Leverage Crypto Twitter Influencers for NFT Marketing

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Influencer marketing has become one of the primary ways brands promote their offers, and crypto companies are no exception. In particular, collaborations with Top Crypto Twitter Influencers can help crypto companies increase global awareness about their blockchain projects.

How to Promote Crypto Offers

Leverage Crypto Twitter Influencers for NFT Marketing: TokenMinds

Thanks to Crypto Influencers’ high visibility, crypto promotion campaigns are effective in many ways. Such as, driving web traffic, converting visitors to customers, and eventually achieving your goals.

However, Crypto Promotion Campaigns offer maximum return on investment only when you have a clear strategy. Here’s how to promote your crypto offers:

1. Promote crypto offers on search engines 

With Search Advertising, you can promote your project or offers on search engine platforms like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. While your Crypto Ads can appear in search results, they can also display across Google partner network websites (sites approved to display ads created by Google). Keep in mind that there are some types of cryptocurrency offers (e.g. ICOs, crypto mining, etc.) that have been banned by Google, Microsoft and others.

2. Use banner ads for crypto offers

You can also launch a display crypto advertising campaign on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A well rounded crypto banner advertising may utilize multiple channels for various purposes, including: 

  • Crypto event : Consensus, Token Summit, Blockshow, Blockchain Conference
  • Bounty Campaigns: Announced through forums, Telegram groups/channels, crypto Twitter influencers, etc)
  • Display Advertising Direct: CoinMarketCap, Etherscan, CryptoCompare, ICObench, Bitcointalk etc. It is the best approach to reach cryptocurrency enthusiasts directly.
  • Paid PR: Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Cryptonews, and more.

3. Social media for crypto promotion

If you decide to use social media for promoting your crypto offers, try to use video or image ads. They tend to perform better than text ads.

Bitcointalk, for instance, offers auctioned advertising space for projects. On Bitcointalk, advertisers are charged either on the number of impressions or the duration of the campaign as stipulated in the Insertion Order (IO).

4. Leverage crypto influencers

Influencers carry immense value because they have the trust and respect of the crypto audience. They can recommend projects, and bring the team higher chances of success. The most popular crypto influencers are YouTube video influencers, though you can also find them on Twitter as well.

Top Crypto Social Media Channels

Social media marketing is a great way to get your crypto projects off the ground. And the first thing you want to do is identify the Top Crypto Social Media Platforms where you want to gain followers and attract investors.

For NFT Marketing purposes, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and Reddit are worth considering. As for Facebook, the policy towards crypto projects is constantly changing, and at any moment, your crypto campaign or page may be banned as well.

Reddit and Twitter welcome informal communication, while the professional network LinkedIn is ideal for investors, crypto evangelists, and specialists from the crypto industry. Quora, with the bulk of articles on promoting crypto projects, is a must have channel.

Crypto Twitter Influencers

The main focus on Twitter is to increase organically the number of your followers and level of engagement around the project. Also, if your goal is to get a large number of followers. You should also collaborate with crypto Twitter influencers to accelerate the results.

It is also vital that crypto startups or companies should have their own Reddit account. Reddit is more of a PR platform than to gain followers—your account will look cool in front of a large audience of crypto fans.

As for LinkedIn, it offers several options for placing ads on its site. You can try each of these options but the best strategy for you is likely to be to address specific people with direct messages. It takes time but is highly effective.

With Quora, your strategy should be to find relevant topics on the platform (such as NFTs, Crypto Investment, etc.) and answer questions from there. If you work carefully with appropriate marketing in your responses, you will likely see a significant influx of traffic to your project website.  

Another important forum to share information about your project is Bitcointalk. A blockchain dedicated forum, Bitcoin talk allows you to receive the first questions and feedback about your project. It is also effective for promoting crypto projects with Bounty Campaigns there.

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow

Leverage Crypto Twitter Influencers for NFT Marketing2: TokenMinds

If your aim is to grow much quicker, then don’t miss out on these top crypto influencers on Twitter.

Antony Pompliano (@APompliano): As one of the earliest and most prominent voices in Bitcoin evangelism, Antony Pompliano has created a name for himself, often speaking at cryptocurrency conferences and on shows like CNBC.

Tone Vays (@ToneVays): With nearly 200k followers and a popular YouTube Channel, Tone has become the Twitter epicenter of crypto trading.

Erik Voorhees (@ErikVoorhes): Erik is one of the first “crypto-preneur” to invest in Bitcoin long before it became part of everyday conversation. He has been involved in countless crypto organizations, most famously as the CEO of ShapeShift. 

Girl Gone Crypto (@Girlgone_Crypto): How this girl manages to put out such incredible Twitter content on such a consistent basis is quite amazing. If there’s one crypto Twitter influencer to engage in this account.

CryptoCobain (@CryptoCobain): Specializing in memes and shitposting, Cryptocobain is the self-proclaimed founder of Crypto Twitter. 

If you need help with building a highly engaged community using crypto influencers, consider hiring a crypto marketing company rather than going it alone.  A crypto marketing agency like TokenMinds has relationships with Top Crypto Twitter Influencers. The team can help get your message quickly delivered to the right audience

Crypto Social Media Marketing

Blockchain companies need community-based social media channels to engage followers and build a strong community around their projects. Social media also allows you to share quick updates and provide additional information to investors. However, not all social media networks will be a good fit for your blockchain startup. Only use those that make it easier to support the community and engage your audience. 

TokenMinds is your strategic partner to successfully help you reach your audience and create a positive buzz using crypto Twitter influencers. We have great relationships with many top crypto influencers on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram which we leverage to promote your project.  We can help you increase your visibility through increased recognition in top crypto social media platforms for a successful token sale. Contact our team to discover how we can help your project build traction within the crypto community.


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