NFT Discord Servers: 3 solid steps to follow when developing a robust NFT Discord community

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NFT discord servers are venues where NFT programs and companies gather for their groups. The top NFT discord servers have different channels, such as announcements, support, and moderation. Discord servers are free to enter, and communities encourage their members to join them. Are you planning to set up NFT discord servers? If so, there are specific features that you should know when setting up your server. Here we dive deep into the primary steps of creating an NFT server on discord.

What are the benefits of NFT discord servers?

Before exploring the steps of developing NFT discord servers, it’s critical to identify the primary benefits of these communities.

  • Sharing of tips and knowledge: Discord servers are great places for learning and discovering tips. The educational resources available in these servers are valuable for both beginners and veterans in the NFT field. There is much to learn from how to avoid high gas fees to lazy minting.
  • Communities: Discord NFT servers can hold massive communities. The gathering allows beginners to learn from experts in the field. Also, communities encourage the organic expansion of an NFT project.
  • Whitelist spots: in an NFT environment, whitelisting is a primary component. It boosts productivity and openness by supplementing the safety of the decentralized ledger. Furthermore, NFT safe listing assists in reducing trickery and other fraudulent behaviour. Also, through this strategy, NFT projects can reward their early supporters.
  • Updates and news: it’s challenging to follow up on the progress of your non-fungible collections. So, the NFT collectors discord server helps to access the latest news and updates. You can access the latest updates from the best NFT discord channels.

Steps for creating a robust NFT collectors discord server

Are you looking for ideas on NFT discord servers? Here we explore the professional steps and ideas to help you create vibrant discord NFT servers.

Categories and channels

The initial stage of your server development entails setting up categories and channels. These two elements are part of the skeletal component of your server. They impact how your communication members interact with one another. Here are the best NFT discord channels and categories you require for your brand:

 Information category

These are incorporated into your discord NFT servers to allow sharing of vital information with the group. The information category features multiple channels, such as announcements, roadmap, official links, and FAQs.

The announcement channel facilitates communication between the NFT team and the community. Usually, messages for this channel come from the NFT project team.

The roadmap channel features the roadmap of the NFT project. You can highlight the critical timelines and what you intend to do to the community through the channels.

Each NFT project must have a dedicated official links channel where it shares its links. The medium should direct the community to the approved links only.

When the group expands, you’ll require a venue for answering frequently asked questions (FAQ). So, the FAQs channel is the perfect venue for this. In this section, you can list the commonly asked questions with their corresponding answers.

Community Category

This is where most of the interactions will happen. You’ll allow each confirmed member to participate in community conversations. Some channels to create under the community category include buy & sell and other projects.

The buy & sell channel is valuable when discussing topics about your NFT trading. It acts as a transparency market where buyers and sellers of your NFTs meet for transactions.

The Other Projects channel may seem unnecessary. However, some marketers from other projects might join your server. You can mute them to allow your server to focus on your project.

Roles you require

Here are the key roles to find in the top NFT discord servers:

Team Role

This role is dedicated to the team behind the project. Each team member has different roles that they should perform. The description of their profiles helps community members to understand where to seek support. The team role allows holders to access almost everything. Some team roles include the founder, mods, alpha caller, and researchers.


NFT discord servers require moderation. So, a moderator’s main task is to ensure that the community is orderly. Moderators can do many things, such as deleting messages, suspending people who flout server rules, and inviting people. The admins and moderators are the first officials to approach when you experience a problem.


Bots have a crucial role in your server. You need to determine the specific tasks that they can perform. It’s critical to allow bots permission to enable them to work correctly.


This role is for all confirmed individuals who join the server. Your community members make up the project’s audience. They’re the critical component of your project and must be accorded the required attention. The Member server allows them to access all the channels of your server. Community members can hold different roles, such as verified holders, OG, whitelist, and new members.

NFT Discord permissions

Up to now, you’ve set up your channels and roles. The next step is to create permissions for all the roles.

  • Team: after setting team roles, you need to allow them to function. Each team member should perform all the functions possible. However, you can reduce permissions to members who request you to do so.
  • Moderator: they should enjoy reading and writing approvals. However, it would help if you didn’t permit them to modify channels and group settings.
  • Bots: bots play a critical role in an NFT server on discord. So, you need to accord them all approvals to do the work.
  • Member: in NFT discord servers, members’ permissions must be limited. In the information channels, members-only require read-only permissions. However, they should have read and write permissions in the community channel.

Final words

Setting up your NFT discord servers can be daunting, especially if you lack knowledge or time. You can overcome the challenge if you hire experienced professionals to help you. Such a team follows various steps to create your NFT discord servers. The steps explained here can help you understand the key elements you need in your NFT Discord server development.


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