Coin Advisors Benefits: Why Work with Coin Advisors?

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Coin Advisor Benefits: Why Work with Coin Advisors?

Deciding whether to get a coin advisor or manage your IEO fundraising is a big decision. Not every project needs an ongoing relationship with a Cryptocurrency Strategy Advisor. But many companies would benefit from working with coin advisors.

What Does Coin advisors Do?

In the cryptocurrency world, a coin advisor helps you create and implement strategies. These strategies are crucial for building a strong community and achieving a successful token sale or IEO. They can give you a game plan that puts you on track to achieve your fundraising goals.

Coin advisors don’t come in a one size fits all package. They come from diverse backgrounds and offer a wide range of services. Because of that, they can do much more than explain how to launch your token. They also help you pick which channels to use for IEO promotions. 

Simply put, coin advisors help you with all types of IEO and IDO planning. That means they can help you with everything from community building to IEO marketing and securing listing at top exchanges.

Every coin advisor is uniquely qualified to help you reach IEO fundraising goals. Let’s check out some of the things that a coin advisor can help you with.

Here’s why it is worth it to work with a coin advisor.

1. Helps with IEO Advertising

IEO advertising refers to a targeted, data-driven advertising strategy aimed at reaching crypto communities. The goal of IEO advertising is to generate brand awareness, drive traffic or boost IEO token sales.

With IEO advertising, your ads will appear on Google, YouTube, Twitter, media websites, and more. IEO Ads also come with a massive amount of data. You can track the performance of your campaigns in real time, for example. In addition, you can learn about the demographics, interests, and habits of the people viewing and interacting with your ads.

An IEO coin advisor can help you create and implement high quality IEO Ads Campaigns. At TokenMinds, we use various IEO advertising techniques such as display advertising, native advertising, press releases & crypto influencers to promote your IEO.

2. Gives your access to IEO PR Services

Public relations is another way to promote IEO projects. With IEO PR services, companies have a proven way to increasing brand awareness and driving traffic, and ensure success. By offering the crypto community timely, relevant, and targeted PR content, you can position your IEO as credible and worth backing.

For example, Crypto Media PR allows you to use media relations to earn the opportunity to appear in a news story. As a result, your IEO can benefit by getting access to a larger audience of potential investors, advisors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

In addition, sharing engaging content on Crypto Forums like Bitcointalk, Reddit, etc., is essential for token sale PR. This may include social networking, online reviews, influencer channels, and other crypto news and blog sites. People turn to such communities to share and discover content.

Using the services of a Coin Advisor – like a Crypto PR Agency – can pitch your project to dozens of news sites. The advisors use their connections to get you mentioned in high authority publications. A reputable coin advisor can also help you create a robust strategy for public relations that brings results to your IEO.

3. Formulates your IDO Marketing Strategy

To capture the opportunities presented by IDOs and succeed, you need the right IDO marketing strategy. A great strategy that plays a huge role in enhancing your IDO marketing efforts is to consider engaging your target audience. Community engagement is highly valuable and should be given a lot of importance. Why? Because it gives you a clear understanding of who your investors are and what they want! 

Our advice is to actively initiate and engage in community discussions on BitcoinTalk, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and other platforms. The aim is to create a buzz around your DEX offering on various platforms in order to promote the project but also for getting adequate feedback from the community.

Furthermore, you want to build a strong relationship with your investors, so prioritize providing updates on a consistent basis and responding to community questions and feedback. You can also optimize your reach by conducting contests, airdrops, and AMAs. AMA (ask me anything) is a great way to grow active followers and get everyone more involved.

A coin advisor can help you build a strong community that can propel the project forward. They use various strategies such as airdrops, contests, referral programs, etc. to build a supportive community. This helps to generate buzz that attracts media attention —and brings additional credibility to your project. A coin advisor also helps pinpoint which channels to target fans and users, and strategize ways to acquire these communities. Additionally, the coin advisor will help you figure out how to nurture these communities in preparation for the initial exchange offering.

4. Develops your IDO PR Marketing Strategy

Besides building a strong community, IDO projects also need to have a solid IDO PR marketing strategy. This typically involves adding your project’s top crypto trackers (DeFi trackers and IDO trackers).

Start with major trackers — tier 2 trackers should add you automatically once you are on tier 1 sites. The next step will be to feature your story on top publications (both general and crypto media). This shouldn’t necessarily be about technology (interested investors will view it in depth in your whitepaper), but more focused on expectations and possibilities. If you already have an agreement to be listed on major DEX exchanges — this is good news for potential investors.

The other option is press releases. You just need to find the right angle here. Focus on expectations, not technology, and distribute your press release to Top Crypto Websites.  

5. Helps you Capture Value from Decentralized Finance Trends

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is here to stay, and Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is the next step of crypto fundraising. But to capture the most value from IDOs, projects need to move with speed and a well developed strategy.

A coin advisor can help you identify the right DeFi opportunities for your company. They will also work with you to strategically implement an IDO marketing strategy that will ideally result in increased traffic and successful token sale. A coin advisor for IDO can also help with the following:

  • SEO and content marketing
  • Social media engagement
  • Influencer marketing
  • Airdrops and community building
  • Getting your project added on DeFi trackers and listings

A good coin advisor can come alongside you to help you as you work toward your fundraising goals. Think of them like a strategic partner who will walk with you all the way.

Need Coin Advisors?

If you’re ready to launch an IEO/IDO, we’d encourage you to speak with the team at TokenMinds. As a leading coin advisor, TokenMinds helps founders bring their ideas to life by guiding you on the best IEO/IDO fundraising strategy for your project.


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