IEO Promotion: 10 Powerful Marketing Strategies to help you achieve results

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IEO Promotion: this article explores some powerful marketing strategies you can use when launching your project

An initial exchange offering (IEO) is a powerful fundraising technique that a blockchain project owner can use. Lately, the practice has caught the attention of traders, project owners, and crypto exchanges. In this technique, project owners create tokens that they distribute to various exchanges for crowd sale. So, the role of the exchange is to sell the IEO cryptos on behalf of the project owner with some IEO promotion.

Although part of the role of the listing exchanges is to market your project, you’ve got a greater responsibility to promote your project. Remember, besides your project, listing exchanges have many things to focus on. So, they might not dedicate all their attention to your project. 

If you lack the expertise in marketing your crypto crowd sale, you can hire an experienced marketing company to do it on your behalf. Marketing experts like Tokenminds have the required knowledge, tools, and experience to deliver the IEO marketing solution. Experienced IEO project marketers use a mix of strategies to popularize your project. Keep reading to discover some excellent methods to use in marketing your project.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs have become valuable vehicles for spreading the word about your project. Through this technique, you can consistently enroll new community members and market your project on a massive scale. These programs also act as a forum to keep your community engaged throughout.

The program gives birth to a community of people who have bought the idea and are now its advocates. It can quickly generate a huge amount of traffic, which brings participants from various social media platforms.

The token holder does not spend money as those referred pay their way through set amounts of tokens known as packages.

The referral program is one of the best and easiest ways to organize and most effective techniques for IEO promotion. A well-organized referral program will quickly bring in a large community of advocates for the token.


Your IEO promotion messages target two kinds of personas,

  1. those utilizing the exchange where your IEO crypto is listed;
  2. those outside this specific exchange but may be willing to buy your tokens.

So, when crafting your marketing strategy, it must tap into your team synergy. It should also be in sync with the exchange listing announcement. Here, the listing exchange has to target the audiences on their platform with the right message about your project. Meanwhile, your team engages potential token buyers outside the exchange.

The exchange can use its customer base to educate its users while highlighting why it’s imperative to buy the token while stocks last. While promoting your project, the exchange may use the powerful call to action (CTA) phrases. They can create the fear of missing out (FOMO) and get the users into a buying frenzy.

The fear of missing out is a powerful force in all markets but is especially potent in a field where there’s no such thing as a fundamental value. Crypto fans often cite FOMO as one of the reasons investors might buy cryptocurrencies when they’re in the midst of a rally.

Source: Bloomberg

You have a significant role in providing the exchange with a messaging plan in sync with your announcements and in line with your vision.

Specific region Focused messaging

Unlike ICOs that target the whole world, IEOs are designed for specific regions. Before crafting any marketing messages, it’s critical to know the area where you intend to sell your tokens. This fact enables you to choose the suitable exchanges adjacent to that region and select appropriate marketing materials. And via this knowledge, you will choose marketing techniques that will help you permeate the area in question.

Market-Centric Marketing is one of the best techniques for IEO marketing, targeting investors in a specific area with the right crowd sale messages. Understanding investors in this region enables you to identify the right influencers, message outlets, and press releases. Also, through this technique, you discover the correct language prevalent in the area and use it to craft your IEO advertising message.

IEO Promotion in News Releases

Optimized press releases on well-known media platforms massively help your IEO development. Not surprisingly, not all media will give you support. Nevertheless, crypto and blockchain-related media houses will help your crusade. In general, there are two categories of crypto media platforms for releases: Tier 1 and Tier 2.

  • Tier 1 features top-notch crypto media platforms which enjoy high ranking. Some of the famous names in this tier include CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, Cryptoslate, and CNN. These will create tremendous awareness for your coin but beware! Of course, they cost an arm and a leg.
  • Tier 2 has small news platforms related to blockchain. These crypto media outlets spread around the world. They are accessible to various crypto startups that lack solid financial muscles. They also target the local readership with the right messages.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the effective ways of popularizing your IEO project. Influencers with a huge following can help to spread your offerings to the right audiences. They articulate your project by highlighting the problems in the market and how your offering provides a solution.

In the crypto world, there are two kinds of influencers: Tier 1 and Tier 2.  

The Tier 1 category features influencers with more than 100k followers. They use channels like Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter to introduce your product.

The Tier 2 influencers comprise channel managers and owners of channels like Telegram, Discord, and Slack. These channel owners manage communities with over 300k members.

Social Media Promotion

Social media platforms are essential avenues to sensitize people about your brand and your IEO crypto project. Successful IEO promotion in social media requires thorough target audience research.

These days, there are many social media platforms that you can use to market your project. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Reddit are the giants in the social media networks. Specific crypto social media platforms include Discord, Bitcointalk, Medium, and Steemit.

Teaming up with any of these renowned communication houses will elevate your brand awareness to the next level.

Bounty campaigns

Bounty campaigns involve the giving of prizes or tokens to individuals who complete specific actions. In the past, bounty campaign management happened on spreadsheets and specific landing pages. Luckily, things are now different as bounties are now rooted on website subdomains. This way, the Bounty Hunters will do their work and claim their tips effortlessly through your sub-domain. Participants can access their hard-earned bounties with less effort. Meanwhile, it makes your project look more professional and much more accessible.

You can access big data through bounty campaigns, for instance, the confirmed email addresses. It’s a great strategy to create a massive community around your IEO project.

IEO Promotion Aggregators

Your IEO campaign won’t be complete without being listed by major IEO aggregators. The aggregators will review and score the project and simplify it for your audiences. Besides placing your IEO in a more visible position, they also give your target audiences and yourself more assurance.  Some of the leading aggregators in the crypto world include,,, and

Air Drops

While planning your IEO campaign, put aside a small number of tokens for Air Drops. They are a helpful boost for your IEO. But, they often attract people who want free tickets even without checking them out.

Yet, it is very effective in increasing your community size very fast. While at it, capture as much data as possible for future reference. These people help you promote your product. So, make sure to set up clear rules, strategies, and token distribution.

Air Drops will aid your campaign and assist in reaching a wider audience.

IEO Promotion Email Campaigns

Your IEO promotion strategy should feature email marketing. It’s one of the best methods of popularizing your project. Wondering how to get email addresses? It’s pretty simple. Here, your bounty, airdrop, or safelist programs will come in handy.

The Email Marketing method is influential and should be part of your outreach structure. Towards this end, do occasional email blasts before the actual IEO sets off. It helps you to prepare your subscribers for the launch. Specific platforms such as HubSpot and will help in simplifying your email campaigns.


Initial exchange offering has become a popular method of crowdfunding on crypto exchanges. Due to its perks, many startups are using it. Please note that your project has a high chance to enjoy this strategy only if you market it well. Here, we’ve explored some powerful methods you can use to start marketing your IEO.


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