Blockchain Marketing: 5 Rare Tips From Professionals to Ensure Your Successful Project

Blockchain Marketing 5 Rare Tips From Professionals to Ensure Your Successful Project 1

Blockchain marketing is a core aspect of your crypto project. When you develop your project, it’s essential to think of the best techniques for marketing it. In short, your project will be stagnant if you lack a blockchain marketing strategy. It’s advisable to hire a blockchain marketing company if you lack the time or skills to do it. You understand how tricky it is to catch the attention of investors when the blockchain promotion technology landscape is awash with multiple projects. Here, we share insightful professional tips on blockchain marketing tactics.

What is Blockchain Marketing?

Blockchain marketing seeks to promote awareness and utilization of blockchain technology. The benefits and potential applications of blockchain technology can be communicated with the help of blockchain marketing. 

Also, instilling trust and credibility in goods/services that rely on blockchain technology can motivate more people/businesses to adopt this innovative solution.

Blockchain marketing visualizes a completely innovative promotion ecosystem. End users can preserve their information and retail it straightaway to marketers or advertisers. 

Blockchain is a new technology that trades intangible products that are difficult to examine for many individuals. Furthermore, the industry is in its infancy and lacks historical data to evaluate its possibility of success. And to complicate things, the technology requires enormous capital outlay.

  • Increasing awareness: By highlighting actual use cases and simplifying complex technical ideas, blockchain marketing aims to improve awareness regarding blockchain technology and its potential applications.
  • Building trust: By displaying their security, transparency, and dependability, Blockchain advertising strives to create trust and credibility in blockchain-based products and services. 
  • Driving adoption: This objective is accomplished by displaying the advantages of blockchain-based products and services and offering concise guidance on their utilization.
  • Fostering innovation: Blockchain marketing emphasizes novel and intriguing uses of blockchain technology while encouraging teamwork among developers, companies, and people.
  • Building communities: To attain this goal, it organizes platforms and events that facilitate people connecting, exchanging ideas, and cooperating on projects.

Blockchain marketing can seem complex and even intimidating to many individuals with the challenges mentioned above. However, you can still attract investors to your project and achieve your goals using the right blockchain marketing strategy. If you’re at the stage of crypto marketing, here are the tips to use:

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What Are the Essential Features of Blockchain Marketing for a Project?


Blockchain marketing requires educating potential users and investors about how your project aligns with blockchain technology. This involves presenting simple and understandable explanations of essential ideas such as mining, nodes, and smart contracts.


Your marketing campaign should prioritize transparency and honesty when discussing your project, its goals, and any progress made thus far. An integral aspect is to openly discuss both your technological framework and development crew and any challenges that may have arisen.

Community Building

Engaging with potential users and investors on social media platforms is included. Furthermore, organizing events and creating a forum for open communication between the project team and the community is also crucial.


To protect users’ assets and transactions, it is crucial that your marketing emphasizes the implemented security measures. This involves describing the protocols and encryption to secure the blockchain and emphasizing third-party audits or certifications.


To ensure successful marketing for your project, draw attention to its distinguishing factors, such as exclusive capabilities or practical applications.


Highlighting how your project can integrate with other systems and platforms is essential in increasing its appeal and usability to potential users through marketing.


It is crucial to evaluate the effectiveness of your blockchain marketing endeavors, as with any marketing campaign. Measuring website traffic, social media engagement, and user acquisition can provide insights into your marketing strategy’s performance.

Using Blockchain for Marketing

Several benefits distinguish blockchain marketing from traditional marketing approaches. 

  • Increased transparency: Allows for transparent tracking and verification of data and transactions, reducing fraud and increasing accountability can be facilitated by this.
  • Improved security: Reduce the risk of data breaches and protect sensitive information due to its decentralized and tamper-proof system for improved security.
  • Decentralization: More control over data and campaigns, resulting in a more fair and equitable marketing ecosystem.
  • Tokenization: Incentivize user engagement, create loyalty programs, or fund new projects through tokenization. Increasing engagement and loyalty among customers can be achieved.
  • Efficient and automated processes: Automate transactions and interactions, which reduces the need for intermediaries and promotes efficiency.
  • Personalization and targeting: By providing access to granular data and insights, blockchain technology can enable more accurate and targeted marketing campaigns through personalization and targeting. Personalizing messaging and offers to specific customer segments can increase the effectiveness of campaigns, enabling marketers to do so.
  • Increased engagement: Incentivize users to participate and share with others, increasing engagement and interactivity.

Using Blockchain for Marketing Examples


In 2019, Coca-Cola and blockchain platform Tipping joined forces to produce a vending machine enabled for cryptocurrency. 

Customers can buy Coca-Cola products using cryptocurrency by making payments through the Lightning Network on the machine.


Unilever and IBM partnered to roll out a Dove brand-focused advertising initiative that uses blockchain technology in 2018. 

The campaign guaranteed transparency and traceability in the advertising supply chain by implementing blockchain technology into its strategy. This enabled Unilever to verify that their ads only reached real individuals rather than automated systems.


KFC Canada presented its innovative loyalty scheme called The Bitcoin Bucket back in 2018, which uses blockchain as its core technology. 

This allows clients to pay with Bitcoins when ordering their favorite fried-chicken buckets while earning themselves the prized possession of an electronic ‘Bitcoin Bucket’ token for future redemptions.


Aiding photographers to secure and make money off their digital images is the purpose of the blockchain-driven platform Vodafone by Kodak, which was introduced in 2018. 

Incorporating blockchain technology into this platform ensures secure storage and tracking of image copyrights while simultaneously enabling the creation of a decentralized marketplace for image licensing.


PepsiCo and VERIFIED jointly launched a blockchain-based ad campaign in 2020. 

The use of blockchain technology by the campaign to verify ad impression authenticity resulted in improved transparency and accuracy throughout the advertising supply chain.

As demonstrated by these examples, blockchain technology can transform the marketing industry through innovation and engagement. 

With the increased adoption and continuous development of blockchain technology, we expect more businesses to integrate its potential benefits into their marketing strategies for innovative results.

Tips for Building a Successful Blockchain Marketing Strategy

Several challenges and difficulties make blockchain marketing seem intricate and even scary for many people.

Nonetheless, utilizing the appropriate blockchain marketing approach can still entice investors to your project and accomplish your objectives.

1. Hire a blockchain marketing agency

Blockchain promotion isn’t a walk in the park. It requires an experienced team with the tools to deliver the best outcomes. Thus, it’s advisable to hire a blockchain marketing agency to help you promote your project for the best results. Here are the compelling reasons why you should hire a blockchain pr agency:

  • Cuts time wastage: If you decide to hire an in-house team, you may waste much time looking for the right professionals. When you factor in the time you’ll take to train them and align them to your goals; you’ll realize that the process might be expensive for you. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a blockchain marketing agency with the right team and resources to deliver your blockchain marketing strategy.
  • Experience: A blockchain pr agency has been in the blockchain industry for a long time and has the skills and knowledge to provide the best blockchain marketing service. The team understands the best tactics it can use to market your project.
  • Activities and engagement: There is a lot to be performed under marketing to achieve the desired goals. If you have an early-stage business, you require an experienced team to complete all the marketing activities. A professional blockchain PR firm has a pool of talents that focus on various activities of your blockchain marketing strategy.

2. Create a website

Any blockchain chain project without a website is doomed to fail. Therefore, part of your blockchain messaging tactic is to create a professional website and post informative content. While designing your blockchain advertising website, you must have a well-explained vision, mission, and ‘About us’ sections. Some helpful information to include on your website consists of the problem you want to solve, the background of your team, and information about your tokens.

3. Collaborate with influencers

Blockchain is still a challenging idea for many individuals to grasp. Influencers can help you teach the audience about your project and benefit them. Therefore, it’s logical that you collaborate with some of them.

4. Create and publish a whitepaper

A whitepaper is an in-depth document that explains the problem in the market and gives details on how to solve it through blockchain technology. The paper is well-researched and may attract many readers to your project. An experienced blockchain marketing company can help you craft a professional whitepaper.

5.  Develop a community

Although blockchain is new, it has a sizable number of online devotees. Multiple users of the technology exist on various online platforms and forums. You can engage these supporters with high-quality content about your offerings. Some niche platforms to engage crowds include Telegram, Discord, and Reddit.

Why do businesses need to partner with a Blockchain Marketing Agency?

Businesses can benefit from partnering with a blockchain marketing agency for several reasons:

  • Technical expertise: Businesses can receive technical expertise and support to develop and implement effective marketing campaigns from a blockchain marketing agency.
  • Strategic guidance: An inclusive process involves spotting chances for innovation and devising potent messaging and campaigns while developing a roadmap to adopt blockchain.
  • Access to networks: Wide-ranging networks of industry contacts and partners that can grant businesses entry into new markets, customers, and prospects for cooperation.
  • Creative talent: Valuable resources for businesses seeking expert assistance in executing successful blockchain-based advertising efforts through access to talented designers, developers, and other creative professionals.
  • Competitive advantage: Being pioneers in adopting blockchain technology will allow them to leverage its distinct features for creating engaging and novel marketing campaigns

6 Key Factors to Look Into When Choosing a Blockchain Marketing Agency

  • Expertise and experience: Find someone knowledgeable and skilled in this field, along with comprehending its technical elements. Furthermore, confirm that they have demonstrated success in your line of work.
  • Strategic guidance: Look for an agency that provides customized suggestions for your business objectives and goals.
  • Creativity and innovation: Locate an agency with a reputation for crafting creative and inventive blockchain campaigns to attract and engage your intended audience.
  • Network and connections: A potent network of industry connections and partners is indispensable if you aim to optimize your collaboration, networking, and growth opportunities while working with a marketing agency.
  • Budget and pricing: Consider your finances and advertising aspirations when deciding on a pricing structure. 
  • Communication and collaboration: Prioritize communication and understanding your business goals to achieve marketing success.

Final Thoughts on Blockchain Marketing

Blockchain marketing is now a vital component in promoting the adoption and awareness of this technology. 

Incorporating blockchain technology into marketing practices has numerous benefits, like heightened transparency and better security measures. It also makes the process more decentralized by offering tokenization options and effective automation methods. 

This is specifically true if you work with a reliable and experienced blockchain marketing agency like TokenMinds. TokenMinds can provide you with customized and effective marketing strategies to promote your blockchain-based products or services.

Give them a call now and start working on your marketing goals and drive the success of your project.


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