How To Set Up Bots On Discord: 9 exciting bots to help you perform various tasks on your server

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If you have a Discord server, you might wonder how to set up bots on Discord. Understanding how to add bots to your discord group helps you to create a secure space with multiple dimensions. For example, bots can create a welcoming atmosphere where people can share information, stream videos, and do many other things. So, knowledge of How to set up bots on discord servers is essential. Here, we dive deep into some exciting bots you should consider incorporating into your server.

Understanding bots and how to add them to your server

Before you learn how to set up bots on Discord, it’s critical to know what bots are. Discord bots are robots that perform multiple jobs in your community.

Anybody can create a Discord community, invite members, and develop relevant channels. Although you can hire managers to moderate your server, it’s challenging to depend on them for each task. That’s how Discord bots come in handy. Here are some functions that the Discord bots can perform:

  • Moderation: moderation bots are trendy in Discord because of their various roles, such as welcoming messages and protecting against spam.
  • Music: some Discord bots create lovely vibes within the server by adding excellent music.
  • Social: you can set up a Discord server to support your Twitch stream or YouTube channel. A social bot will help in sharing regular announcements. It can also alert your social media communities about exclusive events and giveaways.
  • Fun: a fun bot can help spice up your server with entertainment by featuring various things like memes, reaction roles, etc.
  • Utilities: the utility bots have various roles, such as birthday alerts and homework notifications. So, when learning How to set up bots on Discord, you need to identify the right ones for your server.

How to set up bots on Discord

The process of adding bots to your server can seem complex. However, Discord has a user-friendly UI that simplifies your task. Here is the procedure to follow when you want to add bots to your Discord server.

Visit the bot website.

You’ll find Discord bots on specific websites. So, the first step is to visit the site of the bot you want to use. Luckily, most websites can help you know how to set up bots on Discord.

Add to Discord

While on the bot website, choose the bot you like and click on the ‘Add to Discord’ button. The action will trigger a pop-up window requesting you to log into your Discord.

Bot adding

After logging into your server, a window requesting permission to enter your account will appear. Find the ‘Add to Server’ menu and tap on it. This will open your different Discord servers where to share a bot. Choose an appropriate server and click ‘Continue.’

Review permissions

The final step on How to set up bots on Discord is to evaluate the permissions that the bot wants on your group. You can then choose these permissions based on your needs. When ready, tap on ‘Authorize.’ Congratulations! You’ve now attached a bot to your server.

Which bots are the best for servers?

Now that you know How to set up bots on Discord, the next step is to learn about the various bots suitable for your server. Here are the popular bots for different Discord communities:

Dyno Bot

If you’re looking for the best server moderation bot, then Dyno Bot is your best bet. Dyno Bot is customizable and features an instinctive web dashboard. It has multiple features, such as moderation, reaction roles, and anti-spam. Over 7.4 million servers use Dyno Bot. So, it’s popular among various servers.

collab land bot

Collab land bot is a valuable add-on for your token-gated Discord server. The bot offers various useful commands for managing a crypto-related community. The Collab land bot checks whether a member possesses a specific virtual asset. This bot allows Discord admins to assign roles to group members per their wallet.

The collab land bot requires you to identify your assets in various networks and assign roles per your ownership. The Discord manager can change the responsibilities for members depending on the kind of token, like ERC20 or ERC-721.

Top gg

This is a search platform where users can list their Discord bots and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). Currently, top gg has two spaces: Discord and DAO. The Discord space has both bot and community listings. On Discord Space, you can search and browse categories to find the bots you’re looking for. The DAO space deals with community listing only.

The top gg discord has various functions you can use to find the top-rated bots. For example, you can use search & browsing categories and filters to refine your searches.

Invite tracker discord bot

It’s a strong Discord bot with multiple features, including invite tracking, info tracking, prizes, etc. The invite tracker discord bot is a multipurpose bot with various roles, such as tracking invites, scheduling giveaways, and rewarding members. The bot features a simple-to-use web dashboard that simplifies the admin’s work.

Arcane discord bot

The Arcane discord bot is the best leveling robot. Its primary roles include quick reactions, YouTube notifications, moderation, and others. This bot provides a new appearance for your server. Here is an explanation of Arcane discord bot functions:


Arcane discord bot features a straightforward dashboard for handling bonuses, level-up alerts, and XP choices. The bot has all the things required for leveling.


Arcane has the best moderation suite for your server. The auto-moderation feature ensures that your server is free from spam, banners, and other junk.

Reaction roles

You can easily configure reactions in your group to fit your server’s requirements. The bot has a wide choice of reaction roles for server admins.

Fredboat Discord

Playing entertaining lyrics can soothe the ears of your server members. Luckily, Fredboat discord bot can help you. The robot can play songs from YouTube, Bandcamp, Twitch, etc.

Tweetshift discord bot

The tweetshift discord bot allows you to share tweets with your community. The robot can post, distribute, and extract tweets from Twitter through the Discord server. Tweetshift discord bot can also react to multiple commands, allowing you to like or retweet straight away from your server.

Giveaway bot discord

Occasionally, you want to appreciate your community by holding giveaways. The Giveaway bot discord can help you to distribute automated prizes.

Ticket tool discord

The ticket tool discord is a support robot for Discord servers. It enables confidential support channels between a business and its customers. You can customize the server to meet your server.

Conclusion on how to set up bots on Discord

Now, you know how to set up bots on Discord! The bots can help you manage your servers properly and motivate your community. However, if you lack information on How to set up bots on Discord, you can seek help from professionals. An experienced agency can help you to identify the best bots and deploy them to your servers.


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