Tips for conducting a result-focused crypto influencer marketing campaign

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If you’re launching a blockchain project, crypto influencer marketing can give you a big boost. Despite its high success rate, many crypto project owners lack the skills to find the best crypto influencers to partner with. Some entrepreneurs also don’t understand how to launch a result-focused and optimized influencer marketing strategy. Are you here looking for juicy tips and tricks on how to benefit from crypto influencer marketing? If yes, then you’re on the right platform. Please keep reading to discover the best tips of launching a compelling crypto influencer campaign.

Understand your audience

Knowing your target audience for your crypto influencer marketing campaign helps you choose the best crypto influencers who can spread your message. The knowledge also assists you to prepare a comprehensive list of crypto influencers suitable for your project. Some of the factors to consider when evaluating your audience include:

  • How the target audience looks like
  • The location of your ideal audience
  • Interests of your target audience
  • Places where your ideal personas spend their time

These days, many social media platforms come with analytic tools. So, influencers can easily understand the type of audience they’ve. Therefore, when reaching out to them, they should demonstrate a clear understanding of their audiences.

Once you understand the specific audience of a particular influencer, you can compare it with that of your ideal personas to decide if your information will reach the individuals that matter most.

In terms of the location of your audience, it’s obvious that most crypto audiences are to be found in niche platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and YouTube. For example, if you’re launching your campaign on Twitter, you should team up with the top crypto twitter influencers. Telegram crypto influencers are also central in your crypto marketing campaigns.

Choose the right media for crypto influencer marketing

Selecting the correct social media platform isn’t a walk in the park as many crypto influencers focus on one or two platforms. So, you need to evaluate your campaign objectives to determine the best crypto influencers to help you meet them.  

If you aim to spread word about your project, you should use the top crypto twitter influencers. Remember, these days, almost everyone is on Twitter. So with proper targeting, your message will reach many people.

For marketers who want their message to reach a specific crypto community, telegram crypto influencers are their best bet. With its support of programmable mods and a powerful community of highly-engaged crowds, telegram crypto influencers can give your campaign a great boost.

Once you identify the right platform for your crypto influencer marketing, the next step is to prepare a list of crypto influencers who can help you execute your plan.

Allow influencers to work

Influencers interact with their audiences regularly and understand the type of messages that work well for their crowds. Furthermore, they’ve promoted multiple brands through their accounts. So, they possess the experience and skills of creating the best messages on your behalf.

You can achieve a lot from your crypto influencer marketing campaign if you give them enough room to deliver on what they understand well. While it’s commendable to work closely with them, you should allow them to exercise artistic freedom. Project owners should avoid the temptation to micro-manage influencers, which can be counterproductive and hurt their campaign outcomes.

Be that as it may, you should understand that crypto influencers are different. While some like full artistic freedom, others prefer working closely with project owners to create the right messages. For example, some influencers may encourage you to bring the entire draft of what they should post. While interacting with them, it’s important to inquire how they would prefer to work with you.

Due to its person-to-person attribute, crypto influencer marketing has a lot of room for close communication between marketers and influencers.

Hire a crypto influencer marketing agency

Preparing a list of crypto influencers to support your campaign can be an overwhelming exercise, especially if you’re not an expert. The right thing to do is to identify and hire a marketing company to work for you.

If you find crypto influencers that match your brand, you will achieve the best outcomes from your crypto influencer marketing strategy. At TokenMinds, we’ve managed successful crypto influencer marketing plans for multiple brands. We can match your brand to the best influencers in the industry and work closely with them for the best results. If you’re looking for the best marketing agency to manage your influencers, please stop your search and contact TokenMinds straightaway.

Evaluate their credibility and relevance

A key attribute of crypto influencer marketing is the ability to form collaborations with opinion leaders who share your business’s values. Also, the influencers you choose should be relevant to your business as well.

Choosing an authentic influencer should be a priority to any crypto marketing campaign. Selecting a beauty product influencer to explain blockchain technology may not be a good fit for your campaign. This kind of mismatch raises questions of authenticity about your campaign. So, your crypto influencer marketing campaign can succeed if you choose opinion leaders who understand the industry.

Assess influencer numbers

While many people might be tempted to hire influencers with massive following, it’s critical to pay attention to influencers with meagre numbers. An influencer with 150k numbers may be good but lack knowledge about your industry. So, you better hire an influencer with 5k followers who understands your industry, as such an influencer can deliver value to your campaign.

Other parameters that should guide you in choosing the right influencers include engagement rate, past follower count, reach in a target audience, and crowd demographics. So, conducting extensive research should be your first step before determining the influencer to hire.

Final Thoughts on crypto influencer marketing

Crypto influencers play a big role in determining the outcomes of your marketing campaigns. Project owners should find crypto influencers relevant to their brand. However, choosing the right influencers can be a challenging task even to the experienced marketers. If you lack time or knowledge to manage influencers, please hire the best agency, like TokenMinds, to work for you.