Token Agency: 8 proven strategies a token promotion agency uses to popularize your tokens

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An experienced token agency can help you market your tokens to your target audience. Popularizing your tokens is a tricky affair that requires the input of a credible token marketing agency. Such an agency has tools and resources to help craft a result-focused token marketing strategy. Are you wondering about the benefit you can enjoy by hiring a token sale marketing company? If yes, keep reading to discover the approach a token agency uses to promote your coins.

A token agency marketing plan

A professional token agency understands that token marketing isn’t a walk in the park. Thus, the agency has to develop a well-articulated strategy to help popularize your coins. Here are the critical components of a result-focused token sale marketing tactics:


An informed token advisory will help you create a whitepaper at the token pre-sale stage. The whitepaper is an in-depth and professionally-written document that captures critical information about your project.

Some critical parts of a whitepaper include the project’s objectives, the problem you want to solve, the technology to use, and your token structure. Furthermore, the whitepaper must contain the project’s roadmap, a marketing plan, and the team behind the project.

Because each project is different, a token sale advisory can give you helpful suggestions on writing a whitepaper.

When crafting your whitepaper, ensure that you include a section with objective data about the industry.

A solid project must evaluate its target market and the competition. Although most projects ignore this point, you’ll be on the safe side if you provide the analysis.

Currently, many potential investors have information about the industry. So, they’ll give priority to projects with objective market analysis.

Also, in their whitepapers, projects should tackle any legal matters related to their business. For example, suppose you’re operating in countries that have enacted crypto laws. In that case, you must address any issues that customers might encounter when conducting transactions.

Project website

Potential investors will visit your website for in-depth information about your project. Depending on how you’ve developed it, it can attract or fail to appeal to your web visitors. So, you need to make sure that its design is appealing and easy to navigate. Here are the critical areas of a crypto website:

  • About Us: offers information about your project and the value it gives investors.
  • Whitepaper: visitors can subscribe to download the whitepaper. This section gives you a chance to prepare an email list.
  • Roadmap: captures important milestones about your projects.
  • Token sale details: the section has details about your token sales, such as the type of token and how to buy it.
  • Project team: investors want to know the team members behind the project and their experience. So, you need to give a short description of each team member and provide a link to their LinkedIn profile.
  • Contact: Once potential investors develop an interest in your offerings, they would want to contact you. So, you need to provide contact details, such as phone numbers, email address, and an electronic form to fill out.

In summary, you need to ensure that your website has a professional design that appeals to potential investors. A token agency can help you develop a professional website, which can attract many visitors to your project.

Develop a solid community

Any experienced token agency will inform you that you must create a solid community to succeed in token marketing. A community is essential because it determines the value of your crypto. Also, through the community, you pass important announcements regarding your project. Furthermore, you can educate your community members about the importance of your project.

Creating a solid community is an overwhelming exercise. So, the best approach is to hire a token agency to assist you. Once you have the community, the agency can help you manage it to avoid its disintegration.

Use airdrops

In the crypto world, an airdrop is a promotional strategy that entails sharing tokens to storage apps of various users. The goal of airdropping is to create awareness of your project among potential investors. Project owners can send the tokens to community members for free or in exchange for a minor service. For example, retweeting a post or commenting and sharing it.

You can market airdrops on crypto communities and the project’s website. For maximum benefit from this strategy, hiring a token agency to help you is advisable. The token marketing agency knows the best tricks to distribute your airdrops.

Promote your token sales via paid advertising

Paid advertising is the best strategy for attracting many followers to your crypto community. Crypto ad networks like Bitmedia and Coinzilla can help you find the best websites to post your ads. A token advisory can allow you to know the best ad networks to use.

Content marketing

Content promotion is a powerful strategy that helps projects attract organic traffic to their websites. Through the process, projects can explain the value of their business and why people should invest in them.

Content marketing helps to educate consumers and portray you as a thought leader. Through thought leadership, you gain credibility and trust within the industry.

PR campaigns

A press release in a popular publication can help in increasing awareness about your project and upgrading your brand image. You’re likely to get quality leads for your project through this tactic.

PR campaigns can also take the form of counteracting negative views about your offering. Remember, malicious individuals might want to damage your brand’s image. So, it’s essential to remove the damage and create a positive perception of your project.

Also, PR can be in content writing, where you create educational materials that help eligible investors. The content should cover various topics that help clients make informed decisions.

Use podcasts

Podcasts are the latest technique that the token agency you hire can use for marketing your project. Besides educating your audience, podcasts can effectively broadcast your message to a larger crowd. A professional token sale advisory recognizes the centrality of audio-visual content in popularizing your brand.


Marketing your crypto project can be an arduous task, but not impossible. A professional token agency can use various tactics to promote your offerings to the target audience. The token agency has the tools and expertise to create a result-focused crypto marketing strategy.


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