How to find Top crypto influencers: 10 inspiring thought leaders you can’t ignore in the blockchain ecosystem

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If you’ve got a crypto project, you’ll need to collaborate with top crypto influencers in the market. Influencers are more compelling in inducing client engagement than the standard virtual promotion strategies. Studies indicate that 92% of consumers make purchase moves based on the opinions of their favorite thought leaders. With this massive percentage, project owners in the blockchain industry must incorporate Top crypto influencers in their strategy. Here, we explore the top 10 crypto influencers in the blockchain industry.

Why are Top crypto influencers critical in the blockchain industry?

In the crypto industry, Top crypto influencers are individuals whose opinions impact the value of virtue currencies. The biggest crypto influencers use multiple social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, to share content focused on digital money. Here are some reasons why cryptocurrency influencers are critical:

  • They have a compelling personality:  the biggest crypto influencers have followers who highly regard them. They bring this strong influence on your brand once you involve them.
  • Their impactful word of mouth delivers positive outcomes: Top crypto influencers ignite conversations within their communities about your project. These talks can give your projects the PR and promotions it deserves.
  • Explain complex concepts in a simple language: Blockchain technology has complex concepts that crypto project owners may lack time to explain in simple terms. Thus, influencers can help to break these complex ideas into simple and more digestible ones. This allows the audience to understand what your products and solutions are all about.
  • Draw the audience to your products: The Top crypto influencers explain to their audiences the benefits of your products and why the crowd should choose them.

Who are the top 10 crypto influencers to follow?

There are numerous Top crypto influencers in the industry. So, it can be a hard task to identify the ones to follow. Here, we’ve managed to identify the Top crypto influencers by focusing on their audience size and how they use social media sites to market crypto products. Regarding social media forms, our focus is on crypto Twitter influencers and YouTubers.

Vitalik Buterin

A list of top Twitter crypto influencers isn’t complete without mentioning Vitalik Buterin. Buterin is a co-founder of Ethereum and one of the youngest tycoons in the world. The thought leader is also well known in the blockchain circles as a writer and a developer. Currently, Buterin is a leading crypto influencers twitter with around 1.9 million followers. He’s always active in sharing wise remarks about the crypto space.

While on Medium, he shares reviews, blog posts, and other educational materials on the blockchain. These resources are valuable for people trying to understand the concept of blockchain and how it works.

Roger Ver

He goes by the nickname ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ and is the earliest marketer of Bitcoin. He has multiple stakes in various early-start companies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Kraken. Roger’s followers on Twitter are around 720,000, and he’s known to offer the latest news and information on the blockchain. He’s among crypto Twitter influencers who focus on BTC and BTC Cash, moral issues, and general insights.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is among the Top crypto influencers on Twitter, with around 6000,000 followers. He’s also a YouTube influencer focusing on Bitcoin, decentralized ledger, and crypto topics. His YouTube videos offer an insightful industry outlook, making them the best for beginners in the field. On the platform, he shares interviews, question & answer sessions, and live streams. Also, Antonopoulos has a website where he runs workshops and shares materials to help beginners in the industry.

Tim Draper

Tim Draper is a celebrity venture capitalist who has invested in Tesla, Twitter, Skype, etc. He supports the crypto industry by focusing on price forecasts. He’s among the top Twitter crypto influencers with around 185 000 followers. Draper shares his perspectives on BTC, crypto, and openings for cryptocurrencies on his Twitter account.

Charlie Lee

With around a million followers on Twitter, Charlie Lee is among the top 10 crypto influencers. On his Twitter account, Charlie Lee focuses on Litecoin Foundation, Litecoin, the latest news on crypto, and blog pieces related to the blockchain industry. Occasionally, he makes crypto news more exciting and humorous by accompanying them with memes and comic strips.

Anthony Pompliano

The list of cryptocurrency influencers is complete if it features Antony Pompliano. He’s one of the crypto influencers twitter with over 930,000 followers. He’s among the earliest BTC diehards and a hedge fund founder, focusing on blockchain technology.

Antony Pompliano operates a YouTube channel where he shares BTC and blockchain comments, podcasts, finance, etc. He participates in the evaluation of multiple industries through his newsletter called The Pomp Letter.

Erik Voorhees

Eric Voorhees is the founder and CEO of ShapeShift, a popular crypto exchange platform. He’s a leading voice in BTC and blockchain entrepreneurship. He actively engages his 480,000 followers on Twitter and posts articles on Medium related to BTC and ShapeShift.

Tone Vays

He’s an advocate of financial freedom via blockchain technology. Tone Vays is a crypto and financial consultant running multiple accounts across different platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram. He tackles various topics through his YouTube channel, such as BTC, Bitcoin trading, BTC news, and BTC regulations.

His Twitter account has around 240,000 followers, and he uses it to share BTC updates, forecasts, and lessons from different cryptos.

John McAfee

He’s the founder of the McAfee Anti-virus software. He’s a passionate crypto enthusiast who offers deep analysis and insights into the crypto industry. With over one million Twitter account followers, McAfee offers insightful comments and updates on multiple crypto-related topics. Occasionally, he shares worldly wisdom and light-hearted remarks.

Ivan on Tech

He’s a crypto content writer based in Sweden. He’s constantly engaging his followers on various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He’s among crypto influencers twitter with over 268,000 followers. Furthermore, he’s a YouTube channel where he shares videos on blockchain-related discussions, interviews, live streams, and market analysis.


A successful blockchain marketing strategy should feature the Top crypto influencers. Influencers are essential in your campaigns because they can teach their audiences about your project. They also have diehard followers who rely on them when making purchase moves. Here we’ve focused on the Top crypto influencers in the blockchain industry.