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Hello everyone, my name is Alex and today I’m going to present you a webinar, which is hosted by tokenminds.co.

We will basically discuss some of the news of the last week. We will recap them, then I would like to have an outlook on the general crypto and ICO market how its developing our final leads, seeing all of the bear market coming. I would like to present you one of the projects that I think is really really hot, and should catch some of your attention. In order to not miss out on the nice opportunity, if it happens indeed.

And lastly I would like to talk about the DEVCON what happened there what a concepts have been proposed that could innovate the space. Hashtag reversible ICO dico things that are basically new to the space, but might seem adoption in the next year to find hopefully.

Crypto news: the performance of ethereum

So let’s start first of all with the news last week, more probably some people will have seen it I posted it in our community as well. If Ethereum reaches 50 million unique addresses. I mean Ethereum price has been going down since January 2018 and… but the usage of the platform didn’t decrease, unique addresses are being created and it’s a good indicator for us all, that the service is being still used.

As we all know the number one use case for a Ethereum was fundraising, and ICOing.

Of course ICOs are basically death right now or not death, but they are asleeping in the winter, in a deep deep winter and so the use case was, the use case or the traction is not as it has been back then anymore, but there are still states as they underlined here: 15 million new unique addresses since May 2018, and this means 100k addresses a day which is a nice statistic for us in order to, you know, the prices in reality doesn’t matter, because the fundamental state of fundamentals and if you believe in a technology, you should not care about the volatility in the market.

It’s a highly volatile market and so it happens that we’re down by 90%, since the all-time high I guess. Now is the time to show your belief and really hold on to it, and these statistics give a nice summary that the network is still as succeeding and still growing and gives faith to some investors and, especially if you’ll have some good news coming up in the next let’s say month yet. I think it’s month.

And we are talking about the “Thirdening”, this guy here did a nice post, let me see if I can find it. I actually searched for it already here, exactly. This is a really bullish thing for Ethereum that is coming up in the next month, and that I think not so many people know about actually. I mean I heard about it like two weeks ago the first time, and it’s quite good for me because I’m actually sitting on some ETH now by accident.

If I can call it like this. And basically they are telling, or we call it Ethereum Thirdening, and because it basically reduces the block rewards from three to two this means a reduction of thirty three percent of the inflation that is happening, by every time a miner gets a block reward which is a huge huge decrease, if supply that is being created each time a block reward is mined. which means the price is basically incentivized to increase, because less selling is coming from the miner side and out there less selling pressure is put out on the price, which is in turn bullish and then it’s approximately on the January the 14th this will happen, which is like a little bit of hopefully Ethereum because the price tanked really really badly and a lot of people lost some faith.

I guess or I assume that we will see some positive crypto price movement correlation around this January the 14th. There hasn’t been much of Ethereum news that one could trade, because they were basically for the last half year nothing on the news. But I’m quite sure that this is an event that will positively influence the price or not quite sure but I hope. And I guess we will see more of these events in 2019.

I think they will really kick on a little bit the machine again and update the community more, because in 2018 it was kind of lacking, and now I feel that the community is demanding a bit more of transparency and a bit more of information, in this regard and I’ve been at the DEVCON and they told also that by 2020 they have high goals to reach and they explained a little bit more about why it took so long during the last two three years in regards of their development.

But I will go later on in this when I’m talking about the DEVCON itself. So don’t forget that this Thirdening is being done in January by the middle of January because it might have nice influences on the Ethereum price and in general it’s good to know that such events are coming up. We have the Bitcoin halving for example in mid of 2020 where the block reward will be cut by half by 50%, which will also again decrease the selling pressure, and a lot of people anticipate that a bull run will happen according to this, because statistically seen I think all bull runs have been correlated to a halving of Bitcoin which is happening I don’t know every three years I think something like this.

Good! Next news as some of you might have seen already is 0x the famous protocol 0x has being forked, because their token is not really making sense I myself had the same opinion of the project that why I never invested in it, when it was in the early days, and later on, I didn’t felt like anymore, because I felt that I missed out on something, but the decentralized exchange DDEX is basically forking out the 0x protocol and making the protocol run without the token which is basically saying to them:

Hey guys we can do it better, the protocol token itself is not needed. It’s a, yeah, it’s not fought out and then we can make a better ecosystem out of this by basically taking what you have and just deleting the token, because it’s poorly designed, and I think such, such occasions will happen more more often where community is, first of all it has the necessary skills and secondly really sees them that something is going wrong in the project and it might really bring us in the right direction.

I’m curious to see what will happen in the future out of hydro its this is the company that is or the project that is basically forking the 0x token or the 0x protocol. And I’m yeah we should watch this soon and I guess some more things like this will happen to open-source projects because when there’s a flaw in the system and people can literally see it and they have the skills to do it better, why not do it better and maybe get all the traction on the new product instead of the old product that is the basically not, not as efficient, but maybe has, has a better component of fundraising.

Good. And I would say we close this topic, and the next topic that we had last week was a really big one, and I I myself am basically by myself and one of these persons that basically have invested a lot of ICOs last year and are being considered now for ICO refunds of some of these ICOs, the criteria here for it is basically that ICO that sold to US investors by pooling by whatever without conducting KYC and all the shit.

It’s basically abolished to have sold a security that is illegal that has not been issued by through the SEC and therefore these ICOs have to do refunds or are forced, not even forced, but it’s right now two projects have been forced to do this, it’s called paragon and I don’t remember the second project, but these projects are basically now benchmark cases for all the other ICOs because if they are getting sued and told: Hi guys you had none the registered security that which you issued funds, then basically all the other ICOs will also be in the same category, and Pantera, one of the biggest hedge funds here is talking about that 25 percent of ICO fund holdings could be impacted by such thing, and the good case for ICO investors is basically that if the ICO get failed and drop below price it may happen that the regulations of the US will really force these ICOs to return you your money, problem with this is that most of the ICOs may be already bankrupt by then, if they don’t cashout the ETH

We, for example invested at 1000 ETH and ICO is dropping to 100 ETH the price is dropping to 100 and ICO didn’t catch out on a little margin you can imagine that we would not be the outer dollar refund anymore, because the dollar refund would basically make them broke, they will not have an opportunity anymore. Or maybe indeed the project’s will have to go bankrupt and return all the money that they raised and that they have left to their investors, but some people are really expecting that some or many refunds will happen due to the fact that the US legislation will sue you these projects or track them down and basically force them because they sold to US investors.

There’re even sites where you can basically cooperate with the SEC, and I’m telling themwhat happened and I’m actually also like I have ICOs that belong into this category and I should think also about talking to the SEC and telling what they did to US investors.

Even though I myself I am setting in Germany and I’m not US citizen and the US legislation has a really long arm and if they force the refund for US investors they will force it most probably also for the others as well, so we’re on a good side there and I’m really keen on how to see how this develops basically because I would be keen on getting all of the US dollar refund.

If I invested at 1,000 it would be a really nice trade if you ask me, but yeah we will see I don’t want to expect anything and it will type probably really really long but it’s a really interesting topic that you should definitely watch. And as the last thing or as one of the last things that I took and to report for you is basically we had huge news coming up that stable coin project Basis is shutting down and Basis is one of the biggest stable coins projects, they raised one hundred thirty three million there were backers from a 16z andreessen Horowitz Stanley Druckenmiller lights Bain Capital there was a lot a lot a lot of Missy funding of really really top and high class misses and they about it on it and the project basically stated from the beginning on that there is like a fair chance that it fails because it is heavily algorithmic and it does have to comply with some regulation, and that basically investors will receive eighty percent of the funds back, when the project fails indeed.

And it happened the regulation didn’t work out as they wanted the lawyers decided that basically it’s not working in the US legislation and best basis is basically if your check basis.io I guess they already wrote it out on their homepage here, if you check it they yeah here it’s written that they are refunding all of their investors and now and the interesting thing is some pool groups I’m in basically contributed in ETH and when it was packed at $1,000 and now it’s the big question, do they get it in dollars or do they get it in ETH, nobody knows yet, would be good if they get it in dollars. of course. but we will see how things going and if they cashed out their ETH or not, it’s also a really interesting question, if you ask me it’s highly interesting to see that such a big project had failed. Even though they raised 133 million US dollars and had top high level VCs that supported them

But unfortunately the US securities regulation were the problem that they had and that they tried in order to make the system work, that’s why they decided to refund it and close the project. That’s it’s so far in regards of the news, let’s switch to the project of the week .