How to conduct ICO Content Marketing: 4 powerful practices to deliver results

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If you’re not giving ICO content marketing the priority, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity. If the crypto community can’t find your content through various channels, a large portion of your potential audience is lost.

Even if you have a built-in and loyal following, community building infused with the best ICO content marketing practices will warrant much more positive and qualified traffic.

And with that additional qualified traffic comes the enormous benefit of all – ICO fundraising success.

Your ICO content is the roadmap to growing your reach across the web, generate more traffic from several online communities, and find more leads. A good ICO content strategy can also help boost your authority within the industry.  

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to create ICO content to achieve success. 

Types of ICO Content

ICO Content marketing takes on many forms. These are some of the main ICO content types you can use to promote your project.

Blogs/Articles: These can take many forms, from topic content clusters and pillar pieces to short breaking news pieces, list items, and how-to guides spanning 3,000 words or more.

White Papers: Super granular pieces that provide solutions with data on how to solve a specific problem. Example: how to use blockchain technology to solve drugs counterfeiting.

Page Level: The main service/product pages on your website. Typically, this is where people find the information needed about the project. 

Case Studies: Content that displays successes with your technology or company.

Infographics: Graphics that appeal to the eye and explain the value of your project visually. Infographics are best to pair with SEO-optimized content, such as a blog or case study.

Videos: Videos for ICO/IEO must be optimized for each channel through proper tagging and headlines. They also can complement an optimized article, blog, page, or another type of SEO content.

ICO Content Best Practices

Here are the steps successful crypto projects take to create the best ICO content as part of the overall ICO marketing strategy. 

Understand your audience and their goals

It is critical to gain a much more focused idea of the crypto audience and whether your content will resonate with them. You can gather this information through competitive research. Search online forums like Reddit and Quora and roam social channels through popular hashtags within the crypto and blockchain industry. You can also conduct surveys through other crypto marketing agencies or simply reviewing Google search results.

Armed with these valuable insights, you can proceed to create a strong ICO content marketing strategy that answers the community’s huge problems or concerns. After that, amplify that content in the areas we found these people hang out.

Conduct keywords research

Keyword research should be performed consistently throughout an ongoing ICO content campaign, especially for the trending keywords. We advise crypto companies to focus 80% of their ICO content strategy on the evergreen keywords that will be reliable for the long term. The other 20% should be dedicated to trending keywords.

As a startup, you have a better chance of ranking the low-to-mid-tier keywords than high-volume keywords. In addition, use related keywords throughout your content to improve your ranking.

Create an ICO content calendar 

Another essential ICO content marketing strategy is about consistently and regularly adding new content. As with everything, the amount of fresh content you’ll produce depends on the budget. . For crypto audiences, this could be reviews, blog articles, GIFs, product updates, podcasts, and many more. Those who can create at least one new blog per week (or more) get to the top of the rankings faster. 

Measure results

The last thing in creating an ICO content strategy is to measure the results of your marketing efforts. You should track and monitor your goals (such as domain authority score, number of pages ranked on top pages of search results, media mentions, etc.) to ensure growth. 

More importantly, monitor how your keywords are performing. Tools like Semrush make it easy to create reports about the keywords you’re tracking. Find out which piece of content is succeeding so you can amplify it on social media. Also, find that piece of content and see how you can tweak it to perform better.

ICO content marketing is a long-term play where you want to find out what is working and keep that system going. That is why it’s so vital to track progress and continually revamp older content throughout the year.

How to amplify your ICO Content 

Unseen ICO content cannot perform. The minute a new piece of content publishes, make sure it hits all social media channels and other online crypto communities. Here is how to amplify the reach of your ICO content. 

Hire an ICO Advisor

Working with an ICO coin advisor can give you the guidance you need to create an effective ICO content marketing strategy. They will market your project the right way to generate interest from the crypto community. For example, an ICO advisor like TokenMinds will take care of your social media messaging. The advisors will post updates relating to your project and growing your audience. When it comes to conducting airdrops, bounty campaigns, and reaching out to crypto influencers, ICO advisors can be very helpful.

Work with an ICO PR firm

An ICO PR firm like TokenMinds matches you with the websites and influencers that best align with your ICO content marketing. They identify websites with audiences that match your company’s target market and increase exposure. Crypto PR firms can also create relevant content marketing campaigns and distribute them to popular media platforms and influencers. That could include full articles about your project, interviews, and even quotes. Lastly, when pitching journalists from different publications, an ICO PR firm can get your company mentioned naturally in the content rather than getting only into sponsored content. These organic mentions will enhance your engagements with investors and the crypto community.

Use the Services of an ICO Marketing Firm

An ICO marketing firm can help you build a strong community around your project through effective content marketing. Such firms have experts who use various strategies such as airdrops, contests, referral programs, etc., to build traction for your ICO. That also helps to generate buzz that attracts media attention—and brings additional credibility to your project. The best thing about partnering with an ICO marketing firm is that they can advise you on which channels to target fans and users. The agency can also strategize ways to acquire and nurture these communities using ICO content marketing. 

Get Help from a Top-Rated ICO Marketing Agency

Consistent, SEO-friendly ICO content is part of a solid longer-term plan in the world of crypto marketing, unlike paid advertising channels that disappear once the budget runs out. TokenMinds is a reputed ICO marketing firm with vast experience creating and promoting ICO content across various online communities. If you need help amplifying your crypto/blockchain content, we’d encourage you to speak with our team.