5 Fool-Proof Strategies that made Crypto Blades succeed in its NFT Marketing

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As many digital collectibles are released to the market, catching the attention of investors can be challenging without a proper NFT marketing strategy. After developing their play-to-earn NFT on Binance Smart Chain, Crypto Blades realized that the project remained stagnant. With the realization, the project hired TokeMinds to create and deploy a crypto marketing strategy. Here, we explore the NFT marketing strategies that TokenMinds used to boost the bottom line of Crypto Blades.

What are Crypto Blades?

Crypto Blades is an NFT-based game that allows gamers to play and earn. Players in this game acquire SKILLS tokens by engaging in fights with their assets. Within this game, characters are the primary NFTs a gamer can own. Gamers can exchange their NFTs for Skills on the platform. Crypto Blades aims to offer a fun-filled and rewarding experience to players.

The NFT Marketing Techniques TokenMinds used

The company hired TokenMinds to evaluate the NFT marketing issues of the project. After a thorough assessment, TokenMinds discovered that Crypto Blades lacked a clear NFT marketing strategy. According to the professional opinion by TokenMinds, Crypto Blades required various marketing tactics to gain traction. Here are key issues that TokenMinds found:

  • Lack of market exposure
  • Lack of a compelling community
  • Minimal social media presence
  • Lack of sufficient investors

Crypto Blades NFT Marketing Strategy

After close consultation with the project team, TokenMinds created a two-month NFT marketing strategy to empower the project. The tactic comprised various elements, including crypto PR, content marketing, crypto social media promotion, community promotion, and influencer marketing. Here is a deeper dive into each component and how it helped Crypto Blades:

  1. Content crafting

Content creation and distribution are at the core of any crypto marketing plan. With its many years of experience in crypto content creation, TokenMinds helped the project craft bespoke pieces and visuals. The strategy included the design of crypto PR, articles, social media pieces, and marketing materials.

  1. PR publication:

TokenMinds linked the project to top-notch crypto PR media to help in creating customer trust and brand credibility. The strategy entailed developing compelling PR pieces and distributing them to famous publications. As a result of this campaign, the nft game crypto attracted 15 million visitors! TokenMinds leveraged its network in Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America to optimize the sale of SKILL Tokens.

  1. Social Media:

These days, many people have accounts on different social media platforms. With this knowledge, TokenMinds applied a result-focused crypto social media strategy to promote SKILLS Tokens. The marketer used numerous tactics, like engaging crowds with a crypto community manager and using the right hashtags to spread the message. The social media campaign attracted +1000% followers and +5000 engagements on Twitter.

  1. Community Growth
  • community building
  • community expansion
  • community management

Most blockchain projects depend on the power of the community for their expansion. But you’ve to be tactful to succeed in community growth. TokenMinds created a bespoke strategy for expanding the Crypto Blades community. The marketer used tactics like community promotion and telegram promotion service to engage the community. The results of this strategy were terrific, as the project gained 10k members within 90 days, leading to the success of its IEO. TokenMinds succeeded in this strategy due to its focus on the following aspects:

  1. Influencer marketing

Many people may lack knowledge about NFT game crypto and binance nft. Influencers can teach their followers about these concepts and help to close any knowledge gaps. TokenMinds collaborated with the right influencers on Telegram and Twitter to market SKILL Tokens. With the telegram promotion service, the marketer reached over 500k blockchain audiences. With the help of a crypto community manager, Twitter influencers got over 200k members. Twitter influencer retweets reached more than 300k persons.

Final Crypto Blades Report

As per the SKILL Token Report, TM helped the project with PR and influencer campaigns which grew their audiences. Through practical AMA sessions and focused crypto social media campaigns, Crypto Blades grew the sales volume of its SKILLs Tokens.


As per Crypto Blades Report, the SKILL token reached an all-time high market cap of 800 million by July 2021. This happened after a focused NFT marketing strategy by TokenMinds. The key lesson is that when you have an NFT project, like binance nft or NFT game crypto, marketing has a central role to play.