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As a Project owner, you must determine a practical NFT strategy for your early-stage business. NFT is a famous blockchain niche that has attracted multiple artists. So, to succeed in the space, you must have a crypto content marketing plan. However, many project owners focus on developing their products. They lack time or knowledge to create their crypto or NFT marketing tactic. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s advisable to hire a crypto PR agency. Such an agency has professionals and tools to promote your product. Here, we explore formats content managers use to develop a crypto content marketing plan.

What is Crypto content marketing?

Content marketing is the procedure of researching, developing, and distributing for publication valuable information for your target audience. Via this NFT strategy, you aim to attract and engage your community members. Through content marketing, you educate prospective investors and create value for your NFT or crypto project. Projects should hire a content creator for crypto and NFTs.

Identify an audience for your NFT strategy.

Before developing a plan, a content creator for crypto has to identify the right audience for their offerings. In NFT and crypto marketing, audiences are found within various communities across multiple platforms. So, the knowledge of the target audiences is crucial as it helps you develop the right content that appeals to them. Here are some venues to find crypto and NFT audiences:

  • Discord servers: Discord is a chat platform that attracts various crypto and NFT audiences. Through the platform, you can find influencers, writers, and investors. Each server has its audience, themes, and channels. So, you can identify appropriate servers for your Crypto content marketing plan.
  • Telegram groups: Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app that has vast clouds. Because of its high security, it’s suitable for NFT and crypto marketing. Remember, most NFT, and crypto users cherish the channel because of its high security and privacy. Also, the platform is popular with blockchain audiences as marketers can post numerous content formats shareable across various gadgets.
  • Social media: An NFT strategy isn’t complete without mentioning social media. Many crypto audiences hang out on various social media platforms. So, you must be present on venues like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

In summary, each platform has specific content formats. So, you must understand the venue’s requirements before posting your content. For example, Twitter accepts short and engaging messages. If you lack NFT marketing skills, it’s advisable to hire a crypto PR firm to help you.

Types of crypto content marketing formats

Here are the primary formats for NFT strategy for content marketing:

NFT PR content

NFT PR is an area of public relations that professionally draws from multiple sources to deploy a campaign plan. The following are the avenues to use for NFT and crypto PR campaigns:

   Influencer promotion for NFT PR

Influencers are powerful people with sizable audiences. They influence their followers in making buying decisions. While you can choose people with vast crowds as your influencers, you can also conduct your campaign on a small scale. So, what should determine your decision is your budget and the goals you want to achieve.

You can work with various influencers, such as YouTubers and Twitter personalities. A crypto PR campaign is helpful when you want to build trust with your target audience. You can teach people about your offerings and the benefits of choosing your brand through the campaign.

Social media

It’s impossible to discuss a PR NFT strategy without mentioning social media. Securing support on various social media platforms is critical when introducing your product. Twitter is the best for short announcements and allows marketers to create NFT-compatible profiles. You can easily share photos, GIFs, and other visuals through Twitter.

 Facebook & LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn are platforms that you should have on your NFT PR strategy. You can easily reach out to the target audience by running PPC ads. The advanced features on these platforms allow you to reach audiences with specific demographics relevant to your campaign.

Blog posts

Blog posts are critical in your crypto and NFT strategy because they teach the audience about a specific topic. So, you need to have a blog section of your website where you post the articles.

A blog comprises articles about your offerings and insights about your industry. You can provide different content via the blog, like guides, how-to, and industry insights. Also, you can use SEO strategies to optimize your blog for visibility.

When writing these pieces, it’s critical to use an engaging and informative tone. It would help if you also used ordinary language that the audience could easily understand.

Blog writers should use various tools, such as Jasper AI and Grammarly Premium. Once you write the article, you can change it into voice form for specific audiences. Here, a tool like Speechify comes in handy.

 Visual content

Crypto marketing aims to pull crowds to your offerings. A powerful strategy that you can use to attract an audience is visual content. Engaging visuals can attract crypto audiences to your website. So, marketers should incorporate the NFT strategy in their promotion plan. Some visuals to use include photos and GIFs.

Trends in crypto content marketing

Crypto content marketing is an essential element of your marketing strategy. New technologies like Web3 and content automation tools will impact how people create and share content. Marketers should know these trends and discover how to use them to produce engaging content.

However, you may lack time to discover and utilize these trends when marketing your project. That’s how a crypto pr agency comes in handy. The agency knows the best NFT strategy to use for a successful campaign.

Also, crypto audiences reside in specific communities. So, you need to discover these audiences on various platforms like Discord and Telegram and attract them to your offerings.


Marketing should be part of the NFT strategy. Promoting your project can take various forms, such as posting ads and content marketing. Here, we’ve explored the critical types of content marketing formats to use to promote your project.


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