform. The ‘minting’ feature provided by Rarible makes it easy for artists to produce and sell their personalized NFTs.

How to Launch NFT

Exciting times await as you prepare to launch your own NFT. A solid plan is crucial before starting the launch of your NFT. You don’t want to forget these key steps when preparing to launch your own NFT.

  1. Choose your platform: Select the ideal marketplace or platform to market and sell your NFT.
  2. Create your NFT: Using digital art software, you can produce your own NFT. A designer can be hired if you are not confident in creating an NFT yourself
  3. Mint your NFT: You can mint your NFT on Ethereum or another blockchain platform once it’s prepared.
  4. Set your price: Decide how much you want to sell your NFT for and list it. Sell your NFT at the determined price point.
  5. Promote your NFT: Attract potential buyers by sharing your NFT on social media and online communities.

Remember, launching an NFT is just the beginning. Building a loyal community and keeping them engaged is key to long-term success.

Fundraising frameworks on NFT Launchpad platform

A sale of tokens representing ownership or access to a project is typically involved in fundraising frameworks provided by NFT launchpad platforms. 

NFT project creators can gain investors’ financial support through token sales representing ownership or access hosted by trustworthy launchpad platforms. 

Feel free to explore the possibilities that exist with raising funds for your great ideas via Launchpads today!

  • Initial Coining offering (ICO): NFT launchpads can develop native tokens on behalf of creators. The platform markets these coins, enabling creators to use proceeds to build their projects further.
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO): the platform can verify the creators and business and share the data with end-users. This enables the end-users to access appropriately verified projects.
  • Initial NFT Offering: this framework allows particular token holders of specific NFT projects to access NFT sales.


NFT launchpads provide an exciting opportunity to support emerging artists while investing in the world of NFTs.

When investors prioritize community involvement, user-friendly interfaces, transparent governance models, and successful project track records, they can earn a healthy return on their investment by choosing the appropriate launchpad.

If launching your own NFT interests you and you need expert guidance to navigate the process, TokenMinds can help.

You can utilize trustworthy Launchpad platforms to create and launch a profitable NFT initiative with the help of knowledgeable experts.

Start your NFT journey by working with professionals today!

NFT Launchpads FAQs

What actually are NFT Launchpads?

NFT launchpads are systems that assist in establishing and fundraising new NFT jobs, enabling designers to display their works and financiers to support innovative tasks.

How does NFT Launchpad work?

NFT launchpads usually supply a platform for makers to display and offer their NFTs to an area of capitalists, often including a sale of symbols representing ownership or accessibility to the task.

What are the benefits of NFT Launchpad?

The advantages of NFT launch pads include access to a community of capitalists, enhanced exposure for designers, and the opportunity for investors to uncover and sustain ingenious NFT tasks.

How do I launch my own NFT?

To release your very own NFT, you’ll need to select an industry or platform, create your NFT utilizing electronic art software application or by working with a developer, mint your NFT on a blockchain platform, set your cost, and advertise your NFT on social media sites and also various other on-line areas to draw in possible purchasers.